The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother

Chapter 225: And now, there were just as many waiting to see her downfall (2)

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Chapter 225 – And now, there were just as many waiting to see her downfall (2)

This time, a major internet influencer posted on her Weibo page about a student of a certain private school having a birthday party.

This internet influencer used to be an internet celebrity as well, and she was still active on social media even after she had gotten married. Her child, too, also attended the international school in City Nan.

She was picking up her child after school yesterday when she saw the two large tour buses parked outside of the school!

At the beginning, she had thought that it was an activity arranged by the school. It was after her child had gotten inside of the car when he filled her in with the details. The tour buses were there to pick up other students to take them to Hilton for someone’s birthday celebration!

The teenager gave his mother a very envious look as he talked.

Who didn’t want to have a fun and tasty birthday? And be able to invite so many of their friends?

“Looking at me is not going to help you. If we have that kind of money, we are better off using it as a down payment for a house for you. It’d be useful when it comes time for you to get married!”

The teenager: “……”

And that wasn’t the end of it!

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Of course, some of the students who attended the birthday party uploaded a few pictures that illustrated the liveliness of the party. And they even unwrapped the secret gifts right then and there, then they flaunted all sorts of designer brand stationery such as pens and backpacks and there were also digital watches and telescopes, etc…

So there were food, games, and gifts?!

Was that a birthday party that they attended? Why did it look like they went on a looting trip?

Granted, all of the students at the international school came from well off families. The teenage boys and girls were just having fun. All in all, it was a very different type of liveliness in the student’s chat group.

There was never a dull moment when it came to internet media. Now that they have sniffed out the scent of parvenus, they wanted more information. As they dug deeper and deeper, they discovered that the birthday boy was none other than the son of Lin Yiyi and Meng Yan!

The film emperor’s ex-wife’s life got better and better since the divorce and would periodically make her appearance on the most trending list and bring surprises to the netizens.

When her son’s birthday party made the most trending list, even the stars from the entertainment circle were shocked.

Was it that easy to get onto the most trending list nowadays?

Many people had tried to get their own wedding on the most trending list. Even so, they had failed to take the number one spot.

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Yet Lin Yiyi’s son’s birthday took the top spot right away. The stars were very upset about that!

Meng Yan was only reminded of Meng Yuran’s birthday when he read it on the most trending list. He had been so busy that he couldn’t even remember his own birthday, let alone his son’s.

Not to mention that he rarely even spent any holidays with his family in the past. And now that he had divorced Lin Yiyi, neither one of his two children was with him.

In the past, Zhang Xiying would have inquired about getting a present for Meng Yan’s son’s birthday. After she had resigned from the role last time and the previous time of her being switched out, she hasn’t been too happy with Lin Yiyi and didn’t want to have anything else to do with her.

Yu Xiaofei finally finished reading the gossip on the internet and was still mumbling, “Man, they barely put in any effort and still made it to the most trending list…”

He then turned to Meng Yan and said to him, “Had we known, you should have fought for your kids’ custody.”

Meng Yan shook his head.

His two children’s attitude the other day had said it all. They would never want to stay with him.

Plus, he had thought about it in the past as well. He was always busy with work and would never have so much time to spend with the kids like Lin Yiyi could. Having the kids stay with him wasn’t an option.

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In addition, as much as Zhang Xiying never said it out loud, he worried that she wouldn’t like that idea much.

How would she not mind that?

Kissing up to those above one and walking on those beneath them was the golden rule in the entertainment circle. The day that the two of them got married was still fresh in everyone’s memory and Zhang Xiying was the winner that day.

Back then, there were so many people envious of her. And now, there were just as many waiting to see her downfall.

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