The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life
The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life

The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life

The Villainous Young Master Just Wants to Live a Laid Back Life

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The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author UnderPeople. 159 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The villainous young master Dark Demon finally recalled the memories of his previous life at the sorting ceremony of the Dueling Academy. He was reborn in a very strange Galgame world.

And he was the ultimate villain in the game, the Demon God of Seven Original Sins!


Once any one of these seven indicators broke through the critical value, he would irreversibly transform into the Demon God!

In the era of Saint Marian, where the demons had been completely destroyed and the demon king had fallen into eternal sleep, no heresy was allowed to survive!

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Comments on the novel chapters for the last week.

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  • BlackRage 4

    154 chapters and... I don't know how to feel about this one. It's definitely good. It's an unholy cross between Harry Potter, Yugi-Oh, Pokemon, and Digimon. It feels so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. 7/10 would recommend.

  • NEAT 2

    Is it just me or I just can’t see any romance or harem in this novel???

  • Lunara3923 2

    If you get past the first couple chapter it actually pretty interesting nothing groundbreaking but it’s has enough substance to be enjoyable

  • Alaztor12345 1

    does anyone know when the romance of dark and pandora begins???

  • SirStronghold 1

    55 chapters in. Where to start... this story is basically if Yugioh and Harry Potter had a baby and that baby grew up and mated with a stereotypical villain webnovel. It's not bad though.

  • Jhiiva 4

    It's easy to read No need to think too much about anything It's a slice of life type I give it a 7/10 deducted 2 point for copied too many game anime and novel 1 point for white is too dumb

  • Virgo6251 3

    just read the 1st chap What hell is this name 'dark demon' ? the author couldn't find a better name ?? I'm dying from cringe🤢🤢

    Edited: 4mo
    • Freefreth 2

      Its ok if you asked me, some novels have very long mc names or alias its better to keep it simple as dark demon though calamity demon or cryptic demon is better But demon last name is weird but not so weird for Chinese novel just better if untranslated

      Edited: 4mo
  • solisensoli 1

    im sorry the references- they lowkey made me crap bricks i saw klein moretti in fool house and i died and then the harry potter references they were so blatant and the pun misspellings like white gawd.. . read it. its good.

  • dmnrdf -1

    This novel is nice! I hope more of the chapters got translated.

  • Ortinax 1

    For me, this novel is very boring even after reading 100 chapters. The things that mc did after 100 chapters is experiment his powers, attend class, experiment again, attend class again, it's a fcking cycle. I don't know if it will get better but I will wait for this novel to catch up to raw before reading it again, this novel have a slow development.

    Edited: 8mo
    • Monarch_W 1

      Yeah it's more of the slice of life right now.