The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life
Chapter 156: The Scumbag Dark Demon

Chapter 156 The Scumbag Dark Demon

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The meaning couldn’t have been more obvious.

Dark could almost guess what she would say next.

Sure enough, Claire said with a smile, "Then you must first read through these five books."

Dark took a book out of them and looked at it with a sullen face.

→ "Sage of Beasts takes you into the magical world - Dance With Beasts"!

Author: Claire Kate.

Dark's mouth twitched.

"What are you having a glum face for? This is one of my famous works."

Claire sat down beside Dark and added calmly, "Published in my fourth year."

Dark: "!"

Claire put another book on top of Dance With Beasts, emphasizing: "The field spell card is different from the Magic Charm Card. You cannot just rely on your luck after learning some Magical Language. You have to have a relatively complete basic understanding on the subject you want to master.”

Dark glanced at it, it was a "Bird & Beast-type Secret Book - Unknown Strange Ecology".

The remaining three books were "Magical Language Advanced Chapter: Resurrected Characters", "Complete Explanation of Field Spell Card Elements", and "Efficient Use and Recycling of Magic Energy".

Claire said: "The mastery of knowledge can not be achieved overnight. You must first read through these five books first, and then we will talk about inheritance."

Dark keenly captured the keyword: "Inheritance?"

"Yes, Inheritance." Claire rolled her eyes, "You think I will teach you for free? Since you've learned it from me, you will be my disciple. So the future development of the Sage of beasts line will depend on you."

Dark couldn’t help gasping.

Honestly, it was unexpected.

Dark always thought that Claire would teach him for free.

As for being the inheritor of the title of "The Sage of beasts", he didn't have that intention at all. He wanted the [Zoo] card, not because of his interest in the animal series, but to develop [bond]!

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Whether it was on the battlefield or the arena, a quick summon could reverse the situation.

In short, he was like a scumbag that didn’t want to take responsibility but still wanted to have sex.

But at this moment, of course, Dark wouldn’t reveal his potential as a scumbag.

He frowned and nodded bitterly.

Claire leaned closer, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, breathing heavily. Holding Dark's face with both hands and then pulling his cheeks sideways, she said: "Do you know how many people want to inherit the title of the Sage of beasts? But you don't seem to be happy?"

Dark: "No, no! I’m happy, very happy"

If he dared to say that he was not happy, he would be turned into a cat!


The Title of Sage of beasts was very difficult to get and Dark was fortunate to be the first-generation successor.

Next, he started his studies under Claire's instructions.

Claire mainly helped him sort out the main focuses of the five books. He still needed to rely on himself for the rest of the study.

Fortunately, Dark already had some basic knowledge of "Magical Language", otherwise it would have been very difficult for him to even start.


The time available to study was never enough.

In the blink of an eye, it was eleven o'clock at night.

Because the content of the books was difficult, even Dark was feeling drowsy after reading them.

After eleven o'clock, he took a bath in Claire's bathroom, enjoyed the high-end service - the [Bunny Girl]’s back wipe, and soon fell asleep in Claire's pre-arranged room.

He had a dream after he fell asleep. In the dream, he once again became a cat.

Then he was locked in a narrow space full of soft pads, constantly being squeezed, squeezed, and squeezed.


In the evenings that followed, Dark spent almost every night studying in Claire's dormitory.

He had so much to learn.

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In addition to those five books, there was also knowledge about [Curse Cage] and [Fusion] that he needed to learn.

Although the schedule was getting tighter with each passing day, with the help of Claire, he could overcome many problems that had not been able to solve before. He had also made great progress in his understanding of [Curse Cage] and [Fusion].


Claire's dorm had his towels, toothbrush, water glass, a change of clothes...

And he also had the key to her dormitory.


Time flew.

In the blink of an eye, it was already Friday's dueling class.

Dark’s schedule had been so full this week that he even seldom went to the library.

If it hadn't been marked on the calendar, he would have almost forgotten there was such a competition.

But most of the first-year students were working hard in secret.

Almost every afternoon and evening, the lab and library were filled with shadows of first-year students.

Dark's exclusive position in the library had also been completely occupied by Dianna and Rose.

Whenever Emma looked up and couldn't see the back of the boy who would always be sitting in front of her, she felt a little lost for no reason.

One day, a female senior student who managed books even asked her about this. She pouted and ignored her.

White and Robert, on the other hand, continued their daily detention after school.

Their detention period started at 4 pm and continued until 11.30 pm before being allowed back into their dormitory.

On the first day of detention.

They wrote a letter of repentance under Professor Silver's watch.

The next evening, which was Tuesday evening, they were ordered to clean the toilet...

On Wednesday, it was to clean the labs.

On Thursday, they continued cleaning the toilet.

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But other than that, Instructor Ms. Grace would watch them do homework and read books.

Although they were forced, it was much better than letting them do things on their own.

Under Ms. Grace's strict control, White and Robert's academic performance improved slightly.

Every night, they were exhausted.

And both of them actually mastered the secret technique of "falling asleep instantly after lying in bed".

Also, recently.

In the wild-bat colony that often haunted the castle appeared a different kind of bat.

They were cautious and active only late at night.

When encountering an obstructed place, they would turn into a black mist and squeeze in from a very small gap.

These bats in the black mist state were slow, but they could completely blend into the night and were extremely difficult to detect.

They obviously had intelligence, and they only targeted students who were slow, or exhausted.

Their fangs could release chemicals, which could numb people's pain.

And their bites on the neck would also heal naturally after ten minutes, leaving no traces.

Near the end of the first semester, although there were no exams, most of the students other than the first-year students would become tired due to their busy homework.

The weakness after being sucked blood was also covered by that exhaustion, which was difficult to notice.


The dueling class on Friday was held in the dueling hall ①.

The dueling hall ① was larger than the dueling hall ②, and the facilities it had were more complete.

The first-year students who had received the notice had arrived at the dueling hall before eight o'clock.

Some people were gearing up, eager to try.

Others were frustrated and wanted to run away.

According to Professor Jones, the ranking of the results of this in-class competition would be a summary of the learning results of the first semester, which would be clear at a glance.

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This made some students feel anxious.

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