The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines
Chapter 16: Educational Night

Although Euphemia sat down as he commanded, feeling a little humiliated by this position, she tried to stand up.



However, as Ferzen’s large hands pressed down on her, Euphemia had no choice but to stay on the floor.

“Come a little closer.”

His commanding tone was so intense that any complaints about her throbbing shoulder slipped through her mind.

In response to his command, Euphemia carefully crawled forward.

“…… ”

While in the middle of Ferzen’s legs, Euphemia had no choice but to stare at his crotch.

As she was not a pervert, it was quite embarrassing for a woman to stare at a man’s private part, so Euphemia bowed her head.

“Raise your head.”

However, Ferzen would not allow her such an escape.

But she still hesitated.

“If you don’t like it, we can go to bed.”

Saying this, Ferzen got up from his chair and went to bed without hesitation.

But eventually, he came to a stop.


Because Euphemia held him by his trousers with her characteristic fair hands.

She immediately wondered how shameful she must have appeared while holding onto him this desperately….

“…… ”

Ferzen calmly sat down on the chair again.

Euphemia’s face blushed as she stared at his crotch in complete silence.

Truthfully, since Ferzen decided to inseminate Euphemia, he had no reason to go along with her pitiful excuse.

A woman’s fertile period usually lasts for 6 days.*

This means that, even if there were no sexual intercourse today, there would be no setbacks to his plan.

And Ferzen planned on using her next fertile days well.

But as Euphemia didn’t understand this process, she only thought that today was the only day that she had the risk of getting pregnant, and she wouldn’t oppose having sexual intercourse on the following days.

So Ferzen planned on taking advantage of her lack of modern knowledge.

So this would be like killing two birds with one stone kind of situation for Ferzen, as he will continue other forms of training, and she would still comply with his wishes.

There is no such thing as unwarranted kindness without hidden agendas.

This woman is so naïve.

After adjusting his plans, Ferzen broke the uncomfortable silence in the room.

“Euphemia. Are you planning on wasting the entire night staying still like this? I think you already understand what will happen from now on… But it seems that I need to give you a little push.”

Ferzen then grabbed Euphemia’s delicate hands and placed them between his legs.

Reflexively Euphemia tried to resist this, but she feared that if she rebelled against this man again, he would embrace her like the night when she drowned in pleasure.

‘As long as he doesn’t lay his hands on me again….’

No matter how you look at this, it’s clear that Ferzen is using her to satisfy his sexual desire.

Euphemia believed to have realized Ferzen’s trail of thoughts.

Finding some sort of comfort from that fact, Euphemia slowly loosened the buttons from Ferzen’s waistband…


Then she took off his underwear.

“Why…… ”

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However, when she looked at his flaccid shaft, Euphemia couldn’t help but be confused.

“What? Did you really think that I’m some sort of beast that would lust after the likes of you with just one look?”

“…… ”

His indifferent tone seemed to mock her as if he was looking down on her pride.

“I wonder… what sort of plans are you hatching while sitting between your husband’s crotch.”

At his urging, Euphemia braced herself and stretched out her hand.

How am I even supposed to do this…. I’ve never touched a man’s genitals before.

‘It’s getting….’


Rather than stroking the shaft, she clumsily rubbed her hands on his phallus.

Eventually, Ferzen’s sword gradually grew in length.

But that was it.

No matter how shamefully Euphemia moved her hands.

Ferzen’s shaft only maintained a half-erect state.

Against her own wishes, Euphemia couldn’t help but compare his half-soft manhood with the much harder and hotter sword that was inside her on that fateful night.

This seemed to hurt her pride as a woman, as she thought of herself as a lowly and unattractive being.

“Sigh. You really don’t have any talents, do you? This is just a pitiful sight.”

“I don’t want to be praised for knowing something like… I’d rather–”

“If you’re going to keep making this pathetic excuse of movements, then… I shall put your mouth to good use.”

“What… … Oh!”

Ferzen then grabbed Euphemia’s head and pulled her face towards his girth.

“N-no… !”

When Euphemia felt his manhood poking her cheek, she tried to distance herself in panic.

Seeing her obvious rejection, that man reminded her one more time about the consequences of resistance.

As a sign of resigning, Euphemia hesitated briefly, but then soon brought her face closer to his manhood.

“I-it smells!….. do you even clean this thing?”

Actually, it didn’t smell.

No, in fact, his manhood indeed carried a smell.

The subtle smell of lavender.

Since I’ve just returned after taking a bath, the smell of those aromatic oils should still be there.

With this, Euphemia’s last token of resistance in trying to shame Ferzen fell into deft ears.

“Hoh… If you truly can smell my natural scent through all this perfume, doesn’t it make your nose as acute as a dog?”


“Euphemia, are you telling me you’re such a natural sow that you are capable of knowing the natural scent of a man’s crotch?”

“It’s not like that….!”

A sow.

Euphemia’s body trembled at that insult.

But in this situation, aren’t her actions just like one?

Sighing in resignation, Euphemia tightly closed her eyes and slowly placed his manhood in her mouth.

Even when she only swallowed the tip and caressed it with her tongue…

That man’s shaft swelled to the extent that it could not be compared to her early clumsy movements.

‘This…… ‘

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Startled by the sudden growth of his phallus, Euphemia shyly stuck out her tongue.


“…… ”

She hated his commanding tone, but nevertheless, she complied with the hope that by obeying his commands, this shameful situation would end sooner.

So Euphemia swept her tongue from his glans to his shaft.


“…… ”

Euphemia felt repulsed at her own compliance as she buried herself deeper in his crotch, licking the entirety of his shaft.

Then, as she carefully licked his rod and proceeded to minister his balls, Ferzen started to stroke her hair as if complementing her actions.


However, Euphemia immediately struck his hand as she raised her eyes to stare at Ferzen.


Then Ferzen looked at his left hand, which had been slapped as he raised his eyebrows.

As if by reflex, he then gently slapped Euphemia’s right hand, which she was using to hold his manhood.


As Euphemia reflexively retracted her right hand, Euphemia could see Ferzen’s fully erect penis in all its glory.

And to add an extra layer of shame for Euphemia, Ferzen’s sword were glistening from her own saliva as his manhood touched her face….

“…… ”

This couldn’t be more shameful, so Euphemia silently glared at him, her expression warped in disgust.

However, such protests proved to be meaningless.

As if displeased with her actions, Ferzen gently pressed her head, forcing her to swallow the entirety of his rod.

As this seemed impossible for her small mouth, Euphemia tried to shake her head, but Ferzen showed no signs of giving up, so she had no choice but to open her mouth wide, and as tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, she managed to barely swallow half of it.


My jaw feels like it is going to fall off.

All of a sudden, she remembered that this was the same thing that penetrated her insides…

“Euphemia. Don’t use your teeth. Close your lips and suck it slowly….Good”

In my opinion, ‘Suck’ is too shallow of a word. However, I couldn’t come up with any other word so I ended up spouting out the first word that crossed my mind.

“Hrrk Hrrk…… ”

This situation was extremely frustrating for Euphemia, as she felt there was a fist in her mouth.

Euphemia was having difficulty moving her head up and down, but she thought that she could end it quickly by doing so.

Thus she followed Ferzen’s words, and she closed her lips and….



She carefully sucked his manhood.

And every time she moved her head, the wet and vulgar sound her mouth uttered resounded through the room, as Euphemia wished she could pull her own ears off.


And to add salt to injury.

“I didn’t know my wife could produce such vulgar sounds.”

When she heard those words, her shame and resentment mixed together as tears started to form in her eyes.

“Breathe out the air in your mouth; this way, you won’t make such sounds.”

Even though she was still sucking a man’s phallus, Euphemia still held a minuscule amount of pride, as she didn’t wish to make such shameful sounds. So Euphemia proceeded to exhale all the air in her mouth just the way Ferzen instructed her, as she continued to move her head.

Then those shameful sounds echoed no more.

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That silence, at least, helped prevent tears from flowing down Euphemia’s eyes.

‘It hurts… my jaw…. I think it’s going to break….’

Euphemia persisted in sucking Ferzen’s crotch with her clumsy technique.

Euphemia seemed to have reached her limit as the pain in her lower jaw increased, and she tried to pull her head out….


But Ferzen wouldn’t permit such retreat as he pressed her head, blocking her escape.


At the same time, following Ferzen’s groan, Euphemia realized that he was close.

“Uhmm…… Ah!”



───The seed was set free.

Flowing between her teeth.

Passing through her throat.

Impregnating her tongue.

Filling her mouth.

Euphemia was startled, as the large volume of semen seemed so thick that for a second, the thought that Ferzen was actually urinating into her mouth crossed her mind.

She remembered how much semen had leaked out of her the other day, so much that the duvet was stained.

“Hmmm… ”

As soon as Ferzen finished his ejaculation, he licked his lips in satisfaction.

Euphemia immediately tried to spit out his seed….


However, Ferzen quickly grabbed Euphemia’s chin.

“Swallow it.”

“… … !”

Euphemia wanted to spit his seed all over his prideful face at his command.

However, she feared the consequences of such an act of clear defiance at his pride and authority…..

“Gulp…… !”

So in front of Ferzen’s expectant face, she swallowed his thick seed.

But in the last act, Euphemia tried her hardest to chew his seed to death….

“I always knew you had a great appetite, but…. it seems I underestimated your hunger.”

In Ferzen’s point of view, the sight of Euphemia chewing on his seed conveyed a very distorted meaning….

“That… … Cough! Cough!”

It tasted fishy.

It was disgusting.

The texture was also strange.

So Euphemia tried to delude herself of what just transpired. However, the thick semen in her throat didn’t give her much chance……

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*A woman’s fertile window generally lasts about 6 days. Here’s why.

Sperm can live inside the female reproductive track for up to 5 days. This means that the woman can get pregnant via intercourse that happens anywhere from about 5 days before the ovulation and in the 24 hours the ovulation occurs. Therefore the greatest chance of getting pregnant is on the day of ovulation or 3 days prior. – National Library of Medicine.

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