The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines
Chapter 22: Professor Ferzen (6)

Euphemia’s daily routine could be categorized as ‘Boredom’ itself.

She didn’t know anyone in the capital, and even if she wanted to enjoy herself, she didn’t have any money, as everything belonged to Ferzen.

Therefore, her best source of entertainment was getting up in the morning, taking a long relaxing bath, eating a delicious meal, reading a good book, or walking around the garden.

And when the night arrives, it’s time for Ferzen to return. Thus, the maids would take her to a bath, then wash her thoroughly while rinsing her body in fragrant oils before leading her to the bedroom.

It’s only been a couple of days since we arrived in the capital, but I had an ominous feeling that this boring routine would go on forever.

‘These clothes….’

Under her shallow attire, she wore an almost transparent nightgown.

Although Euphemia made her distaste known, she was ultimately ignored by her maids, as they almost forced her to wear this shameful nightgown.

“…… ”

Sigh, shall I give those problems another try?

I’ve been stuck on this second problem for a while now, but since he promised that he would grant me a wish every time I solved a problem….

‘If I can start a small business….’

What I should or shouldn’t do…?

Even though I may have lost my freedom, wouldn’t it help if I had some funds for an emergency?

I could probably set up some kind of store here in the capital….



6 PM.

After returning from work, Ferzen usually takes a bath and enters the room wearing a comfortable outfit.

But unlike most days, he was now holding a fine bottle of wine and a single glass.

“Why are you hiding under those blankets? It’s not even cold.”

“…. You seriously don’t know why?”

“I wouldn’t be asking if I knew.”


Staring at his eyes, Euphemia slowly lowered the blanket.

“Weren’t you the one who made me wear this……?”


Seeing Ferzen’s reaction, Euphemia knew that he had arranged this.

But the man in question had forgotten about that.


“It looks good on you. And besides, I’m the only one whom you will be showing this outfit to, so there is no need to be shy. I’ve already seen even more than that.”

“You! You pervert…….”

“If I were a pervert as you claim me to be, I would have left you naked without a single piece of cloth and ordered you to please me as soon as I entered the room.”

Truthfully, Ferzen only instructed the maids to force such outfits on Euphemia to further weaken her resistance towards him and, at the same time, lower her self-esteem.


“Would you like to drink with me?”

Ferzen settled down at the small table and offered Euphemia a glass of wine, but she shook her head without answering him.

“You’re such a boorish wife.”

“I know.”

“If you don’t want to drink, then it’s fine.”

Ferzen poured the wine into his glass as he quietly took a sip while gazing out the window.

“You can sleep if you’re feeling tired.”

“I want to solve it….”

Honestly, Euphemia wanted to rest, but it was only 6 PM.

There’s no way I would be able to fall asleep.

So she got up from the bed, pulled a book from the bookshelf, and began reading. However, the book’s contents didn’t even register in her mind.

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Maybe if she tried reading with those haggard eyes of hers, she would instantly doze off.

And as such, Euphemia spent her time blankly skimming through the random book.

As for Ferzen, he continued to savor his wine while basking in the moonlight.

‘He’s drinking too much…..’

The speed at which Ferzen emptied his glass and filled it again was quite astonishing.

He doesn’t seem to know how to drink well.

I would be in trouble if he got drunk.

And what happened at that Baron’s mansion at that time…….

‘Not good….’

She still remembered how he had broken the Baron’s vases and how he slept while clinging onto her.

Moreover, he seemed to be worried about something.

While the thought of understanding the man in front of her seemed to displease Euphemia, this was the natural result of spending so much time with him alone.

‘Did something happen?’

Although he is the second son of Brutein, I heard many high aristocrats were professors at the Imperial Academy.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if some of those aristocrats argued with him.

But I don’t think he is the type of person who would drink over that.

He would probably be the cause of someone’s drinking….

‘Sigh…. why am I even worrying about him?’

Shaking her head, Euphemia continued to skim through her book.

After a long while.

The previous full bottle of wine was drained, and Euphemia, who was trying to read her book, was also starting to feel sleepy.


Ferzen called for Euphemia in a gentle tone.


Euphemia, who was about to lie comfortably on the bed, looked at Ferzen.

His blood-red eyes looked peaceful.

Like the calm before the storm.

Yes, like the dark clouds looming on the horizon before a thunderstorm.

“Come here.”

“…… ”

Euphemia knew better than to disobey him at times like these.

So, she got up from the bed, and like a scared cat, she approached him.

Ferzen silently looked at Euphemia’s near-transparent nightgown.

“You pervert…..Stop staring at me.”

Ashamed, Euphemia quickly closed her legs and shielded her bosom with her hands.

“Euphemia. Stand up straight and stop covering yourself.”


I didn’t do anything wrong today…. Why is he punishing me?

Euphemia was about to ask him what she did wrong to deserve such humiliation, but when she met Ferzen’s gaze as he heaved a deep sigh.

“You did well.”

“I don’t want….. your praise. I don’t deserve it.”


“…… ”

Does he think I’m a dog?

Still, since it wasn’t a difficult order, Euphemia placed her left palm in his left hand.

“What now….”

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However, Ferzen frowned.


Does he think I’m his dog now that he’s drunk?

I wonder…. What would happen if I put my foot instead of my hand?

“…… ”

Euphemia wondered if she should put her foot just to mock him, but she quickly let go of such thoughts as she placed her right palm on top of his right hand.

“Good girl.”

He is even praising me like a dog now.

“Sigh…. You are drunk again.”

Euphemia grumbled at Ferzen, barely holding back an anxious cry at this absurd situation.


“What…. You want my feet now?”

Ferzen shook his head, and without saying a word, he tapped his lap a couple of times and looked at her.

“Don’t pretend you don’t understand.”

“…… ”

As she hesitated, Ferzen opened his mouth to admonish her.

However, before he could say anything, Euphemia settled down on his lap with a surrendered look on her face.

“Face me.”


When one sits facing the other, you have to spread your legs to accommodate yourself better, and like this, the hem of Euphemia’s almost transparent nightgown was pushed upwards.

“If you are trying to seduce me, save it for our bedtime.”

“Who wants to seduce you….!”

Confronted with this absurd situation, Euphemia had the urge to slap this drunk man for him to sober up, but….

If I slap him, this man will slap me as well.

Since something similar had already happened, Euphemia bit her lip and endured her urge as she put both of her hands on Ferzen’s shoulders.

“Good girl.”

“Shut up…”

Thanks to the nightgown’s lifted helm, her black panties, plump hips, and beautiful white legs were fully exposed in front of Ferzen. And with her every movement, her sensitive flesh would touch Ferzen’s body, further enhancing this unpleasant position for Euphemia.

“I really mean it.”


“You did well.”

Because her face was so close to his, she could immediately smell the stench of liquor.

How strong was that wine?

Just the scent was enough to make her head dizzy.


“…… ”

Then, without a word, Ferzen suddenly pulled Euphemia even closer to him as he held her back.

Ferzen was truly relieved when she obeyed his words like this.

The fact that at least one variable was firmly in his control—the only one- brought Ferzen an immense sense of comfort and peace of mind.

While embracing Euphemia, Ferzen wondered what would have happened if Seo-jin’s ego was the one who got assimilated, not Ferzen’s.

The original Ferzen would have sneered and laughed at the comical attempts of the dog at bearing its fangs at him, and he would have acted without worrying about the surrounding variables.

But of course, if he did that, the end result would be……

No, there was no point in dwelling over such things, but he at least would have lived and died in his own way without being burned by any sort of stress.

But now, this was a meaningless assumption.

Seo-jin, who assimilated Ferzen’s ego, didn’t want to die.


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“…… ”

“You just need to act like this.”

Ferzen buried his head in Euphemia’s neck as he muttered these words.

And Euphemia felt a strange feeling in her heart seeing such a frail side of Ferzen, which was a stark contrast with his usual vainglorious and belligerent attitude.

But Euphemia blamed the rise of such feelings on the dizziness caused by the potent stench of liquor, as she relaxed and let the man do as he wished with her body.

“Let’s sleep….”

8:55 P.M.

Ferzen lifted Euphemia gently and walked to the bed. He then laid her down and covered her with a blanket.

“Hoh…. Are you sleeping away from me tonight?”

“I’ll embrace you when I wake up in the morning anyway….”

Since it was inevitable, Euphemia just gave up her meaningless resistance in bed.

Seeing this, Ferzen was even more pleased.

“Good. Sleep well….”

Euphemia stayed silent.

But a tinge of regret lingered in her eyes.

So small that Ferzen didn’t even notice.

Even so, the conflicting feelings within her were unlikely to grant her a peaceful night of sleep.

So, on a whim, Euphemia began staring at Ferzen…..

However, soon she felt wronged because Ferzen had fallen into a peaceful slumber.

* * * * *

“…… ”

Ferzen, who had quickly fallen asleep last night due to wine, woke up when the thought of going to work flashed through his mind.

5:40 A.M.

‘I can sleep for a while longer….’

Well, it wouldn’t have mattered if he overslept.

Since his lessons on Black Magic are held only once a week.

But of course, that didn’t mean I would laze around today.

The professors conducting classes for the aristocratic students took turns with the other professors in charge of the commoners in regards to dormitory duties every week.

And today’s shift was up to Ferzen and an unknown professor.

Since the Imperial Knights themselves are protecting the dorms, I wonder what is the goal here……

It was an arrangement made for political reasons.

If the Academy were to suffer from an external attack, the honor and prestige of the Imperial Family would be damaged.

However, because there were professors helping with the security of the Academy, the Imperial Family would be able to share the blame with the professor’s noble household.

For example, aside from the pure carelessness of the professor on duty for allowing the said attack to transpire, the Imperial family could accuse the professor of having a connection with the assailant.

In terms of efficiency, this act was stupid. However, politically, it was a good move.

‘Anyway…… ‘

Around lunch yesterday, the administration refused to give me the name of the professor who was supposed to be on guard duty with me.

I had to hear the reason as to why……

But even without this guard duty assignment, I would still have stopped by the Academy today.

The time scheduled for it was to be around the afternoon.

Ferzen buried his head on Euphemia’s neck and closed his eyes again.

She smells good.

Her scent was…


Legday workout routine:

  • 10×15 Leg press
  • 10×12 Leg extensions
  • 6×12 Leg curl
  • 8×12 squats
  • 4×12 Bulgarian Squats
  • 4×15 calves machine
  • 3×12 lateral raises
  • 4×12 Arnold raises
  • 3×12 bar raises.

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