The Villain’s Mother

The Villain’s Mother

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The Villain’s Mother novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Josei, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Lin Mian Mian. 229 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Upon waking up, Ruan Xia had transmigrated into a webnovel that she had stayed up all night to finish reading. She had become the villain’s mother.

In the novel, after the death of her first husband, the original owner of the body had hooked up with a Mr. Perfect at the fastest possible speed. Worried and discontent that her son from her first marriage would become a burden on her, she heartlessly abandoned her son.

Having once held the best quality script and informed of future events, Ruan Xia looked at her still alive first husband as well as her future villain son. She sighed. She wanted to apply for a different script!

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  • Lady_Have_A_Heart

    Well her husband has a competitor and she has another husband lol too bad she seems to only like the first lol.

  • Roki

    Thinking about it, the other parent’s in the novel hasn’t shown yet. Also the company is just so weird, clearly whoever they are they either want to make a hole in Tia and Xia’s relationship or want her to spend less time with her family. Now that I think about it, maybe they were about to make a move on her in the parking lot (on Xia’s first day) but didn’t expect for her husband to pick her up.

    • lnwUser42949

      I think the mysterious person might be run xia second husband in her past life...idk it just my opinion it can be wrong

  • Fluffy

    More chapters please😊

  • Lilred7

    Finished reading in one day totally got me hooked. Thanks for translating and cant wait for more moree cutiee moments!! Slow romance but really good plot for me.

  • Dont_be_suspicous

    This novel is the most rational of all the chinese webnovels that i have read. The fl is not a cheerful idiot 😂 and not super over powering. She is independent, rational and relatable! Also the ml is not domineering and mature 💕💕💕 I love how their characters are introduced and how they grow as a couple

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Love how their romance grow and how realistic the reaction of fl and ml to each situations. It's cute and funny at its own way. Good job writer..


Really love it so far, it’s definitely a slow burn but that’s what gives it its charm. Can’t wait to see what’s up with this sus ass company she’s at.


This is pretty a slow burn but its so satisfying..hahaha..the characters are pretty well developed and are matured..there are no unnecessary drama..which is pretty nice..hehehe..looking forward for more chapters..😁😁


The story is very heartwarming. There is not much ridiculousness going on like in other LN. The characters are very well developed. I'm giving this a "like".


i finished this 180 chap's novel in 1 day. i totally L O V E it! i guess it was underrated, for it really slow burnt romance. i loved it, cos the kid's act was so cute and way more mature than his own age, so protective toward their parents. And the title "Villain's Mother" really didnt match up with the cuteness of this chubby son~ Little Wang. Mayb the title should be " Cute Villain's Mother", haha.

The relationship between FL and ML (the parents) distant at first, but gradually became closer, til 180 chaps they only had their kisses once, and actually it didnt count cos it wasnt real kiss, haha, just pretending act in front of the kid. On top of all, I love this novel, cos the ML really mature, generous and patience toward FL. Their conversation to explain certain sensitive things to the kid was really inspiring, i pick up few one-two things to learn how to act as parent. Kuddos to author and translator🙇‍♀️ For the cuteness, funny and morals of the story, ease of reading, I give 4.5/5, for the other 0.5,.. i really want ..i repeat... i really WANT real ROMANCE😍😍