The Walker Of Voids
The Walker Of Voids

The Walker Of Voids

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The Walker Of Voids novel is a popular light novel covering Magical Realism, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Animosity. 150 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In the year 2093, mysterious energy known as mana descended upon Earth for the very first time in millions of years. People began to spontaneously awaken, allowing them to gain supernatural abilities, classifications, and affinities.

Simultaneously, dungeons with immaculate treasures and horrid monsters began to appear all over the world, forcing humanity to stand together in order to survive.

Lloyd Elrod was a simple boy at first. He was a boy with no power and little to no social standing, yet that all changed on the day before his awakening ceremony. The day he became what the humans and the other races saw as a monster.

[Welcome to the Void]

It was the day he became a Void Walker. A race capable of growing faster than any other. A race with individuals capable of putting an entire civilization created by a multitude of races on the brink of collapse and walking into the Void itself.

Having become a part of the most wanted race in the universe, Lloyd is forced to hide and fight to keep his freedom. In order to not be restrained by those he once saw as his brethren, he must become strongest.

Will Lloyd be found out? Will he finally earn his freedom and have control of his own fate? Join Lloyd in his journey of joy, sorrow, grief, and pain as he climbs to the top and becomes the most powerful creature in existence.

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  • LycirielV 1

    Does anyone know when the missing chapter (Classes [1] - Unarmed Basic Combat [1] which should have been ch 115) is gonna be added? I personally don't like skipping chapters even if it's just one. Any one know if it'll be added on this site?

  • Graverick 2

    I find it hard to go with this MC especially since he's about as emotionally capable as a rock. He's also a battle maniac that looks down on everyone around his level. Well, he is a void walker, so I give that a pass. However, for someone so emotionally incapable, he sure sucks at reigning in that killing intent of his. I thought his race only makes him desensitized to killing, and that it's his skill that makes him cold. Can somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Also, why is his friends mother more concerned about him? And, why does it seem like some of his classmate look down on him when he's the very definition of elite? Another thing, he gives off the typical edgelord rogue vibe. Like, I move alone, you don't have to know, and proceeds to look down on people. He also does senseless things like spar with someone he knew is weaker than him, proceeds to beat the sh*t out of his opponent, and the story moves on. What's the purpose of that spar? Nothing was gained in that spar. Why?

    • DrizzyDre 1


    • LFLight 1

      Well, I kinda agree with u ! This novel is cr*p, the MC doesn't follow any logic — quite boring — don't waste your time

    • TappityTap 3

      Have you read or just skimmed the chapters? No hate. You are correct that he has a skill that shuts off his emotions. He moves alone because he is afraid that his own “people” will kill him for simply being a void Walker. His friends mom cares about him because their families are close to the point of being well like family and their is a backstory there that we don’t know yet. He is also like 15. Don’t expect him to be rational at the start of the story. I know I am using that he is a teenager line but it’s true. He has not matured yet. Back to him being an edge lord what do you mean? Him hiding his face so not many know how he looks like and liking the color black? Also that spar part you said I am assuming you mean the academy arc? Well since I pretty much hate academy arcs I usually wait till there are a lot of chapters and then skim them. Personal preference.

      Edited: 24d
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  • Recorderofakasha 1

    It's d*mn good give it a try...

    Edited: 1mo
  • GreatsleepR 1

    is that malzahar?

  • Sparkitye 1

    Novel is pretty good; you should check it out.

  • Goessotnas 1

    Is that novel a W?