The Witch Hunter System
Chapter 751: Influence

"If Great Devil Hecate joins the fight, the outcome does not need to be mentioned. However, I want to know what makes you so confident that Great Devil Hecate would agree to join our fight?" the Fifth Progenitor asked with a sharp look.

The Fifth Progenitor's question was to be expected. Anyone would have the same doubt.

After all, Great Devil Hecate was not an existence just anyone could meet or talk to. The possibility of gaining her cooperation to fight against another Great Devil was even more unlikely.

Unless someone could offer something of great interest or temptation to Great Devil Hecate, it was almost a certainty that she wouldn't agree.

To begin with, a fight between two Great Devils was full of uncertainties.

No Great Devil would be willing to fight to the death with another Great Devil unless they had a certain degree of confidence in their victory or the temptation was worth the risk.

What could a Human Soul Master possibly offer that would tempt a Great Devil to fight to the death for him?

Naturally, Vaan had his own thoughts on the matter.

"I do have something to back up my confidence. However, it's not something you will understand, nor do I feel inclined to explain," Vaan casually replied.

"If you can't convince me, don't think about gaining my cooperation," the Fifth Progenitor frowned.

"Would I still need your cooperation if I already have the Eighth Progenitor's? I don't think I need to win over all the Vampire Lords, no?" Vaan calmly mentioned with a cunning smile, adding, "I believe he would also be happier to split the Evernight Territory with fewer Vampire Lords."

To begin with, the Vampire Lords unlikely had the power to make a difference in a battle between Great Devils. The only benefit of working with them was using them to deal with other Vampire Lords.


Vaan's words quickly angered the Fifth Progenitor, but he could not refute them. He understood his current position.

Although it was called negotiating, in truth, he was only given the choice to be used by the other party. If he weren't willing to be used, the other party would just kill him and move on.

Furthermore, such a chance would have been given if the other party had not noticed the opportunity and convenience.

Ultimately, the Fifth Progenitor could only sigh and agree to follow Vaan's arrangement.

If anyone else had witnessed their entire exchange, they would have been dumbfounded by the Fifth Progenitor's choice.

It wouldn't be strange for the Eighth Progenitor to make that choice, but it was a different story for the Fifth Progenitor. He had not fought a true life-or-death battle with Vaan and nearly died as the Eighth Progenitor did.

As such, it was surprising that the Fifth Progenitor could just be talked into agreeing with a little coercion and no serious fight.

The Fifth Progenitor himself had not noticed that his choice was actually influenced by Vaan's Boundless Sea and Sky Aura.

"Good, let us refine the details of our cooperation. First, I will have you use Contract Magic to enter a non-aggression pact with me. Then, surrender your bodies to me so I can purge the Blood Ancestor's divine blood," Vaan instructed.

"Understood, Sir," the Eighth Progenitor was quick to agree, seeing no problem with the arrangement.

After all, since they would enter a non-aggression pact with Contract Magic first, Vaan couldn't secretly harm them during the vulnerable process of purging the Blood Ancestor's divine blood.

Of course, Vaan was not foolish enough to leave any loopholes in the contract for the Vampire Lords to exploit and made sure it was refined to the minute details.

It would have been truly stupid if he had put himself in a state where he couldn't attack the Vampire Lords, but they could attack anyone else from Pangea.

Freedom Federation, Principality of Dainsleif

In the sky, above a region of steep, rocky, yet forested mountains, Narvim arrived via spatial magic before gazing down and sighing softly.

He had wanted to join the war in the Great Ratholos Empire, but unfortunately, he was not strong enough to lead a group of dragons like Lord Astarot, who had already advanced to the Demigod Rank.

Although he had fallen far behind the other Dragon Lords due to the side effects of Forbidden Magic in the past, he managed to advance to Peak Transcendent and catch up with the others after consuming many high-quality magical plants.

However, this was only possible because his wife gave up her portion of the high-quality magical plants and dragon god blood essence, delaying her own advancement to the Demigod Rank.

Narvim felt endless guilt toward Khaleesi; he owed her too much.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to accept her generosity despite repeatedly rejecting it. His wife didn't allow him to refuse her gift and was adamant about it.

"It's been a while since I've come to this place…" Narvim briefly thought.

Nevertheless, since he was already here, he had to make sure he completed the important task given to him by the Supreme Leader.


Moments later, Narvim opened another spatial portal and disappeared through it, stepping into the Black Witch Society's headquarters hidden in the pocket realm underneath the land.

Without any surprise, Narvim's sudden, uninvited presence immediately alarmed the witches within the headquarters.

"D-Dragon! Ahh! A dragon has intruded into our headquarters!"

"Wait! I've seen this dragon! It has been here before! Quickly call the Witch Mother!"

Amidst the panic and disorder created by Narvim's sudden arrival, some witches quickly recognized him—not by his appearance but by his natural temperament and aura.

Narvim had left quite an impression on them during his last visit.

Nevertheless, it didn't take long before the Witch Mother came out of her dwelling and diffused the chaos and unease among the witches.

"We meet again, Lady Ophelia. I pray you have been well," Narvim greeted with standard courtesy.

"I have been well. Thank you for your concern, Your Excellency," Ophelia Tempest returned the courtesy with a simple smile before saying, "I must say I am not surprised by your visit, given what is happening in the Great Ratholos Empire."


Narvim was immediately surprised by the Witch Mother's words. But upon further thought, he was no longer surprised by her intelligence.

"Since you already know what's happening there, then you must also understand why I'm here. In that case, I will just cut straight to the point. Do you know how to contact Great Devil Hecate, Lady Ophelia?" Narvim solemnly asked.

Despite such an alarming question, Ophelia remained unsurprised. In fact, her calm smile widened and her eyes flickered with interest.

Chapter 751: Influence
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