The Wizard World

The Wizard World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Action genres. Written by the Author Get Lost. 646 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Ye Song, who once lived in a technologically-advanced world, died and reincarnated into a noble teenager’s body in another world.

A fantasy world filled with magic!

A series of events filled with tragedy, action, etc. began to unfold one after the other when he fatefully encountered one of the most guarded secrets of this world, obtaining the legendary power of Wizards.

Watch how he reaches unreachable heights as a powerful Wizard in this new world and shows what he is made of.

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  • God_OF_Annihilation
    Reader KP:34

    This novel is very disappointing... It is pretty boring always a cliche, the MC is not like a reincarnated guy he's just dumb as it's in ch 1~10 he starts by killing an assassin by just working out for 1month. Maybe after 10 months we can dethrone the king lmao

    2 months ago Reply
  • Dudedotdot
    Reader KP:0

    Can someone pls tell me if MC is a necromancer?? I love necromancer and dark magic. I'm also open to other novel suggestions for the same tag. The MC had to FOCUS on necromancy. Not just have some of its powers. Pls let me know the answer !

    3 months ago Reply
    • HONEST1989
      Reader KP:2

      The Hero returns... Hes basicly a necromancer Solo levling... Hes to basicly a necromancer. Coinsidently those 2 novels are quite similar. One interesting is Supreme magus to...really well done with the story and every spell is well explained.

      1 months ago Reply
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  • Naxit
    Reader KP:0

    não tem continuação?

    5 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser58501
    Reader KP:0

    the novel takes awhile to mature, but the harem basically disappears and is never used again, which i enjoyed since i hate harems but ironically the novel gets good when he gives up being a wizard half way through the novel

    7 months ago Reply
    • Ritualist
      Reader KP:0

      Im most of the way through and this hasnt happened yet dobyou mean he literally doesnt use magic anymore after a point

      7 months ago Reply
    • lnwUser58501
      Reader KP:0

      He still uses magic a bit, but his bloodline just gets so much superior that there's literally no reason to

      7 months ago Reply
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  • I_am_Novel_Lover
    Reader KP:120

    lol, tags- slice of life, but with tragedy.

    8 months ago Reply
  • CritikalReader
    Reader KP:75

    ~sighs~ Where do I start? First off, I made it to chapter 54 before dropping this book. Why may you ask? Well, the pacing is horrible. The book is literally called the WIZARD world and it took approximately 40 chapters to introduce the damn wizards. The story has a way of repeating irrelevant information and conflicts that does literally nothing for the plot. The harem, like the comment below me states, adds nothing to the story whatsoever. The mc is average at everything. A subpar mc with a subpar system, who's still manages to be subpar at swordsmanship, subpar at magic, with subpar talent, surrounded by subpar women, and attending a subpar academy. Lmao, if I wanted to read a story about an average guy with nothing going for him, I could've read a self-help book or an autobiography. The magic or wizardry mechanics itself, is lack luster. Read at your own risk. Not worth your brain cells.

    8 months ago Reply
  • Yotanwa
    Reader KP:1

    Nah, some harem is really good stuff. Like "Tyranny of Steel"

    10 months ago Reply
  • superrookieboy
    Reader KP:3

    whats this kink asians have w dark magic? Every novel abt mages the same BASIC dark atribute spell

    Edited: 06 Nov, 12:28
    11 months ago Reply
    • Okboka
      Reader KP:122

      Idk, it's probably about trying to be "cool," and appealing to edgelords. Ngl most chinese novels have something to do with blood, void, darkness, gravity, or just weird concepts and none of the classic elements, while japanese ln have dark or light. Most Korean wn have something to do with a system, or leveling up. IMO, authors should focus on the classic elemental systems like four European/japanese elements or the five ancient Chinese elements Thanks for reading my rant.

      2 months ago Reply
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  • Helexer
    Reader KP:0

    no recomendada es horrible no tiene sentido a partir del capitulo 20.

    1 years ago Reply
  • IngrainedIntel
    Reader KP:0

    Mc is a basically a simp, romance is pure cringe in Harem makes the story shit Not saying that harem is generally shit, it’s just that the story makes it shit

    1 years ago Reply