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The World Online

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The World Online novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Sheng Xiao Jian Ke. 1358 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Earth Online – a virtual MMORPG that takes place in the future year of 2190 – a game that everyone will bet their futures on. Set in a map that is ten times the size of real-world Earth, players battle for supremacy in the first game to feature personal adventure, territory construction, and grand warfare. For every death you experience in the game, your level would drop back to zero. Ouyang Shuo, an above average player, suffered the ultimate betrayal. For merely a piece of equipment, his sworn brother betrayed and backstabbed him. This time, after he reincarnated in the game, Ouyang Shuo swore to exact vengeance.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Ouyang Shuo found himself back five years before the betrayal – right before the launch of Earth Online. This time, armed with the knowledge from his past life, Ouyang Shuo would venture upon a new path.

How to perfectly complete quests? What historical battle maps would appear? How should one build up their territory? Utilizing the experience from the predecessors of his last life, Ouyang Shuo makes his bid for the top against all odds. Follow his journey as he seeks to lord over the world!

A different kind of tale that blends historical characters and virtual reality gaming, with heavy emphasis on kingdom building and warfare.

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  • lordbolt
    Feb 25, 2021

    The book z good, l wish there was a continuation

  • lnwUser30426
    Jan 28, 2021

    It was insanely good. Hope there would be a continuation of this story

    • Runa
      Feb 18, 2021

      Is there any harem elements in this story? If not, I wanna put it in my library. I like kingdom building type of story.

  • Bromytheus
    Oct 22, 2020

    I’m on chapter 45. The pace of the story is a tad too slow. Does it pickup or maintain this pace?

    • EverythingRelevant
      Nov 12, 2020

      Is it like reincarnation of the strongest sword god slow or better cause ROTSSG is like the slowest novel out there lol

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dropped around 800+ I got bored. The story is making the MC more of a side character at the 800+ chapters and because i feel bad for the phoenix girl, but still quite good.

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I truly love this novel it does get boring sometimes but one of my greatest novel I ever read. The story is great and I love the characters and it is truly a great novel

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Insanely well written with a deep plot and perfect detail. If anything the detail is a little to much for a casual reader. If you are looking for a book to invest time in, this is right up your alley. I usually don’t like harems but the harem tease here almost made me want him to have a harem.

Well written side character, world development, and story line. Great read and would recommend 10/10! 😁

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Wow, what a read. The story is amazing, but... it's a tad too long. Not to mention some chapters consist only of things like the composition of a military unit, the amount of some characters coming back stronger after being entirely crushed is ridiculous. Last quarter is a very long line of "feel good" moments, definitely too long. And worst of all, we don't even get a short summary of "what came later" which, considering the ending, would be fantastic. Overall it's still very much worth it and if 4.5/5 was an option, I'd rate it like that.

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This is fantasic story. I love it very much. The only bad thing about this story is that it ends so soon. I would love to know more about how he is he going to over come the new place. Not many books can keep me hooked and keep coming back to read it again and again.

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Now... for something that is 1300 chapters. (I haven't finished reading it) It can keep you hooked in almost throughout the whole time if you are a fun of "kingdom-building".

This entire novel screams in that theme, whether that be wars, intrigue, logistics, research and development, as well as character development and interactions with other characters. It is especially good for people who apart from liking the "grand-strategy", also enjoy history such as myself, while, of course the Chinese history is low-key biased, it nonetheless adds a feeling of depth to the novel, albeit sometimes it was a little too much lol.

Conclusion : A must-read for anyone who likes "grand-strategy" aesthetics in novels or games.

Extra note : I low-key had very big issues remembering names of characters as I believe a lot of us do so I ended up just forgetting majority of them apart from the iconic ones lol

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This is just my absolute taste of light novel that brought me here. Kingdom Building, Historical Chinese people, Waaaaaaarsssss!, And Cultivation.

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