This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 950: Breaking The Dimensional Barrier, Immortal Qi Flowing Out

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The two of them seemed to understand why Lu Xuan had not made a move for so many years. Because the moment he made a move, the heavens and the Earth would react with such power. How could he still make a move under such circumstances?

They had never seen such power that could even trigger a response from the heavens and the earth. However, they could still see for themselves and naturally knew what kind of astonishing ability this was.

In the distance, under their gazes, the Chaos Heaven Stabilizer Bell above the head of the huge golden figure that Lu Xuan had materialized was also continuously growing with the wind. In an instant, it had already grown to the size of a mountain peak.


A melodious bell chime sounded. Immediately after, everyone saw that the space in front of Lu Xuan appeared to be a surface of water, rippling layer after layer of ripples.

With the help of the Chaos Heaven Stabilizer Bell's own ability, Lu Xuan successfully rippled the dimensional barrier. Just at that critical moment, just as Lu Xuan had calculated the perfect time for him to strike, Lu Xuan punched out. This punch had fused with the law of space. The law of space that Lu Xuan had condensed directly wrapped around his fist, like a ribbon.


With a loud sound, Lu Xuan's punch clearly hit nothing but air. However, it sounded as if it had hit an iron wall. A terrifying force rebounded back, forming a monstrous spiritual energy tide.

The people around the barrier hurriedly helped to stabilize the barrier. At this moment, they finally understood why Lu Xuan wanted their help. It was because the rebounding force from the barrier was too terrifying, forming a shock wave, even experts at the Consolidation realm could barely protect themselves. Only experts at their level could help stabilize the barrier while protecting themselves.

If this shockwave hit the outside world, it would immediately cause a landslide and tsunami.


At the same time, in the outside world, countless thunderbolts became more and more violent. The will of the world's God realm became more and more furious.

Tang Yingran and Qu Nanqin could clearly feel that the heavens and the earth were getting even more furious. To be more precise, they were furious, as if they were angered by Lu Xuan's actions.

Under the warning of the will of the world, Lu Xuan actually did not care at all. He was treating the will of the world as if it was nothing.

And Lu Xuan did not care at all that it was completely furious. The will of the world, which was in a rampage, was fully focused on him. The mana in Lu Xuan's entire body was burning fiercely, as if it had turned into flames that coiled around him, making him look like a golden man on fire.

That attack just now was just a small test to see how thick the immortal qi dimensional barrier was.

Lu Xuan still had to be careful. If he accidentally broke through the heavenly realm's dimensional barrier, then he would be drawn away by the heavenly realm's rules.

Hence, he had to give his best.


Lu Xuan shouted loudly. Another excellent opportunity had arrived. Lu Xuan clenched his fist and withdrew it to his abdomen. Behind him, the giant golden man was doing exactly the same thing as Lu Xuan.

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With this punch, Lu Xuan's power was pushed to the extreme.


When this punch was thrown out, the heavens and the earth immediately changed color. Ghosts cried and wolves howled. The heavens suddenly dimmed down. Countless gusts of wind blew. It was as if only Lu Xuan, whose entire body was bursting with golden light, was the only one left in the world.

What was terrifying? This was terrifying. What was powerful? This was powerful!

This punch penetrated through space and shattered the sky. The Fist Force directly entered the mysterious and powerful dimensional space.

Immediately after, everyone saw that the endless fist intent was actually rebounded and almost wanted to kill Lu Xuan.

Above Lu Xuan's head, the Chaos Heaven Stabilizer Bell spun and blocked the rebounding fist force.

Lu Xuan took a deep breath. His aura suddenly rose to the extreme. The fist force gathered together and instantly threw out hundreds of punches.

After feeling the immortal qi dimensional wall, Lu Xuan no longer hesitated and directly attacked. Each punch included Lu Xuan's full strength. Now, he threw out hundreds of punches in one breath. The power was obvious.

Tang Yingran and Qu Nanqin were completely dumbfounded. It was as if Lu Xuan used his own strength to throw out hundreds of hydrogen bombs in an instant. A huge light rose up in the sky, blotting out the sky and covering the sun, drowning everything.

No, it even surpassed the power of hydrogen bombs. There was a mysterious and black martial art concept fused into it, and its power far surpassed the power of science and technology alone.

It had even reached an incredible level!

Every punch was shaking the vacuum in the air as if something hidden in the deep space had been discovered. Every punch of Lu Xuan's had the power to shatter the heavens and the Earth.

If there was no barrier formation to block it, the entire northwest region of China's terrain would probably change because of Lu Xuan alone.

Lu Xuan's entire body was filled with terrifying power. It transformed into the shape of lightning, and a terrifying aura wreaked havoc within.

Punch after punch!

Even Lin Ziyi and the others were dumbstruck and extremely shocked.

A casual punch from him was a hundred times more powerful than their full strength. Lu Xuan's strength had already surpassed the era and the world.

It was no wonder the will of the world was enraged. Such an expert could destroy the entire world by himself.

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If given enough time, with his destructive power, Lu Xuan could destroy an entire planet with his bare hands.

This was a monster that was not allowed to exist in the entire world. It was an expert that could pose a threat to a certain world.

"This is master's strength. With such strength, what kind of world cannot be conquered?"

Yun Ling'er said excitedly.

At this moment, the others were completely convinced. Previously, Lu Xuan did not make a move because he wanted to give them a chance to temper themselves.

Once Lu Xuan made a move, it could be said that he could calm the northern demon region with a mere flip of his palm. What could they do to compare to him?

Everyone looked at each other and saw the excitement in each other's eyes. With Lu Xuan's strength, they were naturally not afraid of facing the upcoming expedition to the demonized world.

At this moment, everyone heard a loud bang that sounded like the big bang of the universe. Lu Xuan actually created a huge crack in the sky, and a terrifying tide swept out from it.

In an instant, it blew in everyone's direction.

Everyone immediately felt their bodies quiver. Almost instinctively, every pore was opening, absorbing the substance that was blown out from the crack.

Everyone was shocked to discover that they had actually entered a state of purification. This was something that they had felt previously when Earth had just recovered.

After Earth recovered, countless amounts of spiritual qi gushed out from within it, and they used this opportunity to complete the purification of their powers.

Since then, ordinary spiritual qi was no longer enough for them to undergo purification.

And this was the second time they had undergone the purification!

"Immortal qi, this must be the immortal qi that brother Lu had mentioned!" Lu Shanshan was both surprised and happy.

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