Thriller Paradise
Chapter 775: The unparalleled martial competition (7)

Chapter 775: The unparalleled martial competition (7)

The moment the system notification sounded, other than brother Jue, all the players instinctively opened the game menu.

The first one to die … Is laughing soul … Seven kills thought to himself, of all the marksman players I know, she’s definitely one of the top three, and she’s very intelligent. Who killed her? was it an NPC or …”

“It can’t be?” Flower was also deeply shocked.”Ling actually died so early … What did she encounter?”

“Phew …” Xiao Tan, on the other hand, heaved a sigh of relief.”That’s great … I don’t have to fight Xiao Ling face to face anymore. Lalalala~”

“Hmm …” RUO Yu’s face was as dark as water as she thought to herself, Ling is definitely not the kind of person who would provoke an NPC and get killed. To be able to kill her so quickly … It must be bujue …

In fact, her reasoning was a little extreme. After all, there were many strong players in this scenario. If the player was not careful, there was still a chance that they would be killed instantly, but … Her conclusion was indeed in line with the truth.

On the other hand …

“Ah … I’ve finally recovered.” When Feng bujue stood up from the ground, his hands had already recovered.”Thankfully, I have Xu like a forest with me, or else I would be in trouble …”

In the past few minutes, he had endured the excruciating pain and put his festered arm into his inventory to take out a life point recovery potion with great difficulty. Then, after recovering a certain amount of HP, he did it again … At the cost of a layer of skin and flesh, he took out “Lin” from the five orbs from his inventory and activated the item’s special effect.

After listening to the advice of count of script and King moonlit, brother Jue already knew … The ‘unknown’ special effect of this Pearl that ‘contained the power of rhythm’ was ‘instantly heal the target’s injuries (cooldown time: 24 hours; Only limited to external wound healing and limb repair; Unable to remove debuffs such as disease, curse, poison)]

All in all, this was an enhanced version of the hemostatic potion that could be used repeatedly. In terms of ability to remove debuffs, it was not as good as [SCP 500], and in terms of healing ability, it was not as good as [fairy bean]. However, it was a reliable support item, and it was better than nothing.

For example, in the current situation, Xu like Lin had saved brother Jue’s life. If he did not have this item with him, he would have to drag his injured arms and continue the game while losing Life Points …

“Phew … This little girl is indeed difficult to deal with …” At this time, Feng bujue finally had the time to sigh at the battle with Xiao Ling.”If she was there during the battle for S1, lute’s group of Level 3 and Level 4 subordinates would have all died in her hands …”

His thoughts weren’t without reason. In S1, the number of marksman players that made it to the finals was pathetically small. There wasn’t even a single player who was a pure marksman. This was because, in the later stages of the game, there were many experts. It was very difficult to advance by using a pure marksman, who was helpless once he got close to the opponent. For example, the Swan, who was a dual-cultivator of marksmanship and spirit magic, also had to struggle to reach the finals.

“Fine … It’s worth it to pay a price if I can get rid of this powerful enemy who can kill people from a thousand meters away as soon as possible.” “But …” Feng bujue mumbled,”I have a feeling … The opponents in this scenario, other than flower, are not easy to deal with … RUO Yu, Xiao Tan, seven kills … All of them have a chance of winning against me. There’s no need to talk about the strength of the NPCs … Under the situation where both sides don’t go all out, flood Dragon, who has a common face, can fight on par with the sword King twelve haters, or even slightly better … Then ping Qingsheng, Daji and the other unparalleled demon generals should be at least at the ‘three Xiantian’ level …”

With that in mind, Feng bujue felt that the situation was getting more and more dangerous. As he continued on his journey, he could not help but start to plan some sinister strategies in his mind …

He looked at the other side.

Miss an, the level 40 top medic specialist player, flowerbed on the stone, had also arrived at a suspension bridge.

The three generals on the bridge were [Yijin zhentian],[zombie], and [Night Blade God].

It was also a short, fat, thin, and giant trio.

“Ah … It’s you three.” Yijin zhentian muttered lazily after seeing who it was.

The ‘three of you’ he was referring to was not flower den, but the three people who were with flower den.

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The three of them were unparalleled generals, and … They were all young, upright, handsome, powerful, and somewhat “stupid.”

First place,’justice is stubborn’, Deputy Director Ma Chao.

He was wearing a helmet with frosty deers ‘horns on it, with a white tassel at the back. He was wearing an iron leaf armor with a ring of white silk. He was wearing a white robe and a green velvet belt. He wore a pair of thin copper boots and held the Dragon riding spear in his hand.

In terms of physical appearance … His face was pink, his eyes were like shooting stars, he had the body of a Tiger, the arms of an ape, and the waist of a Wolf.

The Five Tiger Generals truly lived up to their reputation.

The second one was the “moronic righteous” Takayama Nagae Ken.

He was wearing a white YinYang master’s robe with a warrior’s armor from the Warring States period inside. He wore a specially made horned helmet with a large “love” character made of metal in front of the hat. In his right hand was a divine straight Imperial Sword, and in his left hand was a stack of talisman papers.

In terms of appearance, there was a saying that … A pair of eyes that shot out cold stars, and two curved eyebrows that were as clear as paint.

Civil and military, both intelligent and brave.

In third place,”shingyi pretty boy” Asai Nagatsu.

He wore a sharp, tempered, golden horned helmet on his head. He was wearing a green and blue battle robe, and his limbs were covered in dark-colored armor. He had a purple and white belt around his waist, a pair of metal boots on his feet, and eight thousand halberds in his hand.

He had a white face without any hair, his teeth were bright, his body was strong and his long hair was flowing.

A winner in life would have many children and grandchildren.

These three were the famous “love and justice trio” from the “unparalleled OROCHI” series. Together under the banner of “justice,” they were the three idol-type righteous men who punished evil and eliminated evil, respected the old and loved the young.

Of course … Their strength was not bad. For example, MA Mengqi, an honest young man who dared to fight Xu Chu and Zhang Fei one-on-one, was definitely a top-tier master among the unparalleled generals.

“Yuan lü Zhi’s minions, hurry up and make way!” Facing the incoming Yijin zhentian, nagawa koutaru took the lead and shouted.

“I don’t mind letting the three of you go …” Yijin zhentian said as he turned to Hua Jian,”who is this guy?” I don’t know her, and she’s dressed so strangely …”

Indeed, the black suit and long coat of Dr. Jackal was quite rare in this world. Feng bujue’s long suit was similar to Ling’s Special Forces uniform, both too’ modern ‘. In comparison, RUO Yu and Xiao Tan’s clothes did not look out of place because there were many peerless generals who were dressed in ancient western clothing.

“This Lord is also going to participate in the martial competition.” Before Hua Jian could reply, Ma Chao spoke first.

Asai Nagatsu chimed in.”Master Hanashima is an unparalleled warrior with super strength. He healed brother Ma Chao’s foot injury with just a lift of his hand. He’s much more brilliant than you demons.”

“Uh … Even if you tell me all this …” Yijin zhentian’s eyes narrowed as he replied weakly,”I’ve never seen it with my own eyes … Besides, those guys who play with healing spells don’t necessarily have strong combat abilities …”

Even though Jin zhentian, Jiao, and tie Shu all looked the same, their personalities were different. It was obvious that Jin zhentian was a demon general with a good temper. He didn’t have the domineering aura of a flood Dragon or the ruthlessness of a Metal Rat. He was just a lazy fatty.

“Impudent!” Ma Chao stepped forward with his gun raised and shouted with his thick eyebrows and big eyes,”are you trying to point your sword at my benefactor? Then you’ll have to get past me first!”

“No need, Meng Qi.” Asai nagashi also got into a fighting stance.”I’ll defeat this guy!”

“Argh! This … This was ‘righteousness’! I’m also burning!” Nagawa shouzou was also invigorated.”Let us fight alongside the Lords!”

“I say …” At this moment, brother zombie (the slender, agile type) teleported to Yijin zhentian’s side and whispered in his ear,”let them pass …” He raised his head and glanced at the three of them with his single eye.”… These three justice idiots are quite strong … And … Fighting with them … Feels so embarrassing …”

“Hmm … That’s true …” Yijin zhentian replied in a low voice. Then, he raised his head and looked at the four people in front of him,”sigh … Alright then, since you’ve said so, please …”

At the same time, on the other side of Wushuang plain, beside the fire River.

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“Who are you?” [Xiu tuo](another fellow that looked like a flood Dragon) asked as he sized up seven kills.

Seven kills, who was wearing the blades uniform, looked like a passerby. The uniform of their club was very simple. They wore dark-colored clothes of moderate thickness. The material of the clothes was very tough and convenient for activities. In short … Everything was to keep a low profile and be practical.

“I said, my name is seven kills.” Seven kills replied calmly, neither obsequiously nor haughtily.

His mentality was very good. If Yingying didn’t have to fight, she wouldn ‘t. If she really wanted to fight, I wasn’t afraid of you.

“That’s why I’m asking you … Who is it?” “I’ve never heard of you,”Xiu tuo said. He turned around and looked at the other two demon generals behind him.”Do you know this ‘seven kills’?”

A second later, both of them expressed their denial.

“Look, no one knows you.” Shutuo shrugged and looked at seven kills.”Judging from your appearance … You’re probably just a Lackey …” His logic was fine, but as an ordinary-looking man, he did not seem to have the right to criticize him.”I’ll give you a piece of advice. If you can’t even beat Captain Hao, you should just go back.”

“Heh …” Qi Sha smiled.”I think I can still beat Captain Jiao.”

“Is that so …” Xiu tuo continued,”how about this? let’s exchange a few moves. If you’re lucky enough to survive, I’ll let you pass.”

“Sure,” Seven kills said,”you attack first.”

“What did you just say?” Xiu tuo froze for a moment, then laughed.”Ha … Hahaha … Are you kidding me?” You’re using a weapon like a pair of boxing gloves, and you’re letting me, a spear user,’attack first’?” He shook his head and muttered,”an inch longer, an inch stronger. Have you heard of this saying? My zhinya (the effective attack range of both sides) is much longer than yours. Isn’t attacking first equivalent to bullying?”

“You seem to be quite righteous.” Seven kills laughed as well.

“Hehe … That’s …” Xiu tuo said smugly,”who do you think I am? Everyone in the far Lu Army knows that I, Lord Xiu tuo, am a true man. ”

“Then, I’ll help you out.” Seven kills replied.

When he said this … His tone gradually turned cold, and the look in his eyes changed.

Xiu tuo was also keenly aware of this and immediately assumed a defensive posture.”Oh? You’re quite arrogant …”

In an instant, the atmosphere around them … Changed drastically!

Even the demon soldiers and generals behind Xiu tuo could feel this change.

On the wilderness, at the edge of the river of fire, evil clouds rolled and the fighting spirit soared.

Qi Sha’s eyes were burning with rapt attention. His fighting spirit burst forth as he suddenly attacked, blasting out a Swift fist.

Xiu tuo held his breath and gathered his consciousness. His demonic Qi burned high as he raised his spear to block the attack.

“Four forms of the hundred puppets. Desolate bite!”

“Block seriously!”

In an instant, the fist and spear collided, and two strange lights flashed …

[Name: four forms of a hundred puppets] [Barren bite]

Skill Card attribute: active skill, permanent

“Skill Type: Combat”

[Effect: twist your left knee and your upper body to deliver a side hook (30 second cooldown)]

Consumption: 100 stamina points

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Learning requirement: fighting B

[Remark: the basic form of the Kusanagi-Ryu ancient dance can be combined with a hundred and twenty-five forms. Seven rose, hundred and twenty seven styles. Eight luminaries, one hundred and twenty-eight moves. Nine injuries external style. [Break.]

This was a very simple move. In terms of power, it was not even comparable to [South duel flying dragon Fist], which could be learned at Level C fighting mastery (of course … Flying dragon Fist consumed eight times more energy than it). In terms of speed, it was only moderate.

However, the reason why it was classified as a [B] class skill was because of its rich follow-up changes …

Those who were proficient in fighting games all understood that if they wanted to fight well, they had to use a super kill. If they wanted to win … They had to rely on a “combo” made up of many ordinary moves. For a person who still had a lot of health left, it was not scary to be hit by a super kill, but if he was hit by barren’s bite … He would have to break out in cold sweat, because the next time he could move, he might only have a sliver of health left.


A loud explosion sounded, and the two figures stopped in their tracks.

Qi Sha’s right fist landed on the spear. His right hand was trembling, and Xiu tuo’s spear-wielding hands were also trembling.

“Can I cross the bridge now?” Qi Sha asked in a deep voice.

“Hmm …” Xiu tuo muttered in a low voice. He extended his arm, pushed the spear, and jumped back.”Please …”

“Many thanks.” Seven kills even greeted the other party politely. Then, he waved his hands and walked over with his head held high.

The demon soldiers at the bridge saw him coming and retreated, making way for him.

“He’s a good man …” Xiu tuo looked at seven kills ‘back and said a line that was filled with gentleness.

The exchange of moves just now seemed to have a head but no tail, but in fact, the winner had already been decided.

If Xiu tuo didn’t have more than thirty percent of his strength, then he would have lost. This was because … If Qi Sha wanted to, he could use his left fist at any time to strike, and then another … And another … Within five strikes, Xiu tuo’s posture would be dispelled, and his body would be destroyed. In the end, he would take a solid blow.

Although taking this blow didn’t mean that he had lost the entire battle (Xiu tuo could still recover from the disadvantage through means such as his unparalleled awakening), he had undoubtedly suffered in this first round of confrontation.

Of course … In reality, seven kills did not complete the combo.

In a situation where both of them were well aware of the situation, there was no need to do things so ruthlessly. After the punch, he asked …”Can I cross the bridge now?” This way, you can get off the stage, I can achieve my goal, and save some stamina points … It’s a win-win situation.

“Phew … Another powerful guy has come …” When seven kills ‘figure gradually disappeared, Xiu tuo muttered thoughtfully,”this martial competition … Will be interesting.”

On the other side, Wang Tanzhi, Sword King twelve grudges, and Zhao Yun had finally arrived at a suspension bridge.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this suspension bridge was special because it faced the main entrance of guzhi city, so Daji (Lu Zhi didn’t participate in such trifles) arranged an unparalleled demon general to guard it.

The man was wearing a full set of black armor from the Warring States period. There was a huge Golden Crescent horn embedded in the front of his helmet. There was a strange Western long knife at his waist, which looked like a knife and a sword at the same time. A pair of flintlocks were hidden under the cloak behind him.

The most prominent feature on him was probably the eye patch with an emblem on his right eye.

“You must be joking!” When he saw Xiao Tan, Ida used his voice and tone that was very close to’ shouting ‘to yell,”who is this guy? This young master won’t let this kind of unknown trash harass Yuan lü Zhi!”

“Ah … You called me ‘trash’ right in front of me …” Xiao Tan had a good temper, so he was not really angry. He just continued to complain.”Even though I really want to argue, I feel like I have no chance of winning if we fight …”

“The one-eyed Dragon who’s willing to be the Demon King’s Lackey … Your only remaining eye, was it also blinded by the Demon King’s power?” Twelve swords questioned.

“Shut up!” Ida said,”you outsiders don’t understand Yuan lü Zhi at all. Don’t judge him!”

“Humph …” Sword King snorted,”fine … I won’t argue with you about this.” He pointed at Xiao Tan.”I’m asking you, can’t you tell … That this young man has an extraordinary Foundation?”

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“Ha?” Ida was stunned.”He … What?”

Actually, even Sword King could not tell how ‘extraordinary’ Xiao Tan ‘s’ Foundation ‘was. He was just using the fact that he was more cultured to make it seem more mysterious.””It’s fine if you can’t tell … Just let us pass. ”

“Ha?” Ida was the kind of person … Who might not be very smart, but was very difficult to fool, and he had a fiery temper. This young master doesn’t understand!” As he spoke, he pulled out the knife.”You.” He pointed his knife at Xiao Tan.”You want to participate in the martial competition, right? Alright … Let this young master test your tolerance first!” (To be continued.)

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