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Chapter n/a 6 days ago

To preface my review I'll say I've only read 150ish chapters, so I can only speak for this portion of the novel: First the pros, the cultivation aspect and realms are well-thought out and enjoyable to read. The main character's progression is after all pretty much the only thing going on in this novel, and it does it well. The comedy is decent at times, and it's fun to see the MC occasionally steamroll ppl when he actually decides to do things. The world-building is similarly decent but we rarely see any of it and only hear names/ideas (as of where I stopped). Now for the cons: just soooo repetitive. Every chapter follows a similar formula Cultivates for X amount of years-> "One fine day. . . " X stops by. She planted flowers. 'Hey' she says, 'did you hear about X'->Mc gets quest to (A)participate in something interesting and get 0 rewards or (B) do nothing and get godly item/ability—> picks (B). Rinse and repeat. I see many people saying this is smart, but we read stories for conflict, not to watch people sit around and do the smart thing chapter after chapter. I will say the rare moments of conflict are pretty good but in between I just found this tedious to read—thus my 3 star rating. I know this is a foreign translated novel, but it needs to be said that the writing quality is just not very good. There's just a lot of tell, not a lot of show. I don't mean to sound harsh, but for a novel ranked #3 (at the time of this review) my expectations are much higher, and thus the harsher criticism. I'm teetering between 2 and 3 stars but i'll give it the benefit of the doubt because I'm a sucker for cultivation. Overall meh though.

Chapter 1 7 days ago

Character of MC is different and cool. The powers he has are also very much interesting. Author didn't made it look boring. the leveling up of MC was explained in an interesting way . the connection of the dots in the storyline was also interesting. I want to see how will the story goes from now . May be it will be even more awesome than now.

Chapter 1054 7 days ago

this novel is amazing I love the development of the characters yeah a great plot and the mindset of the mc was so so so interesting really worth of my time.

Chapter 1046 12 days ago

I thought this was going to be a good novel. That eventually, Han Jue, would eventually stop cultivating and enjoy his life, reach the pinnacle, and we would see the story really start. Nope. As of the lastest chapter, a 1000 chapters in, he's literally 90 million years old and. . . is still in seclusion. What's the whole point supposed to be? The story isn't emotional, funny, dramatic, no good fight scenes, just the same process of insta-killing a guy every once in awhile. You could pick any chapter to start reading the series, and it wouldn't matter. Got my hopes up to read something good, have it improve, but there is never any change. Simply because it's safer that way.


    d*mn, guess i should stop rn then, thought this was gonna get better but i guess it's just 1000 chaps of the same first 100 chaps

Chapter 1032 17 days ago

This novel is absolutely amazing, the only one that has actually been able to capture me enough to read it. The main character is amazing, the imagery through the writing is amazing, the story is fun while fantastical. Great read, really recommend

Chapter 1021 22 days ago

This novel is really amazing. It turned out to be my favorite cultivation novel. Although I almost dropped it around chapter 160, I'm glad I didn't. For all of you that may feel like dropping at some point, I suggest you don't as it gets better the longer you read. The novel was a unique experience for me and something I didn't see in other novels before. I especially like the passage of time aspect of it. We see the MC that is persisting through all as the world and people around him constantly keep changing. I really feel connected to the story and MC. I recommend this novel to everyone who wants to read something different than generic theme cultivation novels.

Chapter 1012 29 days ago

This is best cultivation novel for me. The mc is not stupid and has same ideal like me when I imagine to be in cultivation world and I love that, and the experience of reading the novel is fun.

Chapter 1000 one month ago

Love this so much best novel that I have ever read I really really enjoy it- is a good read and doesn’t drag on- unlike other martial art novels about cultivators the mc doesn’t provoke others and is not arrogant (face slapping scenes and making it worse for him self and provoking people into hating him)

Chapter 400 one month ago

I like how this MC keeps toppling my expectation of him showing off. . and how he doesn't go gaga over his harem and the ladies here are not just some objects to be sexualized

Chapter 982 one month ago

To start of this is one of the best web novel I’ve ever read. It might seem a little boring in the middle because the protagonist doesn’t do much but that what makes it interesting. It is different from other novels where the protagonist will fight enemies stronger than him to build up anticipation and somehow win because of bs power or plot armour. This protagonist stays in a place and waits, he fights logically and more realistic. I didn’t really think much of this but as I was getting to the end I found out I had nothing better to read and that is why I’m giving this 5stars.


    Bruh, what makes this interesting is how boring it is? guess i should drop rn