Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years
Chapter 299: Dark Future, Rivaling the Heavenly Emperor

A billion years of lifespan?

What a huge scam!

Han Jue subconsciously wanted to choose “No”, but he still hesitated.

Although he had a lifespan of ten trillion years and it was not a big deal to use a billion, he couldn’t bear to do it.

He was afraid that he would become addicted.

The constant cursing was already consuming his lifespan. If he added another derivation function, would he expend himself to death in the future?

However, spending 0.001% of his lifespan to understand the future development of the Heavenly Dao was a great deal!

If it was the Heavenly Emperor, he would be at ease.

If it was an enemy, he could still prepare in advance.

“Just this once. Next time, I won’t use the option if I need to spend another billion years of lifespan!”

Han Jue thought silently and made the painful choice.

In an instant, his consciousness began to spin. It was extremely uncomfortable.

The derivation function wasn’t as simple as telling the results. It also had to deduce what had not happened yet.

After some time, Han Jue suddenly woke up.

He discovered that he was standing on a piece of land. The world was murky and the sun and moon were dark. Countless corpses were everywhere. Black blood formed rivers and lakes that covered the ground.

Dead silence!


Han Jue turned around and looked in all directions, his eyes filled with despair.

Was this the world after the Immeasurable Calamity ended?

Han Jue finally realized how terrifying the Immeasurable Calamity was.


Han Jue suddenly frowned and followed his gaze. At the end of the ground stood a majestic figure that was like a mountain. The arms of this figure were chopped off and his hair was disheveled. He had a sinister expression and his eyes were lifeless. Only his body was left, and his soul had long been destroyed.

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The Heavenly Emperor!

Han Jue was thunderstruck. The Heavenly Emperor had died?

Crap, the Heavenly Emperor wasn’t the winner!

Then, who won?

At this moment, a golden light broke through the sea of clouds and illuminated the world, expelling the darkness between heaven and earth.


A loud voice sounded as a huge golden Buddha as majestic as Buzhou Divine Mountain descended from the sky. “I’m the Heavenly Dao Buddha. I’ll bring the Buddhist Sect to flatten the calamity and expel the negative karma of the world. We’ll welcome light and hope for all living beings.”

Han Jue showed a frown.

The Buddhist Sect had won?

It was the Heavenly Dao Buddha!

Han Jue couldn’t forget that the Heavenly Dao Buddha had a four-star hatred towards him.


The enemy really won!

Han Jue had killed the Victorious Fighting Buddha and stolen the White-Robed Buddha. This grudge was almost impossible to resolve. This wasn’t a good thing.

Just as Han Jue was about to become depressed, he suddenly saw the golden light on the Heavenly Dao Buddha’s body fade away, and he gradually turned into a black Buddha. The surface of his body reflected a metallic luster.

The solemn and sacred Heavenly Dao Buddha had become sinister and terrifying. His expressionless face turned sinister as he revealed a terrifying smile.

A pair of black wings spread out from his back, covering the sky. The world fell into darkness again!

“However, light and hope are short-lived. The true darkness has just begun!” The Heavenly Dao Buddha’s voice sounded again, filled with madness.


Everything in front of Han Jue shattered like a mirror. He woke up and his consciousness returned to reality.

He gasped, his forehead covered in a cold sweat.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Dao Comprehension Sword asked in concern.

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Han Jue came back to his senses and said, “Nothing. Go out first.”

Dao Comprehension Sword was stunned. She hesitated for a moment before leaving.

When only Han Jue was left in the Connate Cave Abode did he take out the Book of Misfortune and poured his Dharmic powers into it. In an instant, the book emitted a black light that shone on his face.

Damn it!

It was really the enemy who had the last laugh!

Han Jue almost exploded.


He wanted to change the heavenly fate!

“Heavenly Dao Buddha, for the sake of all living beings, I will change your fate!”

Han Jue gritted his teeth and thought of the scene he saw just now. His heart was filled with fear.

He knew the true identity of the Heavenly Dao Buddha. This fellow was actually transformed from one of the Devil Ancestor’s corpses! This traitor was planted by the Devil Race in the Buddhist Sect!

Han Jue began to curse the Heavenly Dao Buddha. From now on, the other enemies would be cursed for five days, but the Heavenly Dao Buddha would be cursed for ten


He wasn’t doing this for himself, but for all the living beings in the world!

At this moment, Han Jue felt like the light of justice was glowing on his body.

He couldn’t let the Heavenly Dao Buddha succeed!

West Heaven, Thunderclap Monastery.

The Heavenly Dao Buddha, who was cultivating, opened his eyes and frowned. “Again. Dark Forbidden Lord, what are you doing?” The Heavenly Dao Buddha thought unhappily. The appearance of the Dark Forbidden Lord made him very uneasy.

His original plan was to target the Demon Court, the Divine Palace, and the Heavenly Court to kill each other. But everything had changed now that there was a Dark Forbidden Lord.

Many mighty figures believed that the Dark Forbidden Lord was related to the Devil Race, but he knew very well that it was completely unrelated!

There was actually a mysterious and ambitious force hidden in the heavens!

Heavenly Dao Buddha sighed, feeling that his understanding of the myriad worlds was still too shallow.

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That made sense.

Ever since the ancient Zenith Heaven existences retired, the appearance of the Dark Forbidden Zone and the Chaotic Forbidden Zone had long made the Heavenly Dao more and more mysterious.

“No, I can’t just sit here and wait for death.”

The Heavenly Dao Buddha suddenly left.

On Hidden Sect Island, all the disciples gathered under the Fusang Tree, including the Black Hell Phoenix Clan, Fairy Xi Xuan, and Chang Yue’er.

They were all waiting for Han Jue’s arrival.

They whispered to each other, curious why he summoned them.

Han Jue finally came out of the cave abode.

Seeing him come out, everyone quietened down.

Han Jue walked in front of everyone and said expressionlessly, “The Hidden Sect has always followed the philosophy of keeping a low profile. But now that the Immeasurable Calamity is coming, cultivation alone is unable to increase one’s strength.”

Everyone was shocked. Han Jue wanted to chase them out to train?

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog trembled in fear. Ever since its eyes were dug out by Li Xuan’ao, it had been filled with fear.

The Black Hell Chicken was also afraid. It had never gone out.

Li Yao frowned. They couldn’t continue cultivating here anymore?

“I’ll create a special space where your consciousness can enter and simulate a battle. In the simulation battle, you will not be affected no matter how many times you die. You can choose to fight each other or all the opponents I have encountered thus far.”

Han Jue continued to introduce. The simulation trial mainly focused on him. The others could only enjoy the use but couldn’t choose the opponents they had faced before.

Everyone was curious.

Han Jue immediately chose them to enter the simulation trial.

“As long as you’re on the island, you can enter at any time.”

Han Jue left after saying this.

Murong Qi muttered, “Simulation trial? How?”.

As soon as he finished speaking, he fell into a daze.

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The others were the same. When they wanted to enter the simulation trial, their consciousness directly entered. Five minutes later, most people had already entered the simulation trial. Zhou Mingyue said excitedly, “Grandmaster is so powerful! This Mystical Power is too powerful. It can greatly increase our combat ability and can also cultivate Mystical Powers in battle!” The Black Hell Demon Lord said gloomily, “Why is the Great Freedom Golden Crow Divine Emperor so strong…” He was being beaten up… “Grandmaster actually fought the Heavenly Emperor before and can even simulate his strength. How strong is he?” Murong Qi exclaimed.

After the simulation trial, everyone was even more respectful towards Han Jue.

They thought that all the opponents in the simulation trial were defeated by Han Jue, including the Heavenly Emperor.

Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 299: Dark Future, Rivaling the Heavenly Emperor
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