Trafford's Trading Club
Chapter 841: Scattered Gifts [A] (Part 2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 166: Scattered Gifts [A] (Part 2)

Mo Xiaofei praised and said hurriedly, “The inheritor of this generation…”

“The whereabouts of Linen Cloth Dao’s inheritors are unknown. It is almost impossible to find them proactively.” Long Xiruo said with resignation, “Linen Cloth Dao has a way to block off any prophecies. Hence, we can’t calculate their whereabouts. “

“Teacher, isn’t this another dead end?” Mo Xiaofei looked at Long Xiruo with disgust.

“But I know where I can find the Linen Cloth Dao’s inheritors?” Long Xiruo suddenly narrowed her eyes.

Mo Xiaofei threw away his principles and morals, “Teacher, you are the greatest person I have ever seen!”

Long Xiruo snorted coldly, “Taishan Penglai Conference is coming soon. Many figures hiding in Divine Land have gathered and started preparing and been waiting half a year earlier for this conference. It’s a grand event every ten years. Linen Cloth Dao’s inheritors got to appear.”

“Mountain Tai…” Mo Xiaofei came into deep thoughts.

Long Xiruo said calmly, “But think carefully about it. Linen Cloth Dao isn’t the typical religious hoaxer you can find on the street. Those of Linen Cloth Dao have real skills. So, you may need to pay a heavy price to get those of Linen Cloth Dao to help you.”

Mo Xiaofei thought for a while and asked abruptly, “Teacher, what if it’s the boss…”

Long Xiruo frowned but said solemnly, “Do you have anything else you can sell? Linen Cloth Dao will help you. They may request something within your capability or make you owe them a favor. But after all, it won’t be too ruthless. They will leave room for everything. But the store is not necessarily so…”Mo Xiaofei whispered, “I always feel that the boss is not so bad.”

Long Xiruo sighed, “Treating all people equally and everyone absolutely fair. Don’t you think this is terrifying in the first place? You can’t be a human anymore.”

Mo Xiaofei hesitated to speak but finally fell silent, not planning to comment further on the boss.

Long Xiruo was uninterested at this time, waved her hand, and said, “Well, you are tired today. Go back to rest early. I will take care of the Greedy Wolf Clan. You should come to practice on time tomorrow. Also, about the world fragment, you should forget it for now. It’s not the right time for you to dawdle into it. There are some things that you don’t want to know. It’s not to look down on you or what, but to help you concentrate. I don’t want you to be distracted.”

Mo Xiaofei nodded and exited Long Xiruo’s office. He quickly found Zixing. After a few words of greeting, he left under Greedy Wolf Clan’s Lang Yong and Lang Wu’s vigilant gaze.

After Mo Xiaofei left, Long Xiruo frowned. She then gave Zixing an explanation and walked out quietly.

After seeing Liu Zixing from the hospital, Luo Qiu did not go back to the center plaza to meet with Ren Ziling.

Even if he had returned to the plaza at this time.

There were all kinds of people here—different people with different brilliance, like the ocean. Luo Qiu sat on a bench, quietly watching the cheerful people in the plaza.

He suddenly remembered the day when he got the position of club boss.

Back in that day, he seemed to be looking at the pedestrians on the street like this and then embarked on an unimaginable road.

Luo Qiu lowered his head. He opened his palm, and a small gift box appeared in his palm. The gift box slowly rose and then disappeared into the air.

Then, there came another small gift box. It happened like the previous box and disappeared after it rose in the air.

Her body was getting worse and worse. It was the ramifications bought by the poor environment that spanned twenty years. She slept on the hospital bed. Her awake time was getting less and less.

Fang Jiping knew that she didn’t have much time. So he stayed by her side every day.

Naturally, his girlfriend often accompanied him and visited her together. It was just that she couldn’t recognize anyone. She was sometimes sober, sometimes confused. Fang Jiping couldn’t say whether this was good or not, but whenever she dreamed of talking about the tiger baby, she smiled nicely.

Whose mother was not the warmest person in the world?

Tonight, Fang Jiping and his girlfriend did not go to any place for the holidays but came to the hospital as usual.

His girlfriend was serving hot water for her. The girlfriend was about to wipe her body while Fang Jiping was consulting the doctor about the situation. Finally, the doctor said her body was reaching the limit and asked him to be psychologically prepared.

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No one saw, but a small box appeared out of thin air beside her pillow. It unwrapped autonomously. Stardust-like light scattered from the box and attached to her in the end.

When Fang Jiping dejectedly left the doctor’s office and returned to the ward, he happened to run into his girlfriend, who had returned from fetching water.

The two looked at each other and smiled. They cheered up and pushed the door in.

The moment they entered, both of them were taken aback. The young couple saw her wake up. At this time, she sat at the bedside and looked at them.

Her eyes were clear.


Fang Jiping knew that she was sober at this time and recognized him.

Zhuge was holding his girlfriend by the hand with joy, watching TV series at home. She said that she didn’t like going outside, so it was better to stay at home quietly.

Zhuge agreed with whatever place she wanted to go.

This was not an outstanding flirt, but it made his girlfriend smile sweetly.

Suddenly a text message came from the phone.

Hey, it’s so late. Are they sales text messages?”

“I don’t know? Let me see.” Zhuge stood up reluctantly, picked up the phone from the table. He glanced and then blinked his eyes, “Hell no!”

“What’s the matter? What’s the fuss?”

“My wife, I seem to have won a lottery! A week in Europe! For two!”


Teacher Wang lay down early and was ready to go to bed. The doctor said that she needed more rest since she was pregnant.

Now that her belly was big, it was inconvenient to move. Besides, she had divorced and became single again. Although it was Christmas Eve, she naturally didn’t plan to go anywhere.

She touched her belly, showing maternal love. She did not feel lonely but slowly fell asleep.

She seemed to have a dream of her going back to her childhood.

In the dream, her sister was waiting at home for her to come back. She quietly brought back an old ball from school. Her sister was so happy that her sister ran into her embrace.

Volume 9 – Chapter 167: Scattered Gifts [B] (Part 1)

At high altitude, the helicopter’s propeller made a rumbling sound. It went into a mountainous area.

“Sir Lobo, we are going to the attacked branch base soon. The helicopter is about to land. Please sit down.”

In the front cabin, a man in a white uniform turned his head and said.

“No, open the hatch here.”

The Wolf King, Lobo, waved his hand and let someone open the cabin’s side door directly high in the sky, “I can smell the prey.”

The two pilots looked at each other. They knew that the Divine General from Paradise Island was superman-like with robust strength. So they didn’t dare to hesitate at the moment and opened the hatch directly.

Lobo directly stepped out of the air with his body straight. He fell from above the sky. Lobo’s legs were only slightly bent when he landed on the ground, and he completely withstood the terrifying acceleration. The two pilots, who witnessed it, were stunned with their tongues out.

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Lobo twisted his neck at this time. His bones made a creaking sound, and he quickly walked in a particular direction of the mountain forest-ahead. He could feel a strong will.

Oh? After taking down the branch base, you didn’t leave. Did you deliberately wait for me?” Lobo smiled slightly.

There seemed to be a sense between the elites. Lobo locked on the opponent’s position even without any sophisticated equipment.

Lobo entered the forest, and the pilot was soon unable to track this Divine General. They could only continue to drive the helicopter forward. Only the branch base had the aircraft parking ground for the helicopter to land safely.

The two pilots were shocked when the helicopter passed the mountain and came to the sky above the branch base. The branch base was like a school built in the middle of the forest. At this moment, they were ruined.

The pilots landed, hurriedly walked out of the helicopter, and looked around. They found corpses scattered about. This place looked like hell, giving chills to the spine.

“What kind of slaughter happened?”

While the pilots were shocked, there came loud noises from the mountains, like a landslide! It seemed like a natural disaster!

It appeared this place was called Immortals Trail Forest by the guys who built the base in the mountains. Of course, there was no such thing as Immortals here, but the scenery was beautiful, just like the Immortals realm.

There was a small waterfall in the forest of Immortals. The water rushed down and hit the rocks, and the white mist of water drifted away like changing clouds.

At this moment, beside the flowing stream, a young girl in a black dress was washing her long hair.

The young girl was almost as pale as snow and sickly. It was Su Zijun who came here after crossing a quarter of the world. Except near the Mediterranean Sea, winter in the northern hemisphere was almost synchronous.

Inside the Immortals Trail Forest, the broad leaves of the trees began to fall, spreading on the ground. Someone stepped on these dead branches and strolled. The person only stopped when he finally walked into the stream.

Su Zijun grabbed her hair, squeezed it, and then slowly let it down. She wiped away the water traces and then casually placed her hair on the shoulder. Shen then looked at the young man who walked behind her—an oriental face.

She smelled a familiar smell—the smell of demon beast power from the Divine Land’s demon beast clans.

But in this demon beast power, there were other elements. The spiritual power cultivated was slightly manic compared to typical cultivators. But at the moment, the things contained in the demon beast power made this demon beast power violent, just like a turbulent volcano.

“Are you from the Michael Club?” Su Zijun frowned. She wasn’t sure whether there was a relationship between this weird Divine Land demon beast clan and Michael Club.

Due to the decline of Divine Land’s demon beast clan, some Divine Land demon beasts chose to leave and find another way out. So, it wasn’t a surprise to encounter a demon beast on the ground outside Divine Land.

“Are you the fallen princess of Xuan Yuan Royal Family?” The young man said slowly at this time.

Su Zijun sneered and stood up. Since they both asked similar questions, the identities of both parties were verified. Su Zijun said calmly, “I waited here for almost a day before the Michael Club sent you over. Your operation speed disappoints me. What made me even more disappointed is that they only sent you over. “

The demon beast youth, Lobo, suddenly whistled and said with a wicked smile, “Quality over quantity. No matter how much trash comes over, they are futile. Having me alone is enough.”

Su Zijun sneered again, “Did you make a mistake? A few months ago, a spear guy took advantage of my bad condition and secretly attacked me, causing me to suffer a small loss. You guys, do you think I’m easygoing?”

“The spear guy?” Lobo was startled and then calmly said, “You mean Kuck? However, he doesn’t necessarily give his all. Divine Land is just a corner of the world. You don’t know the world is much bigger than this!”

Hmph! He’s an idiot who forgets the origin!” A dark red demon beast power suddenly erupted from Su Zijun’s body.

Wolf King Lobo was indifferent at the moment, “Forgetting the origins? They never gave me anything but took away my… Forget it. The one with the biggest fists has the biggest say! Let me see how capable you are, the fallen Xuan Yuan Royal Princess!”

Flesh and blood on Lobo’s hands burst at this moment. White bone armor spread out and engulfed his arms swiftly.

The bones on this pair of arms were fierce. Bone sabers overgrew from the elbows, showcasing its inborn ferocity for killing.

Su Zijun smelled a lot of soul and blood from this opponent. She didn’t know how many people the Wolf King had killed before he could accumulate this terrifying murderous aura.

But even if this murderous aura became twice as powerful, it couldn’t shake her resolution. Su Zijun directly blasted a punch with the dark red demon beast power erupted simultaneously. A wave of terrifying air suddenly pressed on the Wolf King Lobo frantically.

Seeing this, Wolf King Lobo’s expression became more solemn. These dark red demon beast powers were endless. Each wave grew more intensified than the previous. When facing this majestic demon beast power, Wolf King Lobo felt as if he was facing the flood.

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“What a good opportunity to hone my fighting spirit!”

Wolf King Lobo gave a hysterical laugh, and at the same time, he blasted a punch. Under Su Zijun’s dark red demon beast power’s pressure, he abruptly set a foothold! The fist wrapped in bone armor slammed into Su Zijun’s slender white fist!

It was a direct confrontation on strength!

The loud mountain stream came from this!

The terrifying sound reverberated in the mountains and shook the mountains! When the two confronted, two powerful forces dissipated, turning into a shockwave that swayed the trees around immensely!

The result of this fistfight was on equal ground!

The bone armor on the Wolf King Lobo’s fist at the moment was shattered! He couldn’t resist Su Zijun’s punch and was sent retreated! However, he merely shook his arms and shook off those broken bones.

Huh? This is how you’re saying the world is bigger than the Divine Land?” Su Zijun’s eyes narrowed.

Lobo looked at the bone fragments that fell on the ground, but he squeezed his fist gently. The bone armor was once again formed, the same as before it was broken!

“Petty trick.” Su Zijun snorted coldly, then punched again.

Wolf King Lobo didn’t dodge away at this time. He stepped forward again, and the fist that wrapped the bone armor once again met Su Zijun’s glossy but not weak fist!


This time, Wolf King Lobo directly retreated, and the bone armor on his arm shattered again!

However, Su Zijun frowned at this time. Her punch was at least three folds stronger than the first punch, but it didn’t go according to the expectation.

The Drought Demon’s [1] body was well-known for its sturdy physique. But the opponent guy had an extraordinary physique too. Seeing this guy overgrow the bone armor again, Su Zijun did not intend to give the opponent a chance to catch a breather. When she moved, she felt a cold and alien power like a poisonous snake from her arm. It began to spread all the way. This power was unlike demon beast power!

Su Zijun’s face changed slightly.

Lobo chuckled coldly at this time, “Isn’t it interesting? This is not some demon beast power, but the cultivation power cultivated by ancient martial arts.”

“Demon beast body but equipped with human beings’ cultivation power?” Su Zijun was taken aback, frowning, “The other power besides demon beast power in your body is human’s cultivation power?”

After all, the demon beast clan race was different from human beings. Su Zijun couldn’t figure out how this guy cultivated the human’s cultivation power.

Wolf King Lobo laughed and said nothing at this time.

Su Zijun snorted coldly. The demon beast power erupted in her body, instantly eliminating the invading alien energy. “As a demon beast race, you don’t polish your demon beast power, but cultivate the human’s power. Don’t you know your priorities!?”

“No matter what, I don’t care as long as it makes me strong!” Lobo, the Wolf King, smirked at this time. “Xuan Yuan Royal Princess, don’t underestimate any power. Because no matter what it is, anything trained to the extreme can reach the potential that you can’t imagine!”

As he said, Wolf King Lobo’s body tensed up. At this moment, not only his arms but his whole body was covered with bone armor!

When the bone armor covered Lobo completely, Lobo’s body turned into a cannonball. He took the initiative to attack this time.

Su Zijun subconsciously blocked the attack but felt the strength from Lobo’s fist grew several times more potent. The strange power combined with the demon beast power and the alien cultivation power penetrated her body again. She felt a trace of pain!

But, it became more than that!The bone armor on Lobo’s chest suddenly shot out sharp bone spurs! The bone spurs popped out so fast that they pierced Su Zijun’s shoulder in an instant!

“The bone marrow of my body is integrated with a special alloy. When it is condensed outside the body, its hardness can surpass the hardest diamond!” Lobo grinned and continued to attack frantically!

The bone armor would launch terrifying and sharp bone spurs all the time, making it impossible to guard against!

Su Zijun was careless for a while. The bone spurs hit her arm again. At the same time, she had to admit that this guy was enough to rank among the greater demon beasts with this ability.

Although the opponent’s demon beast power could leave the body, the peculiar power after combining with the cultivation power was troublesome. Su Zijun sighed. From the initial astonishment to calm, she looked at Lobo and said with a serious face, “I was careless but nothing more than that. You are not much better than the spear user.”

After Su Zijun spoke, her pierced shoulder and arm healed quickly, even faster than Lobo’s bone armor regeneration.

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“It seems that the battle between us is a war of attrition.” Lobo laughed wildly. If he were competing on physical strength, he would not think he would lose!

“Really…” The color of Su Zijun’s pupils turned to gold in an instant.

The dark red demon beast power erupted again. Only this time, it was several times immense! Two terrifying streams of demon beast power hovered around her, suddenly rushing into the sky.

Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 841: Scattered Gifts [A] (Part 2)
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