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Chapter 500: Can I Come In and Sit

Something was not right!

Wasn’t Huo Ci her company’s boss? Did the company’s boss have to interfere in his employees’ personal relationships?

Hadn’t there been rumors about their secret relationship on the internet?

Huo Ci and Ling Sheng were outside, while Chen Mo was hiding in the closet. The more he listened, the more he felt that Huo Ci was lecturing her like an old father lecturing his daughter.

He showed his extreme approval with every word he said.

Yes, yes, yes. He was too old!

Yes, yes, that was it. Girls had to be reserved and not take the initiative!

Yes, yes, yes. He was right. Old men lied to young ladies. How shameless!

Huo Ci had scolded her enough. Upon seeing that her attitude was quite good and that she had not retorted, he was quite satisfied. Then, he asked, “That scumbag Old Jun said that you were rehearsing lines with Director Chen. Where’s Director Chen?”

Ling Sheng stole a look at the closet out of the corner of her eye and cleared her throat before lying. “He left before you came. Do you want to meet him?”

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Huo Ci nodded and grunted in affirmation before saying, “I’m leaving.”

Ling Sheng walked him to the door. As soon as she saw him turn around, he pointed at her and whispered, “You good-for-nothing. What’s so good about Third Master Jun?”

Why had he given birth to such a thing? The more he tried to stop her, the more encouraged she felt. She threw herself at him.

Ling Sheng could tell that when he had gone to find the Third Master, the two of them had talked about something. In any case, his attitude toward the Third Master seemed to have changed a little. He was not as firmly disapproving as he had been in the past, as he no longer showed the rage of wanting to kill someone. However, he wouldn’t reduce the scoldings. If he did not scold someone, he would not be her father.

The moment Huo Ci left and Ling Sheng closed the door, Zhen Li opened her door. She took her phone out of a flower pot not far from Ling Sheng’s door and smiled sinisterly.

Chen Mo could not hold it in anymore. His face was red as he gulped down a bottle of water, thinking of a strategy to deal with Huo Ci. He refused to meet him.

Ling Sheng said coldly, “Director Chen, you have a feud with Senior Huo. Have you offended him? Are you afraid that he’ll kill you when he sees you?”

Why did it feel like he was afraid?

“There was a small conflict.” Chen Mo was aware of his situation, and the young lady was very smart. She would not believe him even if he said he did not know him.

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Ling Sheng frowned and sized him up. You don’t look like there was only a small conflict!

Huo Ci went to look for Chen Mo but did not find him. His assistant said that he had gone out and was not there. He thought that he would go to the film set tomorrow and went back to the hotel to rest.

When he went out, he saw a few big cars parked beside the door. Many workers were moving things, including sofas, furniture, and beds.

That b*stard Third Master Jun was quite sensible.

The moment he got in the car, someone knocked on the car window. It was a woman he did not know. Huo Ci was not happy, but he put on a gentlemanly smile. “May I help you?”

Zhen Li looked at Huo Ci. The man’s handsome face was surrounded by the warm orange car light. His features were exquisite, and there was a smile on his lips. He was definitely the best man ever!

She tilted her body slightly, allowing Huo Ci to see her beautiful neck and profile. She deliberately stood on the curb of the road, her height revealing the exquisite figure under the cheongsam.

She knew what men liked about her the most. She was eye-catching from all angles. In a gentle voice, she said, “Senior Huo, my name is Zhen Li. You might not know me, but I have something to tell you privately. Can I come in and have a seat?”

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