Chapter 66 part 3

There was not much to eat at noon, and Ruan Jiu Jiu was a little hungry by mid-afternoon. She was looking forward to the restaurant Cheng Jun said and was ready to have a big meal.

The snowy road was slippery, and Cheng Jun didn’t drive fast. It took a long time for the two of them to reach a flatland. The place was empty and unoccupied, surrounded by dry woods covered with snow. Looking into the distance, the blue mountains were covered with white snow, which makes people feel more relaxed.

The sky was quickly getting dark, and Cheng Jun’s car had been parked on the flat ground for a while. He said that there was a problem with the car and needed to be repaired. Ruan Jiu Jiu sat in the car and waited for a while.

Ruan Jiu Jiu was playing a small game at first, but after seeing that the sky was getting darker and her phone’s battery was less than half, she got out of the car and asked Cheng Jun: “Is it done? Call a tow truck if you can’t fix it.”

“It’s fixed.” Cheng Jun stood behind the car.

“Thanks for your hard work, then let’s continue walking?”

Cheng Jun asked her suddenly: “Are you hungry?”

Ruan Jiu Jiu blinked her eyes. She had already been a little hungry while waiting, but she was not that hungry. She answered honestly: “It’s okay.”

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Cheng Jun: “So you’re a little hungry.”

“Perhaps, a little hungry.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu didn’t know why Cheng Jun suddenly started to care about whether she was hungry: “So, how about we go to the restaurant quickly and come out to play after dinner?”

Cheng Jun suddenly picked up a small cake from the trunk. It was a cream cake, tightly covered in a small plastic box. He stuffed it into Ruan Jiu Jiu’s hand: “You can eat when you are hungry.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu was surprised: “Did you prepare small cakes in advance?”

“No, it was originally intended to be rationed.”

‘But who would keep rations in the trunk?’

Ruan Jiu Jiu silently suppressed the desire to complain. Cheng Jun was already friendly enough when he gave her a piece of cake which was a very rare thing to happen, she should have been moved. She opened the plastic box and asked: “Do you want to eat?”

“No.” His answer was too fast, that Ruan Jiu Jiu couldn’t help but wonder if this cake was out of date.

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She couldn’t help but think of the expired piece of chocolate she had eaten, and the culprit was the innocent-looking Cheng Jun who was in front of her.

“It couldn’t be that the cake had gone bad?” Ruan Jiu Jiu looked suspiciously at the cake in her hand.

Cheng Jun shook his head: “Eat at ease.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu took out a fork and said, “What are we doing here? Will anyone set off fireworks? Although this is not the city, it’s not good to set off fireworks, not to mention the air pollution, it will be bad if they accidentally light up a dead tree…”

Cheng Jun suddenly interrupted her: “You don’t like fireworks?”

Ruan Jiu Jiu took a bite of the cake, which was fresh cream, and it tasted very sweet. She vaguely said: “It’s okay, I’m not very interested in fireworks or anything.”

Cheng Jun: “…”

Ruan Jiu Jiu who was eating cake was pushed down by Cheng Jun’s back shoulder. He pushed her to get in the car. Ruan Jiu Jiu was stunned and asked, “Why do you want to get in the car all of a sudden?” Although it was a bit cold outside, the scenery was quite beautiful and Ruan Jiu Jiu planned to take a few photos later.

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Cheng Jun just pushed her and motioned for her to get in the car: “It’s cold outside.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu was carelessly pushed into the car and right into the back seat. And with a bam, Cheng Jun closed the door. Leaving Ruan Jiu Jiu with a black back. It looks like a call arrived.

Maybe something urgent.

She retracted her gaze and continued to eat sweet cakes. Perhaps it was the first taste of sweetness, Ruan Jiu Jiu ate quickly, that she almost finished the whole cake in a few bites. After Cheng Jun finished the call and quickly explained that they should not set off the fireworks, he opened the car door and saw Ruan Jiu Jiu wiping her lips gracefully.

The only thing left of the cake was an empty plate.

He stood stiffly outside the car, holding the door with one hand, the snow crunching under his feet. It was very cold, but for a while, it was hard to tell who was colder.

Realizing that Cheng Jun’s expression was not right, Ruan Jiu Jiu asked: “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Jun was strangely silent: “…”

If he remembered correctly, according to his request, the ring was stuffed in the middle of the cake. Which could be seen by scooping a few spoonsful of cream.

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