Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife]
Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife]

Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife]

Transmigration: To Be His Man

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Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife] novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Slice of Life, and Supernatural genres. Written by the Author Liánxī Níngmóu. 210 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Qin Mian opened his eyes and found himself lying in a leaky thatched room. The problem was that he was still in his family’s villa beforehand! What’s more, there was another man lying next to his leg in the quilt!

“You, you, who are you?”

The man sat up quietly, his upper body exposed as looked at Qin Mian for a moment before he carried a worn out bowl with a cracked corner from the low table at the head of the bed. The man said in a muffled voice, “Wife, drink water.”

Qin Mian’s eyes rolled backwards and he passed out.

Title explanation: 勉为其男 [miǎn wéi qí nán] have the same sound as 勉为其难 [miǎn wéi qí nán] which means to do something reluctantly. 勉 [miǎn] is also part of MC’s name: Qin Mian.  Also, 其[qí ] sounds the same as 妻 [qi] means wife. So, there are words plays. Basically, Qin Mian reluctantly becomes someone’s man [wife] after he transmigrated.

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  • lukewarm_oj

    have not read this yet, but i legit can't stop thinking about the summary. if i was him, i wouldn't pass out, i'd simply just pass if i woke up like that.

    2 days ago 1 Likes
  • Onion_violet

    I'd pass out too if I woke up to some half naked man calling me "Wife"

    12 days ago 4 Likes

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Hermoso!! simplemente Hermoso me encanto. Tanto Quin Mian como Lei tie son hermosos, es una pareja maravillosa, creciendo dia a dia los dos y luego la familia crecio y son 3 luego 5 y luego 6 jajaja son INCREIBLES!!!! una Familia maravillosa muchas gracias por la traduccion.