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Chapter 110 2 days ago

Incredible novel, it's just well written, I love all of the characters and I hope that other people can read this masterpiece, it's a good investment

Chapter n/a 12 days ago

literally my comfort novel. it's funny to see how many characters think that the MC is weak, but actually he's the strongest among them. also, I really like the relationship between the MC and the party members, they r funny and always worry about the MC. the kids are also very cute! theyr such serotonin. overall, the storyline is very engaging and the writing is easy to understand, the development of each character is amazing, the world building and the 'found family' concept is absolutely fantastic. I also like to read theories from fans, it's entertaining lol 💕💕💕

Chapter n/a 12 days ago

enjoyable take on the isekai genre with twists on it that I wont spoil and will still be unraveling 100s of chapters in. no romance but family bonds. lots of misunderstandings and cale isnt really a reliable narrator as what he does and says rarely match. that said he isnt a doormat. all around a fun read (~756 chapters read)

Chapter p2-24 15 days ago

This is so good the MC is very likeable and I just love everyone of his party members, even crazy guy Colphe Sekka! I must say it really deserves to be classified as one of the members of the holy Trinity along with ORV and S-classes. Also the children averaging 10 years old are just the cutest!

Chapter p2-28 17 days ago

For those who are reluctant/scared because of the long chapter. . . just give it a chance you will definitely not regret it. It really helped and still does help relieve my stress. Its plot is really well made and it has a lot of unexpected plot twists, I'd recommend reading it without much spoilers or information about some events, it heightens the experience. 😍❤️╰(*°▽°*)╯

Chapter p2-24 25 days ago

This is the novel that made me believe that there were light novels that were of quality. This book is simply amazing: both plot and grammar are amazing. The characters from the MC to the side characters are well done. To those who are not fans of romance, there are (so far) no romance. Its mostly about family and friendships, and there are a lot of heartwarming and wholesome moments. The world building is also amazing. The magic and abilities of each character are explained, and the relationships in the world like between countries, and the geography are properly explained. All in all, there is nothing I would complain about in this book. I simply adore it and it is my favourite of all time.

Chapter 305 26 days ago

So far this novel has no romance and is more about family love, this is one of my best novel experiences, probably because I don't like romance much. In any case, this is an exciting and mysterious novel that somehow contains the truths of today's world. . . It feels good to read (=

Chapter p2-24 27 days ago

I absolutely love this novel. The more you read it the better it is. all the character are well written and there no romance just family bond. And I love how there are plot twist and plot twist. Ans I just love cale at first he may be a self sacrifice even tho he say he not. But the more you read the more you'll understand him. Overall this novel is the best novel I ever readded it's my top 1

Chapter n/a 28 days ago

I like to read the novel here, it's quite comfortable. I want to continue reading how the cult of cale-nim spreads to other worlds! It's an agony to wait, I want to read how my cute choi han gets shy! a narration is not enough!

Chapter 765 one month ago

I have to say I had my doubts when I first began reading. The style of writing was not to my style and the only reason I was giving this a chance was due to my craving of knowledge of the plot that wasn’t from spoilers. Then somewhere along this my viewpoint changed. I’m not sure how to describe it but while situations may be quite repetitive with the mc sacrificing himself unnecessarily so, it has me in a death grip. I am fully invested and the style of writing has even grown on me; perhaps like a fungus would do so but no matter. The plot and just the mc himself is exquisite and very built upon to me. I am in my younger years and not as experienced in giving eloquent critiques but I can confidently state how much I adore this after everything that I have read. The repetition is a little off putting at times but still a delight to read and worth all the time invested to me.