True Martial World

True Martial World

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True Martial World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Cocooned Cow. 1710 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


With the strongest experts from the 33 Skies, the Human Emperor, Lin Ming and his opponent, the Abyssal Demon King were embroiled in a final battle. It ended with the Human Emperor destroying the Abyssal World and killing the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long disappeared into the space-time vortex and tunneled through infinite space-time, with a loved one of Lin Ming accompanying it.

In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts.

A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth had unwittingly stumbled into such a world and began that journey with a purple card of unknown origin.

It’s a magnificent yet unknown true martial art world. This is the story of a normal young adult turning into a legendary peerless expert.

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  • Emirhan
    Feb 20, 2021

    Martial world is gone oof I wanted to reread it but cant find it anywhere :(

  • jusApasserby01
    Feb 20, 2021

    can y'all find the Martial World here?

  • lnwUser36250
    Feb 13, 2021

    Anyone just tell me does lin ming meets shen mei and fishy?

  • lovexsandwich7
    Jan 22, 2021

    can you give a run down of the first 100 chapters. edit: i need it

  • userunkown
    Jan 03, 2021

    haa so ling ming from martial world end up sealing demon king roy of custom made demon king and the seal fell to a hand of mortal from modern earth named yi yun !? understandable 🤣😈🤷

    • lnwUser12322
      Jan 13, 2021

      Do I have to read tmw to find out exactly what happend to Lin Ming ,sheng mei and fishy aka the purple card ?

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Well the story was good but theres somethings that doesn’t fit. Like if this is the continuation of the novel of lin ming(forgot the actual tittle) then the cultivation levels should be almost the same but not, I know its a different universe and all but please the cultivation levels are a mess. Second what happened to the nine headed hydra,the cultivation hundred beast totem,or the heritage of the yang god and many more? Theres a lot of cultivation that can improve but was remove, theres places that could comeback too but left because he was getting stronger faster and those heritage are weak enough for him, and what the actual fuck author. All the side characters (his childhood friendgirl with her aunt,the sword spirit,yang god heritage palace spirit and others)... where forgotten, I know in the last chapter theres few got mention but fuck bro 98% are forgotten.

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It is an outstanding novel. There's no doubt about it. But as the successor of 'Martial World' I find it quite plain.
The cultivation levels are not at all clear. In martial world, below True Divinity was Empyrean and here below Godly monarch is divine lord but I don't think that divine lord can match an Empyrean in strength.
I can read marital world 9 times but I don't think I can read True martial world more than 2 times

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What are the cultivation levels in true martial world and how do the levels of TMW correspond to martial world.
So please can anyone help me.

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Currently on chapter 771
So far it is absolutely amazing with no slow parts that make the reader feel bored, excited for what's to come!
Read some spoilers on future events and apparently it gets worse, I'll write a review in the future to say if I agree or disagree with the general opinion.

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Really this novel is soo fucking good, but yeah have a lot of repetitive Situations (Ignore it ) i really think TMW it my favority novel, read it pls and give a positive reviews

I promise you will not regret it, even with the countless holes in the course of history, the ending will give you a feeling of wanting more, wanting to know how it will be continued, even better than the author's first book, MW ...

you will love this web novel

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