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Chapter 1710 29 days ago

This was a refreshing read. Unlike other novels, this wasn't milked dry, it was so rushed that you would think the novel would have lasted for a thousand more chapters at least. It's just I'm now invested in the story, but it's already finished 76/100

Chapter 1709 4 months ago

It is quite decent. The problem I have with this story is more about the "Dao" he basically comprehends laws but somehow gains nothing from it?🤔 I am chapter 820 and he doesn't have any techniques, Lin Ming had at least his basic spear techniques and his "thunder destruction/explosion (not sure how it was named) and so on but Yi Yun can switch between his Yang Sword intent and his withering sword intent. The Yang Sword intent is just some kind of immortal intent but there are basically NO TECHNIQUES!!

Chapter 1709 6 months ago

This novel is absolutely terrible. Way too much comedy, so much so that it ruins the whole novel. As some else pointed out way too many fillers also. Overall, would not reccomend,

Chapter 1709 7 months ago

Decent cultivation novel with highs and lows, lows being the slight filler-ish nature of some arcs and other padding. Otherwise it is enjoyable. Also I don't get why people complain about the matching of the prequels cultivation realms, when I feel it can be justified by lots of time passing in the novels world and with geographical factors impacting their standardisation (to an extent).

Chapter 1709 10 months ago

This novel would'n be so bad, if not for the fact, that 2/3 of it is just filler. It's painfully clear that author was being paid per word/chapter and it becomes worse as the story progresses. Before any climax there will be 5-10 filler chapters without any essence or importance to the story. The ending is terrible and first chapters of epilogue are fillers. And that's real tragedy because novel started strong with well though cultivation system, good world building, promising FL, strong villains. But after 300 or so chapters it becomes pretty much dogshit with rinse and repeat. A lot of stupid things like: "This guy is genius, we must kill him before he becomes stronger and kills us", repeated at nausea. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 1709 one year ago

Just finished. It was a great read and yeah some ideas were forgotten as the novel progressed but it you are not worried about minor things being forgotten, I'd say you enjoy the novel.

Chapter 1709 one year ago

Well tbh, the story's really good. I enjoyed reading it even if there were some pasages that i didn't like but that is a personal opinion. The system building is coocooned cow original (well done- detailed- logical...), the story's line is really interesting and changes from other wuxia/xianxia (but it's still a cultivation novel), the fight scenes are really good and well-detailed. The arcs aren't too long or short, so it's a pleasure to read them (not all of course but most of them). And the final battle is just almost perfect, it taht the authot understood that what he has done in MW just wasn't right and that the ending that came with it just lacked, so he mack up for it in this. All in all, a great novel.

Chapter 1709 one year ago

Just a phenomenal piece of work. World building, power system, story, everything. And by the end everything is tied together in a beautiful bow. 👌Comparing it to martial world, the intricacies in power system weren't as clear in the energy system (more law/dao focused with advancing) however the ending was less abrupt and more fleshed out. Overall if you want to read about a character overcoming insurmountable odds this is a great piece to read.

Chapter 1709 one year ago

Even if not the best, there are no girls who follow the character for ridiculous reasons, even that is enough for me. Normally I would give 4 stars but I think some comments are too exaggerated.

Chapter 1709 one year ago

So starting off, I genuinely enjoyed this novel. Had me laughing constantly due to the main character Yi Yun's antics. The world building was decent, the cultivation wasn't nearly as detailed as Martial World, but in return it focused more on Yi Yun's interactions with others, so I say fair trade.
If Lin Ming was considered the Personality expected from an Emperor, Yi Yun is more like a Mob boss/Gangster. Yi is not as smart due to lack of experience (and a certain cube), and he's very arrogant with a sharp tongue. He's very entertaining as a result though, and any mistakes he makes are understandable that he couldn't foresee it.
The overall feel from this story is more like a Shonen, so if you liked MW for how mature it was, you might not like the crude humor in this one. Of course TMW still keeps a certain level of maturity to it, it just doesn't get as dark as often as MW did.
The ending to this I enjoyed far more than MW, so that's a major win in my book.