Two-Faced Princess

Two-Faced Princess

두 얼굴의 황녀

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Two-Faced Princess novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Juyeon Ryu. 46 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


“Your Majesty, please break-off my marriage with Her Highness the Imperial Princess. I fell in love with Lady Adriane Reese.”

“Six engagements, Six break-ups.”

The princess’s fiancé always had an affair with the maids!

“I don’t want to marry the crown prince, I want to live with my father forever…”

“Such a useless being. Begone!”

The princess who is known to be weak and s*upid, Apollonia.

But she has another hidden face…

“It’s because the throne is hard to obtain, my father also spent 10 years on trying to kill my mother, the empress.”

As Apollonia grinned, her red eyes shone intensely. Usurpation of the throne.

Her goal was clear. She was never shaken.

‘I want to live my life with my father.’

To be exact, I want to live my life where my father is seated.

Please wait, father. Your daughter is on her way.

To take back everything that was stolen from me.

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  • OhDokja

    This one is actually good ! So refreshing and the FL is smart and very careful in planning something ! Hope for more update in future <3

Latest Release: Chapter 46

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This novel is such a breath of fresh air I love the characters ,plots.I can't believe this novel is so underrated it deserve much more attention and love.Kudos to the author, editor and translator for this amazing novel I highly recommend it :)!


This is such a refreshing novel. It has politics, non censored brutality, villains that are worth turning over, a set up to acquire allies and her chest pieces.
I saw the updates are also regular, thank you translator for the efforts ~ I will check my library regularly for your updates.
PS. Uriel is loved *xoxo