Tyranny of Steel
Chapter 945: Ravaging the lndian Princess

Princess Priya Tomara was standing within the Royal Palace of the German Empire, baking some sweets for the man who held the keys to her heart. Though Berengar had rejected her advances at every turn, he had given the Indian beauty some hope that once she was emotionally mature enough, he would take her as one of his women. Little did she know that today was the day she had always dreamed of.

While she was in a state of bliss, the man in question entered the room with a stern expression on his face. At first, she did not notice his presence. In fact, it was only after Berengar had grabbed hold of her waist from behind did the young woman finally know she was not alone.

With a shocked expression on her pretty face, the Indian princess twirled around to see who had dared to lay their hands on her. Just when she was about to smack her attacker across the face, she gazed into the mismatched eyes that belonged to the Kaiser and lowered her hand in passivity. She immediately questioned why the man was intruding upon her baking session.

"Your Majesty why-"

However, before the girl could finish her sentence, Berengar had pressed his lips against her own, and passionately twirled his tongue with her own. Priya no longer dared to question whether this was reality, or a dream, and instead went limp in the man's arms, letting him take control of the situation.

Luckily, Berengar was strong and caught the woman as she fell back in a state of bliss. While holding her close to his broad chest, he whispered a suggestion in her dainty ears, one she could not refuse.

"How about we go someplace more private?"

Priya silently nodded her head, not knowing how best to answer this question with words, and was quickly dragged off to a private bedroom, where Berengar began to strip out of his clothes. Though the Indian beauty's emerald eyes could not take their sights off of the man's chiseled body, they did in fact wander astray when he began to take off his undergarments. A slight reddish tone filled the woman's bronze cheeks, as she looked away in embarassment.

However, Berengar was far from finished, and quickly stripped the young woman out of her dress, revealing the green lingerie she wore beneath her clothing. The moment he saw her exceptional figure, his lower half stiffened up, and in doing so shocked the Indian Princess with its sheer size.

Berengar kissed Priya once more, and in doing so caused her to become dreadfully excited as her lower lips became slathered in her love juices. She could hardly believe that this was reality, and immediately voiced her shock aloud.

"It's so big..."

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In response to this, the German Emperor merely smirked in confidence, before grabbing hold of the young woman's dainty hands and wrapping them around his crotch. The moment Priya felt the warmth of the man's nether regions, she averted her gaze in embarassment. Despite this, Berengar grabbed hold of her dainty chin and dragged it towards his face as he assaulted her lips with his own once more.

As if it came naturally to her, Priya began to stroke her conqueror's cock with her tiny hands, making the man more excited with each attempt. After several moments of this, Berengar lowered the woman to her knees and pressed the tip of his shaft against the Indian beauty's luscious lips.

Though she had never engaged in oral sex before, Priya knew the basics, as she had secretly spied on Berengar when he was engaging in lovemaking with his many women. There was a look of determination in her emerald eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head and tried to take the shaft into the depths of her throat.

It did not take long for the large cock to reach the young woman's gag reflex, where she immediately spat the phallus out of her mouth, coughing as she did so. Since she was not accustomed to the action, Berengar led Priya down on the nearby bed and unhooked her bra before stuffing his cock in between her massive bronze breasts.

He pressed the two large mammaries against his cock as he pumped his hips forward. A flushed appearance covered Priya's pretty face as she sucked on the man's cock every time it made its way to her lips. Eventually causing Berengar to spray his first load all over Indian beauty's face.

Despite this ejaculation, Berengar was far from finished, as he smirked before taunting the woman beneath him.

"Enough foreplay. This is where the fun begins!"

Priya merely nodded her head. After the sinful acts she had just committed, her pussy was as wet as a well. She laid back on the plush mattress, and allowed Berengar to strip her panties from her hips, where he examined the woman's tight virgin hole before lining the tip of his cock against its entrance.

The very feeling of her genitals interacting with those of the man she desired nearly sent the Indian beauty into climax. However, she held on and waited for the big moment. With a slight whisper in her ear, Berengar said the following words before plunging his cock into the woman's entrance without mercy.

"This is going to hurt a bit, but bear with it."

After saying this, Berengar entered inside Priya's moist cave, where the woman immediately bit down on her finger in agony. She had always heard that the first time was painful, but with such a large partner, she felt as if her insides were tearing apart.

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A slight tear formed down the woman's shut eyes as the man began to move his hips. A gasp of agony revealed the Indian's beauty's thoughts as she struggled to deal with the pain of her chastity being taken.

"so... big..."

Berengar chuckled, as he pushed his cock as deep as it would go into Priya's love canal before kissing the woman on the lips in an attempt to take her mind off the pain. With each thrust of his hips, the woman beneath him murmured in agony, though as time passed this sound eventually turned into a moan of pleasure.

As if taunting the girl beneath him, Berengar had a wicked grin on his face as he continued to pound away at Priya's depths like a piston. Her virgin pussy had wrapped around him like a vice grip, and it was not letting go. Thus, he could not help but mock the girl.

"You like that, huh? Well, if you keep squeezing onto me like this, I'm never going to stop."

Priya, now lost in the pleasure of sex, no longer cared about her regal image, nor did she have time to think about what she said. The girl merely spouted out the first thing that came to mind.

"Don't ever stop!"

These words stroked Berengar's ego, and he merely smirked once more before lecturing the girl on the naivety over her request.

"Be careful what you wish for!"

After saying this, Berengar increased the intensity of his thrusts, immediately bringing the woman to climax. However, despite her condition, he did not stop for a second, and continued to pound away until he released his seed into the depths of her womb.

By this point Priya had blacked out from the pleasure, and would not remember the rest of her session. Berengar did not relent, as he was still incredibly excited from taking yet another princess's chastity, and instead flipped the girl over onto her stomach, where he slapped her juicy ass before taking her from behind.

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Perhaps because Priya was passed out, but the girl was tighter than she was before, which only made Berengar want to fuck her more. He continued to pump his shaft in and out of the woman's moist twat with an increased intensity. Putting her into a variety of positions as he fucked her senseless.

Berengar would spend the next two hours ravaging the girl's body and releasing a total of three loads into her womb in an attempt to impregnate her on the spot. When he was finally exhausted, he pulled himself out of the Indian beauty and collapsed on the bed beside her.

The moment he did so, Linde revealed herself from her hiding spot. She was naked, and wet as can be, clearly having cum at the sight of her man fucking another woman senseless. When Berengar saw this, he scoffed before voicing his thoughts aloud.

"Of course you would be here lurking about..."

Linde did not deny this, and instead crawled into the bed, and spooned with her man. She prodded his chest with her finger before questioning Berengar about his previous activities with the Anangpur Princess.

"So how was she?"

Berengar merely smiled in response to this, as he gazed upon the lust filled expression on the sleeping beauty's face before nodding his head in approval.

"She was everything I thought she would be. I had almost forgotten how good it felt to take a woman's virginity."

Linde smirked as she heard this, and kissed Berengar on the lips, before whispering in his ear something he did not expect.

"Over the next few weeks, I want you to spend at least one hour a day pumping this little whore full of your seed. She needs to bear you a son before Dharya can find a wife. Once she's pregnant, then you can do as you wish."

Berengar did not reject these commands, and merely dragged the redheaded beauty into his embrace. He would lie with her in his arms, and Priya by his side for another thirty minutes before climbing out of his bed and getting back to work.

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