Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws
Chapter 1416: Luo Yan's Advice, Flame Of Revenge, Potential Help

While the Luo clan disciples were slaughtered, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist reached out to the Immortal Herb on the mountain peak.

A hint of delight flashed in his eyes as he scanned over the Immortal Herb. "With this Immortal Herb, I can regenerate my arm!"

The higher one's cultivation base, the more difficult it was for the body to regenerate once damaged or destroyed.

The reason why the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist had not regenerated his arm was that he lacked the corresponding Immortal Herb.

Now, with the Immortal Herb in his possession, he was confident that he would return to his prime in the shortest time.

"My mastery over the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique is getting better. Once I recover, I will be stronger than before!" the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said excitedly.

He then looked in the direction where Luo Yan escaped. "I always get what I want. Luo Yan, you won't be able to escape me!"

Luo Yifeng stood by his side in silence, his arm trembling fiercely. After all, he had just slaughtered his people — the people he spent most of his days with.

Even though he had chosen the ruthless path, he was still emotionally affected after killing his people with his own hands.

"Luo Yifeng, open up your mind ocean. I'm planting a restriction seal," the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said.

"Yes." Luo Yifeng dared not defy his captor.

After implanting the restriction seal in Luo Yifeng, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist could control Luo Yifeng's life and death with just a thought.

"The Luo clan must've explored the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm before this, right? I suppose you're familiar with the Arcane Deity Sect. What clues do you have?" the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist asked.

That was the reason why he kept Luo Yifeng alive.

"There are several places of interest."

"Very well."

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist glanced at the Immortal Herb in his hand and then said to Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, "I'm going to refine the Immortal Herb. You guys take him and explore the realm."

"Splitting up? Not a bad idea."

"Master, what about Luo Yan?"

"Don't worry. As long as she remains in the realm, she won't be able to escape me," the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said.

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He made nothing of the entire Luo clan, let alone Luo Yan.


A stream of light zipped through the forest.

Luo Yan had just escaped death, but she was in a wretched state.


She crash-landed into a mountain, and blood gushed out from her mouth, leaving her face pale.

She unleashed her strongest sword attack at Eastern Sky Divine Daoist to escape, but it drained almost all of her Immortal's Core energy.

The thought of her people dying before her eyes infuriated her. Not even her beautiful eyes could conceal the boiling rage in her.

"Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, and… Luo Yifeng!

"I, Luo Yan, swear that even if it costs me everything, I will avenge my fallen brethren!"

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

She knew she was no match for the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist in her current state and that the Immortal Hall made nothing of the Luo clan.

The thought fueled her grievance.

"Right, the Arcane Deity Sect! Legend has it that they possessed the treasure the West Matriarch Ruler left behind. Maybe there's something there that can help me avenge them. I must find the Arcane Deity Sect first!" Luo Yan murmured.

After she readjusted herself, she headed toward the possible locations the Luo clan had marked where the Arcane Deity Sect might be.

Along the way, she spotted two unusual figures.

The one in white robes emanated a transcendental aura, and each move he made looked like a deity from heaven.

More importantly, the man was extremely powerful.

A ferocious wild beast that rivaled a Fifth-grade True Immortal attacked the man but was killed with just a swing of his hand.

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The vast Immortal's Core energy that the man released felt like it could sweep the planet and destroy everything.

"He's… Chu Kuangren?"

Luo Yan's eyes widened in fear. "I didn't expect him to come to the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm."

Then, a sudden thought popped up in her mind, and she flew toward Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren was extracting the Yokai Pill from the wild beast's carcass.

The wild beast was a powerful one, and the Yokai Pill inside its body contained pure energy. It was a great source of energy for cultivators.

Chu Kuangren was not interested in it, but there was no harm in collecting.

Suddenly, he sensed someone flying toward him.

"Oh? Someone trying to snatch the Yokai Pill?" Chu Kuangren murmured.

A lady in white appeared before him. Her voluptuous body and beautiful facial features were complemented by the scarlet red mole under her eye.

"Scarlet Tear?"

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes. He had heard of the Immortal Physique before, but it was his first time seeing it with his own eyes.

"Brother Chu," Luo Yan greeted him with a fist salute.

"What is it?"

"I am here to inform you that the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist is here in the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm and has acquired an Immortal Herb. I believe he will recover to his prime soon. The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, Great Arbiter Divine Maiden, and the betrayer, Luo Yifeng are with him. Please be careful, Brother Chu," Luo Yan said.

She remembered Chu Kuangren and the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist were enemies.

The enemy of her enemy was her friend.

She informed Chu Kuangren of the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist's presence as an act of goodwill. If she could acquire his help to avenge her fallen brethren in return, it would be great.

"I understand," Chu Kuangren said calmly and wanted to bring Shi Ying away.

Luo Yan was surprised at how calm and nonchalant Chu Kuangren's reaction was.

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"Brother Chu, aren't you worried at all?"

"Why should I?"

"Once the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist recovers to his prime, with the help of Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and the others, they will come for you."

"If they come, I'll send them to the next life. What's there to worry about?" Chu Kuangren said calmly.

Luo Yan was at a loss for words.

'Is this the confidence of a top-notch Prodigy? If I have his confidence and strength, I would be able to avenge my people,' Luo Yan thought.

She clenched her fists tightly.

Chu Kuangren was confident because he had absolute power.

'I need more power!'

"Alright. Since Brother Chu is confident, I'll be taking my leave," Luo Yan said.

She turned around, leaving to search for the Arcane Deity Palace, and she must hurry.

Her mind was occupied by vengeance.

"Chief, that woman seems strange."

Shi Ying found it strange that Luo Yan came to inform Chu Kuangren of the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist and then left without doing anything.

"Yeah. It's not strange when someone is consumed by flames of vengeance."

Chu Kuangren noticed the resentment in her. In addition to her mentioning the betrayer, Luo Yifeng, Chu Kuangren had a general idea of what Luo Yan had been through even if he did not see it himself.

"Scarlet Tear. Legend has it that when its owner is under absolute sorrow, it can evolve and rival the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique. Given her flame of vengeance toward the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist and the Immortal Hall, maybe she can be the one."

Chu Kuangren had his own plans in mind.

It was almost certain that he would confront the two great Immortal Halls in the future.

As they were the dominating forces of the Immortal Hall with outstanding history, going against them would not be easy.

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Even though Chu Kuangren was confident, he would still have to search for people who would side with him against the Immortal Halls or even the Void Egg and other forces. He already had Jue Wushen from the Celestial Demon Tribe and Ye Zhu, the host of the Green Leaf Sword Vision, by his side.

Luo Yan might potentially become one of his allies.

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