Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws
Chapter 1417: The Arcane Deity Sect Emerges, the Obsessed dead souls, Zi Yuhan

Chapter 1417: The Arcane Deity Sect Emerges, the Obsessed dead souls, Zi Yuhan

At a location somewhere inside the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm, two figures were venturing together.

They were the Jade Pool Maiden Sage, Yu Zhi, and the Azure Phoenix, Qing Feng.

“I can clearly sense it within me. There’s something here resonating with me!” said Yu Zhi as she looked at the void ahead.

Then, she took a deep breath, and Immortal Sparks radiated from her as she channeled the power of her Holy Jade Pool Physique to the maximum.

That resonating feeling she vaguely sensed earlier eventually grew stronger.

The next instant, colorful rays of light emerged from the void!

The rays of light expanded and rose into the clouds, illuminating the skies!

Under the brilliant radiance of those rays of light, several magnificent palaces and Immortal mountains soon appeared in the void.

“This is the rumored Arcane Deity Palace!”

Yu Zhi’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“Let’s go!”

She then dashed towards the entrance of the Arcane Deity Palace with Qing Feng.

Following that, many figures appeared from all directions. It was a group of charming and elegant female cultivators.

However, they had sullen expressions on their faces, and their eyes were void of all life. A dense and potent rage qi emanated from them, making anyone shudder upon contact.

When that group of female cultivators appeared, the Arcane Deity Palace was suddenly shrouded by an eerie aura.

“What’s going on? Where did those people come from?”

Yu Zhi’s expression changed slightly.

When Qing Feng beside her saw that, several runes began to appear from her clear glazed eyes. It was the Azure Phoenix’s Eye, and she had activated it!

In an instant, it provided her insight into the dead souls!

“All of these people… are dead souls!”

Qing Feng was shocked. “These female cultivators are all dead souls. Judging by the way they dress, I think they’re cultivators from the Arcane Deity Sect.”

The Arcane Deity Sect was destroyed long ago, and the cultivators of that sect had all turned into dead souls. Yet, instead of passing over into the afterlife, they remained in the Arcane Deity Sect instead!

What was that about?

Qing Feng and Yu Zhi were a little confused.

Just when the dead souls were planning to attack the two women, they seemingly sensed something and quickly halted.

“What’s going on now?”

Yu Zhi and Qing Feng exchanged gazes.

Suddenly, Qing Feng realized something. “The Arcane Deity Sect’s sole mission was to stand guard over the items and treasures left behind by the West Ruler Matriarch. Even though they’ve become dead souls, they still remember that. Besides, Holy Maiden Yu Zhi, you’re the one who possesses the Holy Jade Pool Physique and the West Ruler Matriarch’s inheritance. I believe the dead souls here must’ve identified you as an emissary of the West Ruler Matriarch, like the Nine Heavens Deity. That’s why they didn’t attack you.”

As for her, she was an Azure Phoenix.

According to legend, the West Ruler Matriarch was always accompanied by two Azure Phoenixes on both sides. As such, the Azure Phoenix was not an enemy to the dead souls.

“I see.”

Only then did Yu Zhi understand what was happening, and she looked at the eerie dead souls before her with respect.

Even when turned into dead souls filled with deep resentment, they still remembered their sole mission.

The strength of their beliefs was commendable.

With that, she bowed toward the dead souls. “Let’s go, Qing Feng. The West Ruler Matriarch’s treasure should be somewhere around here.”

As the West Ruler Matriarch’s successor, she had already assumed ownership of the treasures here.

Just as Qing Feng prophesized, that was her destiny!

With rays of light and Immortal Sparks radiating in the sky, many people were soon made aware of the Arcane Deity Sect’s emergence.

The sky-prides inside the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm immediately rushed toward the Arcane Deity Sect the moment they learned of the news.

“The Arcane Deity Sect has emerged!”

Luo Yan frowned upon seeing the Immortal Sparks in the distant sky.

She had been searching all over the Luo clan for the Arcane Deity Sect’s whereabouts and had gone to many potential locations, yet she still could not find it.

Little did she expect the Arcane Deity Sect would appear at that moment.

“Oh, how timing and fate seem to always toy with me. It looks like luck isn’t on my side, huh? I’ve been looking high and low for the Arcane Deity Sect, and now it has finally shown itself.”

Luo Yan sighed.

However, a determined look then flashed in her eyes. “Since timing and fate are not on my side, I shall seek to gain something through sheer effort!”

Her figure disappeared in a flash as she rushed toward the Arcane Deity Sect.

Besides her, many others were also making their way to the Arcane Deity Sect.

“You worthless trash!”

“You’ve been leading the way for so long, yet you can’t even find the Arcane Deity Sect! We even had to wait until it appeared on its own!”

With a grim expression, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist kicked Luo Yifeng to the ground.

“These locations were all previously marked as potential places by the Luo clan. I’m only guiding you according to the Luo clan’s information.”

Luo Yifeng did not dare to talk back. He even chose to put all the blame on the Luo clan instead.

At that point, he did not consider himself a part of the Luo clan anymore.

“Hmph. Let’s go!”

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist also could not be bothered with Luo Yi Feng, and his figure disappeared, immediately rushing toward the Arcane Deity Sect.

“The Arcane Deity Sect, huh? Interesting!”

Meanwhile, several cultivators in violet long robes murmured as they looked into the distance.

Those people were cultivators from the Violet Eye clan.

The Prodigy of the Violet Eye clan, Zi Yuhan, who led the group to the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm, looked toward the Arcane Deity Sect. Then, he said with interest, “I heard a few days ago that Chu Kuangren was seen around here. If he learns of the Arcane Deity Sect’s emergence, I bet he’ll hurry over as well. Hmph. It’s time I make him pay for the One-eyed Dragon’s death.”

Besides being the leader of the Thirteen Yellowstorm Riders, the One-eyed Dragon was also a member of the Violet Eye clan.

However, because he was not talented in soul techniques, the One-eyed Dragon was not that well-known in the Violet Eye clan. That was why he decided to venture out and eventually become a sand bandit.

“Although the One-eyed Dragon isn’t that reputable in the clan, he’s still a member of the Violet Eye clan. Since Chu Kuangren dares to kill him, he must expect to die!”

“Chu Kuangren is a formidable opponent, though. I’m afraid he won’t be easy to deal with.”

Zi Yuhan chuckled. “Do you think I’ll go against him head-on? Have you forgotten what the Violet Eye clan is most well-known for?!”

The Violet Eye clan specialized in soul techniques.

Since soul techniques were generally strange, unpredictable, and unavoidable, they were the reason Zi Yuhan was so confident.

“Let’s go!”

Every sky-pride and Prodigy rushed to the Arcane Deity Sect.

Soon, the area outside the Arcane Deity Sect became very lively.

Despite having arrived long ago, the sky-prides and Prodigies did not dare to step foot inside because of the group of female cultivators roaming within the Arcane Deity Sect!

Putting it in another way, it was a group of female cultivators who had turned into dead souls!

Those dead souls had little reason, and only their obsession remained, which was to guard the West Ruler Matriarch’s treasure.

Should anyone enter the Arcane Deity Sect, they would be attacked.

Furthermore, those female cultivators were not to be underestimated. Although they had been dead for many years, most of them still retained their True Immortal Realm strength.

Some of them might even be Gilded Immortals.

“It looks like a whole lot of trouble is waiting for us.”

“Everyone, the dead souls will not be easy to deal with. Why don’t we team up and go in together?” Suddenly, someone suggested.

Upon hearing that, everyone gladly agreed.

“When we enter later, I want everyone to stay close to me and not stray too far out. Okay?” said the Iceworm Ru Xue to the Frost Dragon Mountain cultivators beside her.


Iceworm Feng and the others nodded.

After that, everyone entered the Arcane Deity Sect together.

The moment they step foot into that domain, the female cultivators immediately react by charging forward to attack everyone.

The battle between the living and the dead had begun.

While everyone was inside the Arcane Deity Sect, another group of cultivators dashed in, and the dead souls were not aware of them.

It was the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and others.

They were holding an insignia of sorts. It was brimming with Immortal Sparks and formed a barrier of light around them that made the dead souls surrounding the place turn a blind eye to them.

Chapter 1417: The Arcane Deity Sect Emerges, the Obsessed dead souls, Zi Yuhan
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