Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws
Chapter 1418: You’ll Have to Ask For My Permission First, the Dead Souls Trembled, Heralding the End of the World

Chapter 1418: You’ll Have to Ask For My Permission First, the Dead Souls Trembled, Heralding the End of the World

“It’s an Arcane Deity Order!”

One of the sky-prides could not help but express his admiration upon recognizing what the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist was holding.

The Arcane Deity Order was a prized insignia held only by the Arcane Deity Sect disciples in the past. With that item in hand, the dead souls of the Arcane Deity Sect would identify the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and others as members of their sect. That was why the dead souls did not attack them.

“That barrier looks like it can still fit a few more people. I wonder if they’re willing to let us join them?”

Another sky-pride’s eyes lit up.

“Wait a minute. Why is the Luo clan’s Luo Yifeng with the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist?”

Some soon noticed Luo Yifeng’s presence.

Everyone then looked confusingly at Luo Yan within the crowd. However, they realized she had an unpleasant look on her face and that she was glaring at Luo Yifeng angrily.


At that sight, the Holy Violet Pavilion’s Zhuo Tianchang grinned.

“Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, my name is Zi Yuhan of the Violet Eye clan. Will you be so kind as to help my men and I? The Violet Eye clan will reward you generously, of course.”

Just then, Zi Yuhan spoke up, requesting help.

“The Violet Eye clan, huh?”

A glint flashed in the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist’s eyes as he, too, knew of that clan.

“I heard this clan is well-versed in soul techniques, and they seem to be related to that orthodoxy as well. Hmm… If I can build good relations with that orthodoxy, perhaps it’ll benefit me greatly in the future,” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist thought.

He was not interested in the Violet Eye clan but in the orthodoxy supporting them instead. Even the Immortal Hall was very secretive when it came to information about that orthodoxy.

‘Perhaps having strong relations with them is not a bad choice.’

At that thought, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist stopped in his tracks. As he opened the barrier, he announced loudly, “Fellow friends of the Violet Eye clan, please enter the barrier.”

“Many thanks.”

Zi Yuhan chuckled as he led his men inside the barrier.

Upon seeing that, the other sky-prides also wanted to do the same.

However, they were immediately rejected by the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist. “The space within the barrier is limited, and that’s all it can fit now.”

“How can that be? There’s still space inside the barrier.”

“I’m willing to trade my treasure for a spot inside.”

No matter how everyone else pleaded, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist did not budge.

At that time, Luo Yifeng spotted Luo Yan among the crowd and said indifferently, “I didn’t expect you to be here, Luo Yan.”

“You traitor!” said Luo Yan coldly as she glared at him.

“I’m only doing what’s best for me according to the situation! If you submit obediently to the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, I’m sure I can ask the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist to let you in.”

“Hmph. In your dreams!”

“Since you’re unwilling to do so, I shall leave you here to perish,” said Luo Yifeng. After that, he left with the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and others.

Luo Yan, Iceworm Ru Xue, and the other sky-prides continued battling the dead souls of the Arcane Deity Sect. Slowly but steadily, they progressed deeper into the Arcane Deity Sect.

While Luo Yan did not want to enter that barrier earlier, Iceworm Ru Xue also did not want to enter because her master, Chu Kuangren, was enemies with the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall. As for Zhuo Tianchang, he was from the Holy Violet Pavilion, which was under the Kunlun Immortal Hall’s rule. Since the Kunlun Immortal Hall was not on friendly terms with the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall, he did not ask for the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist’s help.

Those cultivators continued fighting the dead souls. As they ventured deeper into the Arcane Deity Sect, they also obtained a few treasures along the way.

There were many treasures inside the Arcane Deity Sect, so other than battling the dead souls, they had been able to obtain quite some treasures too.

For instance, right now, a lotus-shaped Immortal Herb had sprouted beside a pool of water in front of them.

That Immortal Herb radiated with colorful Immortal Sparks and surrounded by intertwining Daoist patterns. It also emanated an unusual Daoist Rhyme that stunned many cultivators at first sight.

Everyone looked at that Immortal Herb with coveting gazes.

“This is certainly the most top-tier Immortal Herb. I bet it can help me greatly if I manage to get it.”

“That’s right. Then again, there are quite a lot of dead souls near the Immortal Herb…”

Although the Immortal Herb was quite extraordinary, there were many more dead souls surrounding it than anywhere else.

The moment they dashed the Immortal Herbs, the dead souls would surely be alerted of their presence, resulting in a huge fight between both sides.

“We may be big in numbers, but no matter how wonderful that treasure ahead is, there’s only one of it. Even if we get it in the end, it’ll be troublesome to split it among everyone here. I don’t think it’s worth the risk to get it.”

At that moment, Iceworm Ru Xue spoke up, and everyone thought her words made sense.

“Iceworm Ru Xue is right. There’s no need for us to get that Immortal Herb,” Luo Yan added.

“Well, since all of you have made your decision, this Immortal Herb shall be mine!” Zhuo Tianchang chuckled, and his figure disappeared in a flash as he dashed toward that pool of water.

He dashed ahead at lightning speed.

Within moments, he passed through the huge crowd of dead souls, arrived at that pool of water, and plucked that lotus from the ground.

However, the countless dead souls in the surroundings managed to catch sight of him plucking the lotus. In the next instant, they charged toward him and attacked.

Several Higher Third Grade True Immortals were even among the bunch of dead souls.

As the dead souls attacked, their Yin qi shot through the roof.

Although Zhuo Tianchang’s cultivation was not bad, he was still no match for the number of dead souls currently heading toward him.

However, he did not panic. As if he already had a plan beforehand, he immediately ran back in the direction he came, toward Iceworm Ru Xue and the others.

“Oh no!”

Iceworm Ru Xue immediately figured out what he was trying to do, and her expression sank. “Run!”

However, it was too late for everyone as the dead souls had caught up and now had them surrounded.

A violent battle was inevitable.

“Damn you, Zhuo Tianchang. I can’t believe he’s using us as human shields!”

“Taking the treasure and using us as his escape plan? That guy really had it all planned! That b*stard!”

Soon, everyone was caught in a terrifying battle against the dead souls. Various Immortal Techniques and divine abilities flew across the field!

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the battle, Zhuo Tianchang fled the scene with a powerful technique.

“Damn it!”

Iceworm Ru Xue’s freezing qi swirled around her, blasting away every dead soul that was charging at her.

With her power, she could also flee the area in time. However, Iceworm Feng and the others were still there. She could not forsake the people of her clan.

Meanwhile, some wished to escape but were powerless. Since they were not as strong as Zhuo Tianchang, they were stuck battling the dead souls instead.

Boom! Boom!

Various energies and Immortal Techniques erupted in succession.

Everyone struggled to hold their ground against the dead souls and soon found themselves falling to a disadvantage.

“No, I can’t allow this to continue any longer.”

“Blizzard Overworld!”

The yokai qi within Iceworm Ru Xue’s body erupted and turned into a powerful and endless freezing qi that swept across the land. In an instant, the whole area was frozen to the ground!

That also included every dead soul who was frozen in place and immobilized.

After that attack, Iceworm Ru Xue’s yokai qi was severely depleted. However, it was still being consumed as her technique was still activated!

“Quick! Get out of here!” Iceworm Ru Xue yelled.

Upon seeing that, the iceworms from the Frost Dragon Mountain gritted their teeth and immediately fled.

Iceworm Feng looked at Iceworm Ru Xue with a hint of helplessness in his eyes and then at the dead souls who could break free at any moment. In the end, he gritted his teeth and left.

The remaining cultivators also left the area in a hurry.

Boom! Boom!

At that moment, the Higher Third Grade True Immortal dead souls broke free of the ice and immediately attacked Iceworm Ru Xue!

In the face of a situation like that, she had no strength left to fight back.

“I guess this is the end for me.”

Somehow, she was not thinking of the Frost Dragon Mountain in the last moments of her life.

Instead, a figure in white robes appeared in her mind.

“Perhaps this is not a bad way to die either. At least I won’t be controlled by that demon anymore,” Iceworm Ru Xue murmured.

To her, Chu Kuangren was no different than a demon.

“Trying to break free from my control, huh? Well, you’ll have to ask for my permission first!”

At that moment, a familiar but emotionless voice sounded beside Iceworm Ru Xue’s ear, followed by a vast and domineering aura descending from the sky.

Upon sensing it, the countless dead souls immediately started to tremble as they were slammed onto the ground!

Their ferocious and hideous faces were filled with nothing but horror.

The dead souls trembled, seemingly heralding the end of the world!

Chapter 1418: You’ll Have to Ask For My Permission First, the Dead Souls Trembled, Heralding the End of the World
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