Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws
Chapter 1662: Scheme From Another Universe, You People Are Disturbing My Thoughts

1662 Scheme From Another Universe, You People Are Disturbing My Thoughts

Seven blue light pillars exploded into the sky, shaking the entire secret realm.

As the trembles spread across the land, the leyline hidden underground was triggered, and the spiritual qi that they contained burst up into the sky.

Each leyline was tens of thousands of kilometers in length and covered in countless runes. With all of them bursting out of the ground, it looked like tens of thousands of dragons coming out from the ground, destroying the place on a grander scale.

The entire secret realm started to collapse.

Wind whirred, clouds rumbled, and pitch-black cracks appeared in the sky. The entire secret realm was falling apart like a shattered mirror.

Stray energy streams from the void gushed in from the cracks, causing the entire secret realm to implode on itself.

“W-What is going on?” Hua Xi was deeply shaken.

The spiritual qi of the secret realm wreaked havoc everywhere, and as the secret realm imploded on itself, she realized her powers were limited.

“This entire secret realm is a trap,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Hahaha! It is indeed a trap!”

One of the Five Qi-realm elites from the other universe cackled in front of a great one from the Pan Gu Universe.

“The Divine Dao Spires that can allow an Embodier to pass through the portal are just a front. They’re all triggers to initiate the Void Annihilation Formation!

“While you people were busy destroying the spires, we were prepping the entire secret realm. The formation in the leyline would be activated once the spires are destroyed. Then, everyone in here will die!” the elite said frantically.

“You will be one of them, too,” the great one from Pan Gu Universe said.

His expression turned grim after he realized they had been tricked by the other universe.

“Yeah, we’re all going to die, but our sky-prides and Prodigies have left. Only a few Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortals and millions of soldiers are left behind.

“Unlike us, you, a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal, are going to die here with your sky-prides and Prodigies! With your sky-prides and Prodigies gone, the Pan Gu Universe will lose its main defense, and no one can stop the Central Heaven Universe anymore!”

The elite continued to cackle frantically. Although he would be dead soon, he was exhilarated knowing that his sacrifice would benefit his universe.

He could already imagine his universe conquering the Pan Gu Universe in the future.

“What a bunch of lunatics!” the great one grunted heavily.

“The other universe used this secret realm and the treasures in it as a trap. The elites and soldiers are just a lure to keep us busy while they kill us all and invade Pan Gu Universe. The portal isn’t to launch an invasion but to trap the sky-prides and Prodigies of the Pan Gu Universe and remove them from the equation so that the Central Heaven Universe can invade without resistance in the future.

“I didn’t see any of their sky-prides and Prodigies along the way, so it’s safe to say they have left,” Chu Kuangren said.

His words shocked the others.

Spending countless resources to open the universe-connecting portal and using millions of soldiers as lures so that they could trap all the sky-prides and Prodigies in the secret realm to kill them?

The other universe had invested quite a lot in this trap.

“From a wider perspective, it’s indeed a good bargain. Exchanging the lives of millions of soldiers for several Prodigies and sky-prides that might ascend to Embodier or even Primordial is a good bargain,” Chu Kuangren said.

The other universe’s plan was meticulous, and Pan Gu Universe had lost.

The remaining soldiers from the other universe also heard him, and they were all stunned. They, too, had no idea about the trap.

On second thought, it was only natural that pawns learned nothing about the plan.

“We’re the pawns they abandoned? What a joke!”

“Hahaha! Those higher-ups really know how to plan! We’re nothing to them!”

“Can I consider myself contributing to the Central Heaven Universe?”

“To hell with the contribution! I don’t want to die! The King Tribe… Those damn King Tribes must be behind this!”

The soldiers were devastated when they learned the truth.

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden glanced at them and asked, “Why don’t the people from the other universe bring them away before triggering the formation?”

Chu Kuangren looked at her as if she was an idiot.

“What kind of stupid question is that? If they did a major transfer of their soldiers, it would definitely alarm the great ones. Then, we would find out that they were up to something and retreat before they could trigger the formation. The trap would be useless.

“We’re in here because they’re in here, and we’re here to fight them off. If they’re not here, based on the treasures and Opportunities of Fortune they left behind, how many of us do you think will stay?”

The others were deeply convinced.

“So what are we going to do now?” one of the sky-prides asked, looking horrified.

The other sky-prides and Prodigies shared the same feeling.

“The portal is closed, and the space here is collapsing. There’s no way to escape anymore,” Hua Xi said with a bitter scoff.

The implosion of space was caused by the Void Annihilation Formation.

The secret realm was terribly huge, as huge as an entire galaxy. Should such a massive space implode on itself within a short period of time, the energy it would generate was far beyond anyone’s imagination.

Not even an Embodier could escape that.

In other words, those who were trapped inside were already dead.

Everyone fell into despair.

Outside the sky of the secret realm, a massive amount of stray energy streams and golden leyline energy rumbled and converted into a galactic storm that could destroy everything in its path.

One of the Arch Gilded Immortals tried flying into the storm to escape, but he could not even last a second before he was destroyed. It was a dead end!

The storm was closing on them.

The entire secret realm was like a cage closing on itself, and there was no way for them to escape.

“Die!” someone shouted.

One of the sky-pride lost his calm and went on a killing spree, slaughtering the soldiers from the other universe!

“If I can’t escape, I will drag you people down!”

“Yeah! It’s because of you people! Die!”

“Kill them!”

The soldiers from the other universe refused to be slaughtered without a fight, so they fought back.

“Since there’s no way out, let us fight until the last moment of our lives!”

“Yeah! Bring it on, Pan Gu bastards!”

“We’re not afraid of you just because you’re sky-prides and Prodigies!”

A messy battle broke out. All kinds of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities were cast at one another.

The madness of a living being at the end of its rope was on full display at that moment.

“I didn’t expect that I, the Wahuang’s successor, would die in such a helpless way.” Hua Xi smiled bitterly.

The Drought Maiden then looked at Chu Kuangren with overflowing lust. “Since we’re dying, why don’t you have sex with me, Chu Kuangren?”

She threw herself at Chu Kuangren but was slapped away.

The battle got fiercer by the second. Some of the soldiers even went after Chu Kuangren.

Then, surges of sword qi gushed out from his body to destroy those who had the nerves to disturb him.

The sword qi then landed on the battlefield, wreaking havoc across a hundred million kilometers.

Countless soldiers were either killed or incapacitated by the sword qi.

“Shut up. You people are disturbing my thoughts!”

Chapter 1662: Scheme From Another Universe, You People Are Disturbing My Thoughts
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