Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1981: Still Want to Fight?

Chapter 1981: Still Want to Fight?

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“I … I’ll submit to you!”

Although Ye Yuan said it casually, like discussing it with Daoless, he knew that Ye Yuan was not joking with him.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “I’ll take you in right now. Don’t resist; otherwise, bear the consequences yourself.”

The corners of Daoless’s mouth twitched slightly. He was very unwilling in his heart.

He, an exalted quasi-emperor level powerhouse, actually ended up as a little fellow’s slave. How to make him accept this?

Except, being under people’s roof, there was no choice but to lower one’s head.

At this time, it was not up to him anymore as well.

Finally managed to come out of the seal, but the result was such an outcome.

He was unwilling!

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Right at this time, a profound energy was directly absorbed by Daoless, disappearing.

There was Dustless suppressing inside the Soul Suppressing Pearl, so Ye Yuan naturally did not need to worry.

He was originally planning on directly wiping Daoless out. But on second thought, although this Daoless lost all of his memories, he was after all a powerhouse in the ancient era.

Perhaps one day, Ye Yuan could use him.

“Brother Ye, let’s hurry up and leave. Those bone devils aren’t weak. If they return, we likely can’t avoid a tough fight too,” Song Yu reminded him.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and brought everyone away.

Who could have thought that as soon as they came out of the cave, they ran into a few people head-on? Who could they be if not Zuo Mo, Feng Xiaotian, and the others?

But currently, those weak children of destiny around him already disappeared. Most likely, they had already fallen.

The moment Zuo Mo and Feng Xiaotian saw Ye Yuan and the rest, their faces immediately changed.

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Taking a look at the cave behind Ye Yuan and the rest, Zuo Mo said in a solemn voice, “Why are you guys here? Could it be that … that Empyrean remains have already been taken by you all?”

Feng Xiaotian’s pupils also shrunk slightly, but what he paid attention to was different from Zuo Mo.

“Song Yu, you actually broke through! No, wait, you all … All of you broke through?”

Feng Xiaotian discovered that not only did Song Yu break through to become a Fourth Firmament True God, but the others also made great progress in strength apart from Ye Yuan, breaking through more than a minor realm.

Each and every one of them was practically almost breaking through to be a Fourth Firmament True God already.

Just what kind of heaven-defying lucky chance did these guys encounter? To actually be able to breakthrough collectively?

With Feng Xiaotian saying so, Zuo Mo also noticed it. This shock was by no means insignificant.

He and Zuo Mo two people were both in possession of the emperor surmounting auras. Previously, they had also each encountered a great lucky chance before barely managing to break through, becoming Fourth Firmament True Gods.

As for the others who followed them, they were not so lucky.

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But Song Yu’s squad actually collectively broke through. This kind of fortuitous encounter was simply fantastical!

Song Yu was merely an imperial aura. This made Zuo Mo and Feng Xiaotian actually somewhat look down on him.

But who knew that Song Yu this group of people actually caught up with his footsteps without making a sound.

“Heh, are you very surprised? I, having a mere imperial aura, actually kept up with the cultivation speed of you all, these emperor surmounting auras!” Song Yu said with a smug face.

Feng Xiaotian had a gloomy look, clearly being choked badly as he said in a solemn voice, “Let me ask you, was the Empyrean’s remains taken away by you all?”

Song Yu said with a cold smile, “So what if yes?”

A cold light appeared in Zuo Mo’s eyes as he said in a cold voice, “Hand it over and I’ll spare you guys from death!”

He currently broke through to the Fourth Firmament True God Realm, making his confidence overflowing.

With Feng Xiaotian’s cooperation, he did not believe that Song Yu could still stir up any waves.

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As for Ye Yuan’s strength, although it was troublesome, they already broke through to middle-stage True God Realm. The power span in the middle was massive.

Even if Ye Yuan had empyrean spirit treasures, it simply impossible to be their match anymore too!

“Heh heh, what high-sounding sentiments! If you have the ability, come take it yourselves!” Song Yu said with a cold laugh.

“Humph! Reckless and blind thing! Westbound Moon Treading!”

After he was done talking, Zuo Mo did not say a word. Raising his hand, it was an incomparably swift and fierce sword move.

Song Yu was not careless either, raising his sword and advancing. The two people clashed together.

Breaking through to the middle-stage True God Realm, the two people’s commotion was tremendous, more than a magnitude stronger than before.

By the side, Feng Xiaotian’s figure moved and was about to join the battle, fighting two-on-one.

Suddenly, a figure blocked in front of him and said coolly, “Your opponent is me.”

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Feng Xiaotian looked at Ye Yuan and said with a sneer, “Punk, do you really think that you’re invincible by having two empyrean spirit treasures?”

Ye Yuan was still indifferent as he said, “You can give it a try.”

Feng Xiaotian’s face fell and he said with a cold snort, “Fine, then I’ll let you take a look at the might of middle-stage True God Realm!”


The moment he released a powerful world power, everyone’s faces could not help changing.

Feng Xiaotian’s strength was more than a level stronger than when fighting with Ye Yuan before.

There was a massive gulf between Fourth Firmament True God Realm and Third Firmament True God Realm.

Still the same moves, but the power already could not be mentioned in the same breath.

“Heh, as long as I kill you, I can similarly obtain a massive lucky chance. The empyrean spirit treasures on you are mine! Nine Firmament Jade Dragon Sword, go and die!”

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Feng Xiaotian laughed loudly, the swift and fierce sword light chopping over towards Ye Yuan.

This time, Ye Yuan did not take out the Stellar War Banner.

He slowly shut his eyes, his body becoming deathly still.

He looked just like a dead person.

Just as Feng Xiaotian released that ray of sword light, Ye Yuan’s eyes suddenly snapped open.

“Life and Death Seal!”

Life and death; two completely different kinds of concepts interweaved and emerged, turning into an extremely powerful seal, meeting Feng Xiaotian’s sword light.


Feng Xiaotian’s figure was directly struck flying out backward, flying straight for several hundred feet before barely managing to stabilize his figure.

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He looked at Ye Yuan with an astonished face, full of apprehension in his eyes.

How did this guy know such a powerful seal?

Using this seal with Second Firmament True God strength, he actually fought to a draw with him?

“What seal is this? It actually gave me a feeling of being enlightened!”

“This seal actually gave me a composure that sees through life and death. It turns out that this kid’s divine essence martial technique is actually so strong!”

“Brother Ye really keeps things to his own self. I didn’t expect that he actually still had this kind of inconceivable seal!”

Regardless of whether it was the people on Zuo Mo’s side or the people on Song Yu’s side, their gazes when looking at Ye Yuan currently was incomparably shocked.

They all thought that Ye Yuan relied on the power of empyrean spirit treasures to be so arrogant.

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But now, they all knew that they were wrong.

Absurdly wrong!

Even without utilizing empyrean spirit treasures, Ye Yuan’s own strength was also powerful until it was sufficient to rival Fourth Firmament True God!

This Life and Death Seal was precisely the second seal art of the Three-Lives Nirvana Seal.

Living two lifetimes, Ye Yuan’s comprehension of this set of seal art was far stronger than others.

This kind of epiphany after experiencing life and death was not what these children of destiny could compare to.

After breaking through to the Origin Pill Realm, Ye Yuan’s divine essence was already adequate to display this second seal.

Exhibiting it now, the power was indeed extraordinary.

Facing off against the Fourth Firmament True God Feng Xiaotian, he actually faintly suppressed him!

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“Still want to fight?” Ye Yuan looked at Feng Xiaotian and said with a smile that was not a smile.

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