Unscientific Beast Taming
Chapter 1292: Departure (4)

However, his resistance wasn't low anymore. When the time came, his crying shouldn't be that intense.

"By the way, I don't think I've told you. Buggy is the green worm that trained you previously, the green flying dragon. It became the Dragon God of Dragon Palace City, and the original Dragon God has already abdicated," Shi Yu said casually.

It wanted to destroy its turtle prime minister dream.

Turtle: ???

"Hu hu hu!!!" The turtle was shocked and found it difficult to accept.

"Hu hu!! (Lord, why didn't you call me when you usurped the throne? Why!!)"

"Hu hu!! (Didn't we agree to let me assist you in snatching Dragon Palace City!!)" The turtle was immediately nervous. It seemed like it was too weak now?

"Hu hu hu!! (Sorry, I'll work hard. I'll definitely be able to help the next time I snatch power from Dong Huang!!)"

Shi Yu rolled his eyes and said, "There's no need. Next, I'm leaving Blue Planet. Do you want to come with me? When we're there, you can assist me in completing the Spring and Autumn great undertakings. However, the experts over there are much stronger than on Blue Planet."

"A finger can crush Blue Planet."

The turtle was stunned. Water steam suddenly emitted from its body and ignited. It gave Shi Yu a thumbs up.

As expected of the lord, the target was actually the universe?

"Hu!!! (I'm willing to go through fire and water for my lord!!)" The little Longevity Turtle immediately expressed its loyalty.

Shi Yu was silent. Because of telepathy, he could confirm that this guy wasn't pretending, but was really so clueless.

"Then let's contract it. From today on, you can stop training. You still have to move. You'll have two new neighbors, the dragon monster and the duck monster that fought in the training ruins previously."

"Huh?" The turtle was stunned.

Next, Shi Yu activated the third contract of the second Beast Taming Space and contracted this Little Longevity Turtle. He planned to bring it to the World King Planet to nurture it. He definitely had to explore the ruins of the Four Holy Beasts Era.

At that time, the benefits he explored would be received by the four holy beasts he cultivated.

The third contract was completed. As the little turtle was too weak now, Shi Yu didn't receive any feedback. On the other hand, this Longevity Turtle, whose resistance had passed the slot and whose battle power was still a little difficult, suddenly increased its aura as it entered the Beast Taming Space, scaring itself.

Its battle power jumped from normal to top-notch monarch.

"Roar! (A newbie.)"

"Quack! (Hello, duck, do you remember me? It's me.)"

In the second Beast Taming Space, two shadows covered the turtle's head, making the turtle suddenly look up at the giant dragon and the Demon Duck that were sandwiching it, trembling with fear.

"Hu… (How… are… you guys?)"

On the other side of the Star Continent, Cat Island.

The short gem cat had also experienced a few months of training. Under the temptation of the sharpness around Shi Yu, the training progress of this fanatical fan also improved by leaps and bounds.

It was clearly a transcendent race, but under the nutritious food of the intermediate resistance training, its growth level easily broke through the limit and reached commander rank.

As Shi Yu arrived, its gem eyes immediately lit up like stars. It directly bumped into Shi Yu's leg and hugged his thigh fiercely.

"Mi!!! (Idol, you're finally back. Wu wu wu, I missed you so much.)"

Shi Yu lifted the little female cat up and said with a headache, "How many times have I told you? Girls have to be more reserved. You have to learn from Teacher Ying and use her as an example."

Shorty was first aggrieved, then suspicious. Really?

Was it really going to use Teacher Ying as an example?

"Alright, let's use that as an example," Shi Yu said.

Sigh, Teacher Ying had worked hard for hundreds of years, no, two lifetimes, but its resistance had been surpassed by a young cat a few months old.

He really couldn't let Shorty use Teacher Ying as an example against his will.

Shorty expressed its understanding!

"Mi!!" Moreover, as Shi Yu arrived, the short gem cat immediately wanted to praise him.

Its training quests were exceedingly well completed.

The corners of Shi Yu's mouth twitched, so he didn't understand why Turtle and Little Quas had spent a lot of effort to complete the special training at that time. This cat had completed it extra for a few photos.

However, it was good that it was completed. As a cat, it was much stronger than Teacher Ying. With the aptitude of King Eleven, if only it could have a little more of the demeanor of an expert.

"Congratulations, the test has been completed. Next, are you interested in leaving Blue Planet with me and taking a risk in the universe? When the time is right, I'll start to bring you to battle and explore. Of course, what you have to experience might be even more dangerous than now," Shi Yu said to Shorty.

After all… even the ancestor of the Kirin Race was hanging in the ruins of the era…

"Meow, meow, meow, meow!!!" The short gem cat was unhappy. Was this doubting its courage!

It had long been prepared for everything!! It planned to fight for Shi Yu and make all the lives in the universe become fans of Shi Yu.

The stars were clear, and the stars were dazzling. All the fans, meow, meow, meow, meow! It raised its palm with a determined attitude.

Shi Yu: …

Great, another one who wanted to go to the universe to preach.

Well… It seemed that gathering the power of faith was to preach?

How talented.

The second Beast Taming Space, the fourth contract, activate!

Soon, in the second Beast Taming Space, the turtle, who was sitting obediently on a rock and trembling, was asked by Little Ji and Duckie which was the boss, earth or ocean. It finally saw a straw to clutch at.

It looked excitedly at the short-legged gem cat that appeared with a white flash.

Chapter 1292: Departure (4)
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