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Chapter 2807 one month ago

This story has a good story and I love the world thats been created around it, especially cause it isn't completely focused on the mc who is just leaving people behind. Also the MC is shameless with more then one girl (I leave it to your digression) which would normally be something I don't like but in this case you don't hate him for it because it fit's his character and he's not oblivious about it. Plus the romance is actually used properly as a comedy gag while also a way to propel plot and not just a way to add characters and content to the story.

Chapter 2521 one month ago

I love this novel. It has comedy, action, but has a actual storyline with tragedy . I would not recommend this novel to people who dislike shameless MC who are perverts but if you enjoy that comedy this novel is for you. Also the MC is strong but his strength is built up very well and he has to work very hard for it. While there are some points during the story where I lose interest I always end up coming back to the novel so I highly recommend this novel.

Chapter 2784 2 months ago

I really like it since they always explained the growth of mc in very order The character development is also very good for all side character's

Chapter n/a 2 months ago

I'm not writing big boy review because it's unnecessary if you want to read this you have to read a lot of boring shit in order for some good stuff (or you can just skin some lines or paragraphs like me but you have to understand which paragraphs or lines are important and which are not) if you can survive boring shit I think you will be pleased by good stuff.

Aristi123 (Banned)
Chapter 1 4 months ago

The truth of the best Chinese fantasy novels, not only does it have one of the best magical worlds, its characters have a good development highlighting houzi and mu ninxue with their respective developments, the mc has good moments although half the time he acts like a retarded who thinks with the lower part of his body, the characters are very charismatic, he has the best cast of characters for this series, simply a novel that we should give a chance to. Worldbuilding 8/10 CM 7/10 FMC 9/10 secondary characters (group of friends and national election) 9/10 Plot 6/10 but in its main moments (old capital and Beijiang) 9/10

Chapter 1 4 months ago

Many of the problems he faced in chapters above 1700+ can be easily solved Using"I'M MO-FAN" the F i skipped chapters more than i read in ROFL.

Chapter 1 5 months ago

I love the story and the idea of it fascinated me, ive read even the MTL website because i was so in love. The anime is also good it at least shows a good reputation of the novel.

Chapter 1 6 months ago

Watched the Anime first - Quanzifashi , then got to Manga and then the light novel . It works best as you don't have to imagine what the characters look like .

Chapter 1 6 months ago

A great book man. If I say it is a must read. like reallly this thing is like huge and complete . like good translation and story content .

Chapter 1 10 months ago

Writer built an interesting world . I like the way he convey every minute part of story. I am pretty addicted to this story and this website . I want to read remaining chapters along with side stories . Pls make it fast . It's my sincere request to translater. Any body knows chinese name of this novel ?

  • hmm066