Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil
Chapter 1736: "Some Truths Get Denied Because They Are Too Truthful for Their Own Good"


Eren's spectral form abruptly raised his voice to its maximum, taking everyone by surprise.

A hushed quiet fell upon Eren's audience before he resumed speaking.

"I'm certain many of you are acquainted with how intent-based magic operates. You utilize your emotions as the fuel to empower your magic, be it a spell, sorcery, witchcraft, or Mesh. This principle remains constant.

Most of us often complicate many things by not understanding the basics behind them.

Have you ever contemplated why your emotions play such a pivotal role in intent-based magic? Have you ever pondered why the gods and demons urge you to feel specific emotions? Why are sacrifices necessary? Why do you need to follow a certain set of commandments?

And have you ever questioned why they want you to continue feeling those things repeatedly? Don't you think it's an endless cycle? Like a chore that you need to repeat over and over again until the moment you take your last breath?"

Eren's questions were straightforward yet intricate to answer. Consequently, the initially forced silence began to feel more natural as his audience engaged in introspection prompted by Eren's inquiries.

At this juncture, people had come to the realization that this wasn't a live transmission of the masked man. Nevertheless, they felt as if they were engaging in a one-on-one conversation with him in real-time as Eren began speaking with a deliberate tone.

"Imagine Creation as an endless sea of the most purest form of water," Eren explained in layman's terms, ensuring that even mortals could comprehend his message clearly.

"Each of us is like a container attempting to capture some of that life-nourishing elixir for ourselves. These containers are our souls. When we strive to enhance our Spiritual Force, essentially, we're making ourselves better vessels.

However, let me remind you: this spiritual water we carry within cannot be duplicated. Moreover, regardless of one's greed, each of us can only contain a fixed amount of water within us.

All of us are vessels for an potent substance that can foster life in a barren seed. Do you grasp what this water represents?"

Eren posed this question to his audience, pausing before providing a succinct answer in two simple words: "Origin Force."

"Intent-based magic surpasses any conventional form of magic because it incorporates Origin Force into the equation to some extent. It's akin to a sapling getting nourished by being watered, making it turn into a giant tree.

The Origin Force invokes the very laws of nature to act on your behalf.

Our emotions serve as a diverse set of spoons, used to fill the Origin Force into the containers that are our souls. These same spoons are employed to extract the Origin Force from within us.

What's interesting about these spoons is the fact that they can't remain in the same size and shapes forever. They are always changing their dimensions. After all, we can't be happy, sad, bitter, or excited all the time. It just doesn't work that way.

The intensity of the emotions we experience at a given time corresponds to the size of the respective spoon. The greater the emotions, the larger the spoon represents that particular emotion becomes.

When we use these emotions to draw out the Origin Force within us, we can extract more than usual. Those who know how to make use of these spoons at any given time would eventually become proficient in the inten-based magic.

This is the reason why intent-based magic holds that distinctive edge," Eren elucidated, shrouding himself in an enigmatic aura.

Eren's audience started paying attention to what Eren had to say inadvertently. A lot of their questions regarding intent-

based magic and how it worked were getting answered. It was a complete mood change, as if everyone in the den was bought by him.

Some of them felt his words to make sense from within them. It was as if they knew what Eren was talking about from the very beginning but had been ignoring these things. It was only when Eren pointed out this fact that they started to make sense of how intent-based magic worked for them.

Eren's ethereal form allowed a moment of contemplation for his audience before he continued.

"However, harnessing magic is just one of the fundamental applications of Origin Force. It has much broader implications—

such as transforming you into the gods and demons you venerate."

"Blasphemer!" exclaimed a woman, hastily rising from her seat.

"This guy...he's out of his mind," murmured another in a hushed tone.

A cascade of comments ensued.

"Some truths are glaringly obvious. And sometimes people oppose them because these truths are too obvious. Some of us want our realities to be extraordinary and profound. They run after something that is very far away from them– a mirage.

But most of life's mysteries are easy to understand if you just keep your eyes open and see."

Eren pressed on, undeterred by the murmurs.

"These truths become difficult to accept because our ingrained beliefs act as a curse. I'm certain no faith, whether divine or demonic, would broach this topic.

Because if they revealed these truths, you'd recognize how dependent these Immortals are on you. They prefer you docile, obedient, like sheep, so they can shear you for the wool you grow, which is Origin Force.

Demonic cults perform rituals, divine temples partake in fervent prayers. Yet, they share a common goal—they all want you to continue producing Origin Force.

You might be curious about my unwavering confidence in these assertions. The reason is simple—I am also one of the beneficiaries of the same system. I am one of the demi-gods seeking to harvest the wool you produce," Eren declared, as though stating the most obvious fact.

His audience took a moment to grapple with the revelation. Uncertain whether to wholly reject or fully accept Eren's narrative now that they knew he too was a demi-god.

Eren's revelation was akin to a pseudo magician unveiling the secrets of his trade to the audience and betraying the others of his kind.

Chapter 1736: "Some Truths Get Denied Because They Are Too Truthful for Their Own Good"
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