Village Head's Debauchery
Chapter 683: Unforeseen Ripples (2)

"While the divine energy may have originated elsewhere, we shouldn't be naive and dismiss the possibility that this may also be the source."

When Aerialia finished her explanation, Orion felt like a heavy weight had been pressed onto his shoulders. He grabbed a wooden chair from nearby and slumped down on it.

"So, what you're saying is that I'm the reason for the emergence of a potential four-star Vylkr vine?" Orion asked wearily, feeling his strength drain away.

"Yes, unless we find another explanation for how they came into direct contact with divine energy, then it might be your fault," Aerialia replied, shaking her head with a sigh.

Orion lifted his eyes to meet Aerialia's. "Why didn't you warn me this was going to happen?" he asked.

Aerialia raised her brows in response. "How was I supposed to know this was going to happen? Besides, this is all your fault, so don't you dare put it on me," she retorted with a snort.

A sudden silence settled around them for a few seconds.

"So, how do you plan to deal with the matter? You must have thought of something, right?" Aerialia asked, her gaze fixed on Orion's weary expression.

Orion shook his head. "I haven't really thought about how to deal with it, but the only thing I can do now is mark the previous locations where I hunted down the Vylkr vines with the Crimson greatsword and thoroughly search those areas for any other potential four-star Vylkr vines," he responded.

"Though that's a good idea, I have a better one," Aerialia responded with a contemplating gaze.

"Oh, what is it then?"

"Instead of marking and visiting the locations where you previously used the Crimson greatsword one by one in hopes of discovering any more potential four-star Vylkr vines, why don't you take the easiest approach and burn the dead forest to the ground?"

"Since you are surrounded by mountains and the forest is already dead, not only will you be taking care of any remaining potential four-star Vylkr vines, but you will also be dealing with the other one, two, and three-star Vylkr vines at the same time. With Aegis of the Arctic Deity's protection, you won't have to worry about any Orion Cities or the Village getting in the way of the firebreak," Aerialia replied.

Hearing Aerialia's explanation, Orion pondered deeply before nodding in response.

"That would definitely work. However, by doing that, I don't think our worries would be about the four-star Vylkr vines anymore, but instead about what will happen if we get so many fumes from the Vylkr vines into the sky," Orion responded with a frown.

Aerialia furrowed her brows in deep contemplation. "You are right. Though I have witnessed several such occurrences with other higher energies, considering that Vylkr energy is ranked as high as divine energy, many fumes in the air might create a unique phenomenon, which might only last for a while or, at the very least, temporarily disturb the weather pattern. However, with Aegis of the Arctic Deity's protection, I don't think you should worry about that either," she responded.

Orion nodded in understanding.

Though he could tell that Aerialia was confident in her words, which was a good thing as it meant that everything that she had said was true, however considering that they were currently dealing with something that shouldn't be treated with common sense, he was a little wary about going through with the plan.

He would instead ponder about it and be cautious, avoiding worsening the situation with something even more drastic than going through with it and hoping that nothing worse happens.

Aerialia understood his train of thought and exhaled deeply.

"You can make any decision you want, but don't forget that I wouldn't be confident if I wasn't sure of my words. I'll leave you to your thoughts for now and return to my rest," Aerialia responded before vanishing into a streak of light and disappearing into the small Crimson greatsword on his right arm.

Feeling the Crimson greatsword mark on his right arm sting a little, Orion couldn't help but sigh wearily. After being with Aerialia for a while now, he didn't need anyone to inform him that she was annoyed with him for doubting her words.

Orion summoned his strength and went to the door to let his wives back in, to explain the situation to them and the plan he had in mind.

Seraphina furrowed her brows, a deep frown etched on her face. "This is definitely a tricky situation," she responded.

She was shocked to learn that divine energy might be the catalyst for the emergence of a four-star Vylkr vine. However, what surprised her even more was how Orion had managed to figure it out, considering she had been trying to do so after performing several experiments.

Nevertheless, as Seraphina recalled how Orion had led them through the dead forest with a large box, which she later learned housed a god within it, she realized that his ability to recognize the strands of divine energy within the potential four-star Vylkr vine might stem from his familiarity with divine energy or some method he possessed.

Despite her desire to learn how he had accomplished this, she understood that he had kept it a secret for a reason, and it was better not to probe too deeply until he was ready to reveal it, along with his other secrets.

Afterwards, Orion revealed that he might be the cause of the divine energy coming into direct contact with the Vylkr vines and the development of the four-star Vylkr vines.

A realization suddenly dawned on Greta's face. "Is that why you look so down?" she asked.

"Yes," Orion responded with a weary nod.

Greta stepped closer to Orion's side, encircling her arms around his waist and drawing him into a warm hug.

"I know you didn't mean for this situation to happen, so don't beat yourself up over it," Greta said soothingly, gently resting Orion's head against her bountiful cleavage as she felt his arms around her.


Author's Note: Do you think Orion is responsible for the emergence of a potential four-star Vylkr vines?

Sigh! Orion needs to rest for a while.

Chapter 683: Unforeseen Ripples (2)
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