Village Head's Debauchery
Chapter 883: The Unexpected Question**

The tears in Maeve's eyes dried up quickly as she regained her composure. However, before she could react, her eyes widened once more as Orion planted a firm kiss on her lips.

As the Vice Guildmaster of the Gardeners' Guild, she was acutely aware of the numerous cultural differences among the races within Orion's Cities, more so than the average Pixie. Therefore, she understood the significance of a kiss on the lips.

When Orion pulled back, Maeve stared at him in disbelief, grappling with her emotions at what she had just experienced.

"Although it's been a while since I've done this, and I promised myself to have more self-control over choosing the women that would share in my personal life, given our current circumstances, I believe this is the opportune moment," Orion said.

"And I'm not doing this out of pity. The truth is, I've admired you for some time now. Considering your position in the Pixie kingdom, strengthening our relationship could be highly beneficial." He paused briefly before adding, "Maeve, will you be my partner?".

As Orion's words hit her like a mighty hammer breaking open a dam, Maeve felt her eyes clouding over, her cheeks growing wet, tears streaming down her face in a steady rhythm, and her heart throbbing firmly in her chest.


Maeve tried to speak for the umpteenth time, but only a faint croaking sound came from her lips. She couldn't manage even a single word, not even with Orion refraining from interrupting her.

On the other side of the room, the three remaining women watched this scene with astonishment and shock written all over their faces, their mouths hanging open in disbelief.

What a whirlwind of emotions!

One moment, the room was filled with intense sensations sparking in the air, affecting everyone present, and the next, the atmosphere transformed into a warm, bittersweet aura reminiscent of two long-lost lovers finding each other again.

Here were Orion, the esteemed architect of Orion's Cities and husband to Aurora, and Maeve, the Vice Guildmaster of the Gardeners' Guild and one of the Pixie Kingdom's most powerful individuals after the Guildmaster, on the verge of becoming partners?

The news would surely shock not just the Pixie kingdom but also those beyond the Garden.

"I… Mr. Orion, can you give me some time to consider this? It's an important decision for me," Maeve stammered.

Orion nodded in understanding. "Of course, you don't need to give me your answer right away. Take your time and think about it carefully. However, if you say no or take too long, I might have to kiss you forcefully again and keep proposing until you accept," he responded with a bright smile.

Maeve shyly averted her eyes in another direction as she nodded in response.

"Let's continue then so we can finish and figure out what is wrong with your bodies," Orion responded. He grabbed Maeve by the waist and flipped her around before she could react. He placed her body on the bed, exposing her back and Pixie wings.

Orion aligned his throbbing spear with her wet lower lips and gently thrust into her once more. He felt his waist slamming against her voluptuous butt cheeks, creating a ripple on its surface.

"AUHH~~" Maeve moaned loudly, feeling Orion's penetration with even more intensity this time.

For some reason, it felt as though the stimulation he provided had increased several times compared to before, causing her to feel as though her entire body was set ablaze as Orion fully inserted his hardened penis deep inside her wet folds before gently withdrawing.

'What is this?! Is this how it feels to be penetrated by someone you are genuinely interested in?!' Maeve screamed internally in pleasure, sensing Orion press his back against her wings and lick her neck down to her back where her wings were connected.



Orion slowly pulled backwards before gently thrusting forward with the same momentum.

"Mhmmm~~" Maeve held back the hot breath that attempted to escape her lips. She could feel Orion's entire scorching penis now within her, causing her to feel extremely full and stimulated at the same time. Gradually, her womanhood began to moisten as pleasure built up and spread throughout her body.

Soon, Orion increased his pace, gently sliding in and out of her pussy.



"UGHH~~ AUHHH~~ AUHHH~~~" Maeve screamed in pleasure, her voice unrestrained as she indulged in the sensations coursing through her body. Her twitching, womanly lips welcomed each relentless thrust with gratitude and fulfilment.


"I'm sorry, ma'am, but we don't provide free accommodations. If you want a room, you'll have to pay for it," the receptionist stated firmly, eyeing the strange woman before her.

Isadora frowned upon hearing the receptionist's response. She realized she didn't have anything on her to afford a room in the inn. Nevertheless, it didn't worry her; all she needed to do was stall for time and wait for Boba to return and update her on what was occurring with Orion.

"Can't I sit on one of your chairs here and rest before leaving? I'm exhausted," Isadora responded, wearing a defeated expression.

The receptionist shook her head wearily. "I would advise you to leave right now, ma'am, before you're thrown out for trespassing and reported to the guards," she responded firmly.

She didn't know who the woman before her was, but she already had two influential figures involved in something suspicious, so the last thing she needed was an unknown woman who refused to pay lurking around her inn.

Seeing the situation about to escalate, Isadora exhaled in defeat and turned to leave. However, just as she was about to approach the door, a crashing sound echoed from above, accompanied by a loud scream tearing through the atmosphere.

The receptionist's ears perked up, sensing that something had gone wrong.

"It would be best if I returned and didn't see you here, ma'am," the receptionist said before immediately soaring into the air and heading upstairs.

Witnessing these scenes, Isadora immediately took flight stealthily. While she didn't know which room Orion and the others had entered, she saw this as an opportunity to check out all the best rooms until she found theirs.

As for the loud noise and scream, she just hoped it had nothing to do with Boba.

Chapter 883: The Unexpected Question**
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