Void Evolution System
Chapter 446: Grievance [2]

Within the Central Area of the Empyrean Dragon Realm, Damien slowly opened his eyes.

'It's about time to leave, huh.'

He shook his head to clear out any unnecessary thoughts. 'Being able to see everything is a pain in the ass, but I guess it can be useful at times too.'

Although he was fine when he was in the World Core's space, the second he arrived back on the surface, his brain was almost crushed by the amount of information flowing into it.

He could see the entire secret realm as if it was sitting on his palm. And when the portal to the outside world opened, he could see what was happening within several hundred kilometers out there as well.

Due to this, he was able to witness some rather interesting things.

'The Xue Clan is full of idiots, to the point where I don't even know how they've been able to survive this long. Or maybe it's just because they've never had to deal with this kind of situation that they survived.'

There weren't many people in the world that the Xue Clan couldn't afford to offend. As for the ones they truly couldn't, Xue Yebai was a pro at kissing ass, so they never had problems with them.

Ruyue was an outlier.

If Damien didn't exist, offending her wouldn't mean anything. She would've just been another genius who disappeared in the annals of time.

But there were no ifs in life. Just as the First Elder and Long Chen could sense the demise of the Xue Clan, so could he.

Well, since he was the one who would destroy it, that was only natural.

'But the Xue Clan isn't important. Either way they would have died, since that dickhead Xue Yebai has been colluding with the Wang Family and plenty of other Nox Worshippers. There's no way he didn't know what was going on.'

Xue Yebai was the perfect example of a man who would do anything for power. People like him were the most easily enticed by the Nox's methods.

What puzzled Damien, though, was why Xue Yebai didn't just directly accept the position of Apostle.

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'Is he smarter than I thought he was?'

If Xue Yebai had rejected the Apostle position because he was afraid of the repercussions, his intelligence was greater than what Damien was giving him credit for.

Because the kinds of dealings he had with Nox-affiliated clans were things Damien could only find out about with the World Core's help. Otherwise, finding solid evidence to condemn him would've been nigh impossible.

'Well, it doesn't matter now. When we leave this place, I shall help Ruyue get her revenge. But before that, I should set up some countermeasures.'

Damien flashed away from the Central Area, arriving in the midst of the large crowd of geniuses in the outside world. Since Elena was already relaxing in the Sanctuary at the moment, he didn't have any worries until Rose and Ruyue came out.

A transmission talisman appeared in his hand. 'Old man, things are about to go down again.'

Tian Yang rolled his eyes within the Celestial Star Palace's abode. 'Good disciple, who is it this time?'

'Xue Clan.'

Tian Yang's eyes hardened. He sighed lightly before he spoke. 'She went ahead and did it, didn't she…'

'Yup. Not only did she do it, she did it so thoroughly that the elders are probably coughing blood right now. Only two survived.'

'I'm surprised she even let two go.'

'It's not that she let them go, it's just that she couldn't find them. Well, I don't think she'll have too much of a problem with those two. They aren't the same as the rest of the scum in the clan.'

Damien thought back to when he spectated Xue Feng and Xue Yue. It was a truly odd pairing.

One was straightforward and sook strength with all his heart, while the other was unreadable, but carried the air of a schemer like Shangguan Yu.

Damien was wary of Xue Yue due to this similarity, but he could vouch for Xue Feng. He couldn't let anything happen to his youngest brother by association now, could he?

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Hearing his explanation, Tian Yang sighed even deeper. 'Fine. Since you are her spouse, you can of course help her with revenge. But as her master, shouldn't I watch from the side and only interfere if she's in a life-threatening situation?'

Damien shook his head. 'I'm afraid you don't have such luxury. Xue Yebai has involved himself in things he shouldn't have ever touched, you see.'

Tian Yang's eyes became fierce. 'Are you telling me…'

'No need to ask, it's exactly what you're thinking.'

'And the evidence?'

'I can't bring you physical evidence at the moment, but I can swear my life on this information.'

'It seems you're taking this quite seriously. You've grown a great deal from the young man I met a year ago.'

Damien smiled wryly. 'If I didn't grow, I'd be a pathetic little bitch. Old man, I'll be needing your help often in the future. Even if attacking the Xue Clan is done under the pretext of revenge, it won't be so simple for the rest. This world…it's far more corrupt than I originally thought it was.'

Tian Yang raised his brow in interest. Somehow, his disciple had gotten his hands on information that even he didn't know.

Even if he hadn't been paying too much attention to the secular world in recent times, it was still a strange thing for a young man like Damien to be more informed than him. Especially considering that Damien had been isolated from the rest of the Cloud Plane until quite literally a week ago.

A sudden nonsensical thought came to Tian Yang's mind. But no matter how impossible it seemed, he couldn't shake it off.

'Brat, tell me honestly. How did you learn this information?'

There was a slight tremble in Tian Yang's voice that wasn't present before. Hearing it, Damien's lips widened into a wild grin.

'Kekeke, old man, you seem to be excited about something. Mind telling me what it is?'

Tian Yang's face twitched in annoyance. 'Brat, now isn't the time to play tricks with me! Quickly tell me!'

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Damien smiled and shook his head. This old man was a spatial cultivator as well, so he would naturally know about some secrets that others wouldn't be privy to.

And for a spatial cultivator, the kind of thing Damien had accomplished was the ultimate dream.

The Celestial class was rare. It was harder to obtain than a mortal trying to find a needle in a planetary haystack. And only a Celestial had the authority to bind a planet as easily as he could.

Damien puffed his chest in pride. There was no way he'd miss the opportunity to get one over on this damn old man.

'That's right. Old man, your disciple has officially become the Star Master of this world.'


An explosion went off in Tian Yang's mind. No matter if he already assumed it, hearing it directly was a different matter altogether.

'Then, the information you told me…'

'Directly from the World Core.'

'Tch! Lucky bastard!'

'Old man, you shouldn't swear so much. You need to keep your dignity as an elder.'

'Who gives a shit about dignity as an elder?! Do you not understand how amazing of an opportunity you've gotten your hands on?! Becoming a Star Master is an utmost honor for any spatial practitioner!'

'Really? Hmm, I guess it didn't feel so special since this is my second time doing it.'

Tian Yang almost coughed blood in that instant. This disciple of his…needed a beating expeditiously.

Unfortunately, the playful banter of master and disciple was cut off before it could finish.

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A familiar white-haired beauty had appeared within the crowd exiting the secret realm.

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