Void Evolution System
Void Evolution System

Void Evolution System

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Void Evolution System novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Crocs_is_Dead. 706 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


5 years ago, Earth was subject to an event now known as the “World Awakening”.

At that time, the world completely changed. Mana awakened in the world, gates began opening, and a holographic screen showed up in front of the eyes of every human that outlined their “status”.

Each individual was given a talent to start with, ranging from simple abilities like enhanced eyesight to insane fantasy stuff like pyrokinesis.

And within this myriad of abilities, Damien awakened a spatial affinity with the skill “short-distance teleportation”.

At first, he was excited, thinking about intense battles and gaining great power, but the reality was quick to shoot him down.

His ability only worked in the area 10 meters around himself, and his physical stats were insanely weak, leaving him tired after using his ability a couple of times.

Disillusioned by his weakness, Damien lived a quiet life doing anything he could to meet ends meet, until one day, everything changed.

Damien was betrayed and thrown into a gate, left to fend for himself in a labyrinth of beasts.

Something snapped in him that day. He refused to stay weak and keep his head down any longer.

When he emerged from the darkness, he found himself in a new world with no idea how to return to earth.

However, he wasn’t the same kid he was when he first fell.


Discord: https://discord.gg/cJKqpyrj3E


P.S. Cover is not mine. If the owner has any problems, I can remove it.

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  • TheLethyrnOne -1

    Does anyone know any novels on this website with no romance?

  • OversizedLightnovelE 2

    I have saved up 179 chapters now is the right time to dig back in.

  • StevenKurt 3

    After abstaining and meditating for 100+ days, it's time to dig in! MWAHAHAHA!

    • AlexanderCuyson 1

      Is he still using sword arts in the latest chapter?

  • AlexanderCuyson 1

    Is he still using sword in the latest chapter?

  • Shadow_Monarch123 1

    This novel is best one I have EVER read. The writer did an AMAZING job and its just TOO EPIC. Just start reading it and I promise you will enjoy it.

  • A1602 1

    Could someone tell me what this novel is about ? I'm thinking of reading it soon but i don't know what kind of protagonist we have or what type of novel this is and does the r-18 tag refer to gore, serious topics or just sexuality ?

    • Ekzarcun 6

      I can say that the identity crisis of the mc is on par with the novel. He keeps shifting between an edgy/angsty teen with social issues to an antihero persona to a wuxia martial arts student. Same as the novel first 200 ch are all over the place but next 400 is a cultivation slugfest. As for the r18 it's just a bit of echi in like 7-15 chapters.

      Edited: 5d
  • TheSlime 1

    This book's cultivation arc, the time when he got that ancient cultivation technique, it's similar to cultivation online and even the step tests

  • RimuruT3mpest 3

    why is it labeled R-18? When does the R-18 part start?

  • AnthonyEnos 1

    Is the betrayal in the novel one of those betrayals that's totally out of nowhere for no reason or does it have some sense to it? Serious question.

    • TheSlime 1

      The betrayal was similar to the one in Arifureta. One guy is jealous of another because the girl likes the other

  • TheWise 4

    Gonna save this first,ill come back later when it has 1k chapters i guess.

    Edited: 10d