Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 1629: Back To The Pavilion

With the Tyrant Bull Marrow in his grasp, Lin Mu rushed back to the Hundred Fruits pavilion.

His speed was fast, and he directly ran through the streets not caring for the eyes of others. Thankfully, with the increase in the number of people, it was not as uncommon for people to run around.

After a certain point it became necessary due to the size of the city. And if Lin Mu encountered dense foot Traffic, he would simply use Fade to pass through. When he was in the Parallel world, his speed was even greater and he could still fly.

This allowed him to reach the Hundred Fruits Pavilion in the shortest time possible.


The arrays opened up to allow Lin Mu in, and he walked to the garden.

There the Saintess was sitting along with the twins who were controlling two wisps of energy. One of the energies was black and one was white. Looking at it, Lin Mu could tell that they were none other than the Yin and Yang Qis.

'She's teaching the twins how to control better too.' Lin Mu understood.

Unlike Little Shrubby though, the twins seemed to be able to do it naturally. To the Saintess, it was as if they didn't need her teaching at all. Which was true in away, after all their innate talent was quite high.

Still, the help that she gave them allowed them to progress just a little faster.

Even if the improvement was just a couple percent more, it would still add up later on.

"You're here." The Saintess saw Lin Mu standing near the entrance of the garden.

"Yes, I'm back." Lin Mu said with a lingering smile.

"I take it you were successful." The Saintess could easily tell from Lin Mu's expression.

He was practically radiating joy.

"Yes! It was a little stressful but I did manage to get it successfully." Lin Mu nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Stressful? How so?" The Saintess questioned.

"Well… the owner of the Tyrant Bull Marrow turned out to be someone too influential." Lin Mu answered before taking a pause. "It was the… Crown Prince of the Dao Wind Empire." He revealed.

"The Crown Prince?" The Saintess hadn't expected this either.

"Yes." Lin Mu said before narrating the events that had happened.

During it all, the Saintess listened calmly, but when Lin Mu mentioned the way he had avoided the suspicion of the crown prince, she shook.

"What did you just say?" The Saintess asked him to repeat.

"I pretended I belonged to the Indigo World Hegemony." Lin Mu stated, finding it a strange.

"You… do you know who they are?" The Saintess asked, her voice a little strained.

"Aren't they a merchant organization?" Lin Mu raised his brows.

"As if…" The Saintess shook her head. "Where did you even get that ring from?" she asked next.

Lin Mu then told her how he found it on a corpse. But he didn't stop there either. Taking this chance, Lin Mu told her about the Invader and how the Xiaofan world was threatened.

It took him a while to tell everything and the Saintess listened silently.


But after he was done, the Saintess let out a long sigh.

"Looks like it really was true." The Saintess spoke.

"What do you mean Saintess?" it was now Lin Mu's turn to be confused.

"The Indigo World Hegemony… it was behind the invasion of your world. They were the ones that brought the invader to your world, it was smuggled through." The Saintess said before revealing to Lin Mu about the information the Serpent Moon Sect had.

After hearing it all, Lin Mu was astounded.

"This… So the invader isn't dead?" Lin Mu asked, while his fist clenched.

His aura turned turbulent, but he tried to keep calm.

"It is hard to tell. The Shadow Gloom Bone lord is a difficult foe to kill. He doesn't exist as a one being but as several and spread his 'seeds' over the many worlds. They even wander across the universe freely in the void sometimes." The Saintess answered.

Hearing this, a frown appeared on Lin Mu's and the anger of old returned.

He had vowed to erase the invader and now that he had heard that it was still alive he didn't feel good.

"And this Indigo World Hegemony… they were the ones to send the Invader here?" Lin Mu asked further.

"It is highly likely they were commissioned to do this. The Indigo World Hegemony doesn't do things without profit." The Saintess replied.

Upon hearing this, Lin Mu instantly understood a few more things he had missed in the past.

"The Northern Tribes… and the Yao clan. They were the ones who contacted them." Lin Mu was sure now.

"They probably asked for a way to increased their strength quickly and the Indigo World Hegemony might have offered this as an option." The Saintess replied.

"So they knew the truth behind the Shadow Gloom Bone Lord?" Lin Mu asked in doubt. "I know Gu Yao knew of it. But by then he had already become his servant."

"It is unlikely. The Shadow Gloom Bone Lord prefers to enslave worlds and consume it. So if one knew the truth behind him, they would never take him. It is likely that the Indigo World Hegemony's people tricked them." The Saintess answered.

"Bastards!" Lin Mu cursed, feeling the anger increase.

The Saintess let Lin Mu calm down first and waited for him to speak again. Since he was now the master of the Yin Yang Twin serpents, it was in her favor to help him. Not to mention, she couldn't help but feel interested in Lin Mu too.

Him having Xukong as a master alone meant that he stood on the same level as her sect. Though it was unknown if Lin Mu knew that. And Xukong wasn't one to say things like that either.


A couple minutes later, Lin Mu took a deep breath and calmed down.

"Can you tell me more about the Indigo World Hegemony, Saintess?" he requested.

Chapter 1629: Back To The Pavilion
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