Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 1817: Trouble Stalled

As soon as High Elder Juxue's words were heard, a great uproar spread.

"Daoist Mu Lin actually defeated and killed someone three stages above him!"

"Not just that, he killed his opponent by resisting that mental skill."

"Forget that, the other powers won't sit still after learning than Dugu Shanhe had used unorthodox techniques. Those that lost to him, will definitely be upset."

"Do you think there was someone backing Dugu Shanhe?"

"Of course, there is no way he would have been alone. Someone needs to have taught him all that after all."

Thousands of mouths gossiped at the same time, giving Lin Mu a lot of information at once. At the very least, he was relieved that the people were now focused on Dugu Shanhe instead of him.

After all, the realization that a top contender was using forbidden and unorthodox mental skill was quite concerning to all of them. It opened up a large box of questions.

Who was it that taught Dugu Shanhe this?

Had he used this skill on all those that he fought?

What long term effects would the skill have on the people who had suffered from it?

The number of questions only kept on rising and it became that the incident won't be dying down anytime soon. In fact, there was a high chance the matches after this would turn out to be underwhelming for many compared to this.

"Also, in consideration to what has happened, the next Match shall be postponed until further notice!" High Elder Juxue declared.

"What?!" The audience was suddenly shocked by the man's words.

While they had expected there to be a delay, they didn't think it would be more than a few hours.

High Elder Juxue heard the mix of complaints and gossip from the crowd and frowned.

"HUMPH!" He harrumphed, sending a wave of Qi that pressured everyone that was sitting in the area.

His cultivation base was fully displayed at that moment, terrifying most of the audience. Those that were weaker felt their vision turned dark, while the stronger ones simply trembled in place.

It was a warning that worked perfectly, and the crowd calmed down almost immediately.

"We shall be investigating this first, and will announce the next match accordingly. No questions or complaints shall be tolerated in this time!" High Elder Juxue stated firmly. "Those who do not agree, are free to come to the Temple. That is… if you wish to bear the consequences." He added in a cold tone, making the people shiver.

No one had the thought of even trying that, as they knew doing that would be the same as offending the Temple. Nothing good would come out of it, and they would rather hide at home than dare to watch the match here.

High Elder Juxue looked around for a few seconds and confirmed that there was no uproar now.

"Junior, come with me." High Elder Juxue said with no room to debate.

"Yes." Lin Mu didn't mind and already had a few ideas as to why the man was asking him.

High Elder Juxue had already confirmed that Lin Mu had no injuries and as such, it was fine to take him with him right away. Though if Lin Mu was injured, he might have waited for the healers to do their work.


In the next second, High Elder Juxue waved his hand, causing both him and Lin Mu to fly through the air at a blinding speed. Before Lin Mu even realized it, they were already standing in front of the Victor's Pavilion.

"Follow." High Elder Juxue ordered, as he started to walk to the inner area of the pavilion.

Lin Mu followed in silence, while keeping his Immortal sense extended. He knew that there wasn't any danger here, but it didn't hurt to be extra cautious. After all, he had quite a lot of secrets to hide too. Secrets that would be quite problematic if they were found out by the Temple.

Thankfully nothing concerning happened, and High Elder Juxue simply brought Lin Mu to a private room in the Victor's Pavilion.

"Now then… Tell me in detail what happened when you were in the Spatial Plane." High Elder Juxue asked while taking a seat. "Sit down."

"Of course," Lin Mu did as was asked and started narrating all that he had gone through.

He didn't even need to skip the part where he had been saved by someone else. Lin Mu simply said that he had been saved due to a ward that his master had placed on his soul.

It was a totally legitimate thing and wasn't against the rules of the tournament either thus it wouldn't disqualify Lin Mu has having used external help. In fact, since the Tournament forbade killing, the mere idea of hurting another candidate's soul could be seen as a direct attempt at their life.

Learning that Lin Mu had been protected due to his master's wards, High Elder Juxue find it more trustable. As much as he had deemed Lin Mu to have high potential, the technique of Dugu Shanhe was simply too dangerous.

While Lin Mu spoke, the High Elder was silent and simply heard it all. Only when Lin Mu was done did he react.


"Looks like we'll have to do an even more thorough investigation than I thought." High Elder Juxue said while shaking his head. "If it is the Six Faiths Soul Mystic Art…"

"Do you know about the technique High Elder?" Lin Mu could tell there was more to it.

"Indeed… The Six Faiths Soul Mystic Art is something that is considered to be an outlawed technique by the Immortal Court. It was said to have been made by Six Faiths Deity who fought against the Immortal Court and spread a great havoc among many worlds.

The Six Faiths Deity spread his teachings through the technique and corrupted many people. This made him stronger and grew his power. It took a lot of effort for the Immortal Court to finally defeat him." High Elder Juxue explained.

Chapter 1817: Trouble Stalled
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