Warlock Apprentice

Warlock Apprentice

Super Dimensional Wizard

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Warlock Apprentice novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Mature, and Slice of Life genres. Written by the Author Shepherd Fox. 1028 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The status of a wizard is transcendent in all continents and in the universal plane.

Mysterious, wise, cruel and bloodthirsty are synonymous with wizards. But what does a real wizard look like?

After coming into contact with the world of wizards, Angel came to the conclusion:

Wizards are a group of people who illuminate themselves with intellect-driven ideas, but are in a dialectical world with a materialistic attitude.

In other words, this is a group of alternative scientists who walk alone in a rigorous manner in the pursuit of understanding reality.


Multiple worlds, boundless overlap. Under the guidance of intelligent creatures, they have walked out of their respective paths of civilization.

Among them, the wizard world, with its unique cultivation of civilization, runs through the endless plane.

Even if the wizard world is so strong, the reality of the universe, is that the mysteries of the dimension are still unbreakable.

Until, a multiverse traveler, visited this side of the world. (The traveler is not the protagonist, the traveler is not the protagonist , the traveler is not the protagonist, things that are important are said three times!)

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i had to push through the first 100-200 chapters because small things kept me going mainly the fact that he ain't no simp and he is always thinking about the future he has an A.I. chip that helps and is over powered in some areas but cant really help in a fight, i like the idea that he just doesn't go back in time or have some dead powerful master that will help them in emergencies he's all alone so far he's all for power but isn't evil just selfish and cold i love a cold calculating protagonist who absolutely hunger for power

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Incredibly good novel. Full of interesting characters. Very appealing MC if a little naive. Highly recommend the book to the fans of magic type novels.

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Mc is living just being bothered and buliied, i just getting headache to read this. 400chapter and still being weak mc and just to be bullied everytime everywhere and his teacher dont care about thats,

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A very good novel, you easily get into it
It's really interesting to learn how the wizard world work with the character and uncover mysteries

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