Warrior's Promise

Chapter 1918: Give Up for Three Years

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Chapter 1918: Give Up for Three Years

Myriad World Mountain. In the cave, Su Mo slowly opened his eyes. He had already reached Myriad World Mountain.

Immediately after, he instantly walked out of the cave as his body flew down and landed on the square at the mountainside.

Following Su Mo’s appearance, the blood rays of his body exploded and the entire Myriad World Mountain was reflected in a sea of blood.

Almost in an instant, the entire Myriad World Mountain seemed to be turned into a bloody mountain and was bathed in a sea of blood.

Swoop swoop swoop!

The sound of air tearing reverberated in the air. There were more than a dozen elites flying out of various buildings and looked at Su Mo with suspicion. They were apparently attracted by the blood rays.

“True Demon Hunting Order!”

“He is actually able to get out of it!”

Among the dozens of Elites, there was Tu Fu from Merit Hall, and Bai TianNan, who was dressed in white. As for the others, there were two Empty Gods and the rest of them were Martial Sage Realm warriors who were of different Cultivations.

Swoop swoop swoop!

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In an instant, everyone flew in front of Su Mo.

“Su Mo, how come you are in the True Demon Hunting Order?” Tu Fu asked with a frown. He had been waiting on Myriad World Mountain and was managing Merit Hall. He did not know anything about the outside world.

“I killed another amazing Genius of the True Demon Clan!” Su Mo said in a deep voice. If he had not killed Mo Lin, he would not have been in the True Demon Hunting Order of the True Demon Clan.

After all, although Mo Xiao initially was a demon, he did not let the True Demon Clan issue the True Demon Hunting Order.

After speaking, Su Mo turned to Brother Bai and cupped his fists, “Senior Bai, is there a way to get rid of the True Demon Hunting Order?”

It was evident that Bai Tiannan was of a high cultivation, and as such, Su Mo tried asking him.

Bai Tiannan looked calm as his eyes were deep like the abyss, making it difficult for people to see through them.

“The True Demon Hunting Order uses your physical body’s aura to be expressed. The only way to get rid of it is by giving up your physical body, otherwise there is no other way!” Bai Tiannan said as he shook his head.

“Give up my physical body?” Su Mo asked with a frown. How could he do so? Even if he had a physical body as a stand-in, it was not as good as his own one.

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“However, you do not have to worry. After three years, the True Demon Hunting Order will disappear on its own. You only need to retreat to Myriad World Mountain for three years!”

“Three years?” Su Mo was slightly relieved to hear this. This was good news.

However, for other Martial Sage Realm warriors, three years could be just a retreat period, but for Su Mo, it was a long time.

He had to stay in Myriad World Mountain for three years, otherwise, he would simply be unable to get out.

“However, what if after three years the True Demon Clan still expresses the True Demon Hunting Order on me?” Su Mo thought about this possibility as he began to frown. If this were the case, then he might as well not stay on Myriad World Mountain.

“No, the True Demon Hunting Order can only be expressed on the same person once. You only need to wait in Myriad World Mountain for three years and you will be alright!” Bai Tiannan shook his head.

“That’s good!” Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. However he felt extremely helpless. Although three years was not that long, it would cause his achievements to stagnate for three years.

At that moment, Bai Tiannan sighed slightly and said, “Su Mo, you are amazingly talented, Keep cultivating hard. In future, the Lord of Myriad Worlds will accept you as a True Disciple and I will take you down the God’s Path!”

“God’s Path?” Su Mo was shocked to hear this. He was amazed as he had already heard about the God’s path from Li Tongtian.

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“Yes, some time ago, the Lord of Myriad Worlds passed down a meditation and focused on cultivating a batch of disciples to walk down the God’s Path in the future. You are one of the chosen ones!”

Bai Tiannan gently acknowledged. After speaking, he fell silent and continued, “For a short while, I will not leave Myriad World Mountain. If you have any doubts in the future, you can ask me and I’ll answer them!”

After speaking, Bai Tiannan turned around as he stepped into the Empty Space and entered a palace not far away in an instant.

“Thank you senior Bai!” Su Mo looked at Bai Tiannan’s retreating silhouette and immediately cupped his fists in respect.

However, he was rather surprised. Was he one of the key disciples to be cultivated? Could it be that the Lord of the Myriad World was already aware of his talent?

The Lord of Myriad Worlds was definitely not in Myriad World Mountain. Where was he? Could it be that he was on the God’s Path?

“Su Mo, you have the True Demon Hunting Order . You can still return to Myriad World Mountain. This is worth celebrating!” Tu Fu said with a smile.

From his point of view, unless it was where he came from, the place was not far from True Sage Territory. Otherwise, it would simply be impossible to want to go back to Myriad World Mountain.

“My luck is good!” Su Mo smiled.

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Afterwards, Tu Fu introduced a few of the Elites around him to Su Mo.

These dozens of Elites were basically all young people. The lowest cultivation was of the beginning of Martial Sage Realm and the highest was of Rank 2 of Empty God Realm.

The people of Empty God Realm were all Pro-Disciples of the Lord of Myriad Worlds. As for the Martial Sages, they were all Official Disciples.

No one looked down on Su Mo just because he was of a lower cultivation. After all, Su Mo was famous outside and many had heard of him before.

Moreover, being a disciple of Myriad World Mountain, they were all geniuses and growing was only a matter of time.

After engaging in conversations with the crowd, Su Mo returned to his loft. This was where he became an Official Disciple the last time.

After entering the residence, it immediately became the core of the Blood rays. The residence was like it was made up of fresh blood and burst out with hundreds of millions of blood rays that shrouded the entire Myriad World Mountain.

Su Mo sat cross-legged in the residence and his face was dignified. Although three years was not long, he was unwilling to wait for that long.

Who knew what would be happening in the outside world in three years?

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Su Mo pondered hard, The first thing he would do was think of ways to give Ancient Dream Grass to Yun You You. He could not let her wait for three years. Next, he would have to ensure the safety of Firmament Palace.

He did not have to worry about the second matter. As long as Imperial Ancestor Court Faction did not hear about the news of his fall, they definitely would not dare to attack the Firmament Palace.

In particular, he was now more famous and once the news of him having King Sage Rank power was exposed, there would be no movement in the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction.

As for the first matter, it was not difficult. He could not go out personally, he could let his Avatar go to Ming Xu Galaxy.

However, he had to hand the Ancient Dream Grass over to the Avatar.

As he thought about it, he immediately used his mind and communicated with the You Tianhan Avatar in Shenwu Academy.

When everything was ready, he left the attic and walked into the cave of Ancientspirit Galaxy once again.

Shenwu Academy, in the Inner Mansion.

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Numerous peaks floated. Inside the palace of one of the mountain peaks, You Tianhan, who was in purple, was in retreat. He slowly opened his eyes.

Now, You Tianhan’s Avatar was already at level 6 Marital Honoured Realm. However, its cultivation had been shaken off by the physical body.


You Tianhan completed his cultivation and immediately rose up. He left the mountain peak and flew outside.

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