What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?
Chapter 1190: The Little Sister And The Fox


Manami floated in the air while smiling down at Tsuki below her.

I'm pretty sure that she was intentionally positioning herself higher than my little sister on purpose as a sort of power play or something.

"Ufufufu~ To be honest, I never thought that you would reach this far, little Tsuki," Manami giggled.

Tsuki smirked at her, "I can say the same to you actually. I thought your sister would beat you for sure."

"Ara, ara? I admit that my cute little Kiyomi came pretty close but I still managed to come out on top in the end~"

"Well, in that case, you might like to know that I am going to beat you here and become Aniue's true number one! As his best little sister, there is no way I'm handing that position to someone else!"

"Ufufufu~ What big words~ We shall see if those are just a bunch of meaningless drivel~"

Manami wasted no time in starting the process of creating two stars behind her, both of them rapidly increasing in size.

Tsuki's giant clone of me wrapped himself up with Origin Energy which boosted Tsuki's domain of creation around her, allowing her to create a huge number of normal sized clones of me. Each of them were even imbued with minor divinity as well to bring their status up to minor gods which was something she learned from Brendan.

Manami pointed a finger at Tsuki's direction and the two suns behind her started shooting solar flares at Tsuki's clone army.

A few of the clones that were hit quickly disintegrated into ash while Tsuki managed to command the rest to protect themselves from the attack.

She then directed the clones to start charging at the fox that was floating in the sky, trying to distract her as the giant clone seemed to be charging up for some kind of attack.

Manami seemed to be entirely at ease, as though whatever Tsuki was doing was completely useless against her.

And as a testament to that, the red and black suns behind her touched each other and the gravity around the area increased exponentially, enough to even cause the World to shift its axis as though another celestial body had hit its surface.

The smaller clones were sent crashing back into the ground, all of them unable to even lift their heads to look up at the red fox levitating in the sky.

A large solar flare erupted between the two suns, the tendril extending itself towards the giant clone of me that was the only one unaffected by the increase in gravity.

The blue aura around the giant flared, solidifying into a wall that blocked the solar flare from reaching him.

A part of that same blue aura then peeled off and reformed itself into a spear, shooting itself towards Manami's chest.

Manami stretched out her palm and a translucent wall of her own appeared in the air, which was my red fox materialising part of her domain to defend herself.

The blue spear shattered against the wall without leaving a mark, causing Manami to smirk at Tsuki.

Her smirk quickly changed into a frown when cracks suddenly appeared in the space around her.

"You didn't think that was just a simple spear, did you?" Tsuki laughed, right as Manami's domain shattered into a million pieces. "You shouldn't have materialised your domain to block my spear of destruction!!"

Manami tried to expand her domain again but not before Tsuki claimed a large swathe of it for herself, leaving only about a small cube of space that Manami managed to snatch back from my little sister.

Even part of her suns had been erased away, leaving only half of its size as compared to before.

Even now, Tsuki continued to make use of my giant clone to boost her divine power to slowly assimilate Manami's domain for herself, causing it to shrink even further.

Manami let out a rare growl of frustration as she redoubled her efforts in pushing back against Tsuki, willing her suns to combine together into a single red and black sun.

The gravity intensified and the smaller clones immediately melted into puddles of goo. Meanwhile, the giant clone still remained unaffected, even when the ground it was standing on started to crack and sink.

"I see how you've gotten this far now," Manami commented, giving her a begrudging nod of respect. "But if you still wish to beat me, this is still not enough."

Manami stretched her palm out before lifting up to the sky, breaking the ground the giant me was standing on in an attempt to send it up into space like what she did with Kiyomi.

The only problem was that the ground did not move and remained under the giant's feet despite Manami putting all her concentration into launching the ground into space.

Tsuki shook her head, "Oh nice try, sister Manami. But right now, I'm joined with this creation of Aniue who possesses a little bit of Aniue's powers, that also includes the power of omniscience~ I already know what you might try to do even before you do it, so I've already prepared the countermeasures beforehand!"

Ok, first of all… It's not the power of omniscience because your clone doesn't have the capability to do that despite your claims… Your clone is basically just giving you the power of foresight to a certain degree, which isn't really omniscience actually…

Then again, that was most likely a bluff on Tsuki's side to try and intimidate Manami.

"Ara, ara? Doesn't that mean I have no chance of winning if I'm fighting against Master Himself?"

"Ohohoho~ That's right~ So isn't it better if you just give--"

Manami shot the sun that was behind her at Tsuki without warning, the giant ball of fire flying straight towards the giant clone of me.

It looked like the sun would impact Tsuki without any resistance but at the very last moment, the giant clone raised his arm and smacked the sun casually, completely wiping it from existence.

"--up since whatever you can think of doing is useless~" Tsuki finished, completely unfazed by the attack.

Manami sighed, seeing that her final attack also ended in failure.

"Very well, I shall surrender this win to you~" Manami admitted, raising her hands slightly as a sign of surrender.

Tsuki smirked, "That's a wise decision~ You don't want to be embarrassed in front of Aniue, right?"

"Ufufufu~ Of course~ Master's love is infinite, I'm not shallow enough to try and fight for something that I am already receiving an infinite amount of unlike some people here~"

'Ohhhh~ I believe this is where I say 'burn'?' Iris's voice echoed in my head.

I turned to look at Iris giving me a smug look, "What are you talking about?"

"Ufufufu~ Don't worry about it, Master~" Iris assured me, turning her attention back to the fight where Tsuki was just crowned the winner of the battle royale when Manami disappeared from the battlefield.

The ending was a little anticlimactic, but judging by how Manami had already leapt into my split body's arms to kiss and grind herself against me, I doubt she even cared that she lost that much.

Well, guess that brings the battle royale to a close, though I must say I am quite surprised that Tsuki was the winner.

Chapter 1190: The Little Sister And The Fox
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