What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?
Chapter 70: The First Blasphemer

(Taoyan POV)

I have to admit, seeing Master Lin suddenly expand to such a gigantic size got me worried for a second there. Perhaps he even had a Technique that allowed himself to be immune to Abaddon's disintegration eye skill?

I mean, for someone who could face off against a hundred other Elders and Masters without so much as a scratch is abnormal no matter how you view it.

But my worries were soon washed away when I saw the disintegration eye take effect, turning even the famed Master Lin into dust.

To be honest, it was pure luck that we had found this elf girl here. She was the key to summoning Abaddon ever since the last group of Dark Sect members inflicted her with the disintegration eye curse.

We had thought it was a failure at that time since Abaddon had possessed her eyes with his curse instead of appearing like he had now.

It was only later when we discovered the rest of the information about Abaddon that we realised the summoning was incomplete. There was a second ritual that was needed to be performed on the curse holder within an area of high Elemental Quarks concentration alongside a single petal of a Phoenix Ember.

We searched high and low for this elf to no avail, it was as though she had ceased to exist after that incident. And since there was only one Abaddon in existence, we could not just do the first ritual again on another elf either. We would know that since we tried.

It was really our good fortune to find her here, alongside a conveniently located Phoenix Ember petal for us to finish this ritual on top of this conveniently located hill with a high concentration of Elemental Quarks. Really abnormally convenient, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I was surprised to learn that she was part of what we had come to call 'The Church' as well. They were a group of fanatics that rose out of the gutter somewhere, worshipping some unknown deity and being a general pain in our sides.

We knew they had placed people within the Xi Family to spy on us but we have yet to find out who.

We had originally planned to use the demon to dust everyone here to hide our involvement in this demon summoning but Master Lin just had to use himself as a shield to protect them.

Had there been no witnesses, we could have hidden Abaddon away as our secret weapon that we will use on our enemies in the future.

Oh well, taking out the most powerful Practitioner in history should be good enough. Besides, I don't think there's anyone here who can stand up against a demon anyway.

We'll just make use of Abaddon's other skills to wipe out everyone here.


Numerous screams of despair filled the Sect.

Huh, it seems like Master Lin was more liked than we had thought.

I glanced towards the group of females that Master Lin had taken in as his disciples.

I licked my lips, I had felt that it was a waste to dust beauties like them but since we will have to wipe the witnesses out the hard way now, I'd like to capture them and keep them for myself if I can.

I let out a laugh at the thought of what I would do to them.




Where did this dragon come from? It's as big as the demon we summoned!

I've never seen this kind of dragon before either. The colour of its scales were constantly shifting, like the hair of that little girl?

I didn't have time to confirm such a thought before the dragon punched its fist towards Abaddon's crotch, the 'crack' sound so loud it echoed through the entire area.

What made it worse was that our control over the demon had shattered from that strike.

The demon howled out in pain, keeling over to fall on his knees.

Both Leizhui and I were thrown off the demon's shoulders, forcing us to recover ourselves midair and remain floating by using Air quarks.

But even before I could survey the damage Abaddon caused, a streak of golden lightning struck me in the centre of my chest, bypassing all of my defenses.

I cried out in pain as I crashed back down into the ground, Leizhui crashing a distance away from me after enduring a hit from a fiery explosion.

I could just vaguely make out the dragon lifting Abaddon into the air before slamming him back down, causing the earth to quake from the impact.

"I am Abaddon of the Abyss! A mere fledgling dragon dares harm ME?!"

Abaddon tried to use a fist to punch the dragon, only for said dragon to bite into the wrist and rip the arm off its socket. The dragon then silenced Abaddon's screams with another punch to his face.

Footsteps echoed from the distance, getting closer to me by the second.

I stood up on shaky legs, wondering which expert had decided to show themselves in front of me.

I was greeted by the sight of two of Master Lin's disciples, all of them wearing smiles on their faces that did not reach their eyes.

"Unforgivable… Unforgivable… Unforgivable…"


It seems like they intend to take revenge for their Master.

It's a shame but I'll have to kill them before the expert with the lightning arrives.

The golden haired girl stretched out her arms to her side, summoning forth golden streaks of lightning that arched off her fingers.

Divine Lightning?!

And with that level of control?!

She's practically at the apex of an Elite at this point!

The girl threw her hand forward, sending a bolt of lightning streaking towards me.

My body's battle senses kicked in, summoning forth a water stream to catch the lightning. I redirected the stream in an arc around me, throwing it back towards her mercilessly.

Not even the slightest bit ruffled by my counter attack, she just lifted her fist before punching towards it, sending an even bigger blast of electricity towards it.

Fearing the worst, I immediately hit the dirt, throwing up a defensive Astral shield around me.

The lightning bolt hit my water stream, immediately disintegrating it with impunity before flying straight above my head with a thunderous roar, my shield barely able to deflect it off course.

Just when I thought I was safe, something had stabbed itself into my hand, drawing an agonising scream from me.

"Painful… Isn't it?"

I looked up to see the girl with the bob cut hair staring down at me with an impassive face.

I was about to retort her when she suddenly leaned her head close, her face screwing up in rage, "YOU WON'T fIND ANY kiNDnESS FROM THIS gIRL, dEFiNITeLY NOT!"

She slammed her foot down on my head while twisting her blade into my hand, sending another wave of pain into my body.


I gritted my teeth to tide against the torture, lifting my other arm up in an attempt to blow her away from me.

My hair stood on end as I felt the sudden surge of static.

A rod made of lightning pierced through my free hand, pinning it to the ground while electrocuting me.

"You think we'll give you a quick death?" The golden haired one strutted up to me, a manic smile on her face. "We will make sure you'll be wishing for the sweet release of death by the time we're done with you."

These girls… I'm not the former top rank of Heavy Sky Grand Sect for show!

I gritted my teeth, enduring through the red haze of torment to circulate a blast of air, sending the two girls flying backwards from me.

I stood hurriedly, swallowing a healing pill that brought my body back to top condition.

The two girls recovered from their flight a short distance away, Abaddon and the dragon still engaged in a heated brawl in the background.

I furrowed my brow, "To think Master Lin had already taught you girls to this level… Truly frightening. I'm glad we managed to get rid of him before he got any more dangerous."

"Eris," the golden haired one called out. "I think we should change his punishment from 'torture to death' to 'eternal agony'."

"I am of agreement, Lian Li."

These two are still looking down on me? Hmph! Very well!

While you girls were talking, I already finished circulating the quarks I needed to cast my Technique! It's a wind blade that moves near supersonic speed that can cut through virtually anything! You two wouldn't even know what it you before you died!

"Whistling Blade!" I yelled, waving my arm towards them.

A metallic 'clang' sound reverberated through the air.

The Eris girl had moved to the front, her blade drawn in front of her.

I hadn't even manage to see her move.

Don't tell me she stopped the blade with her own?!

"So naive," the girl commented, lowering her sword to her side. "Have you not noticed you've already been cut?"


A sudden wave of agony wrecked through me as blood spurted out from the numerous cuts that had appeared around my body.

I collapsed onto my knees, finding a pair of feet at the edge of my vision.

I looked up to see the Lian Li girl glaring down at me.

"And just for good measure…"

She lowered a hand with her index and middle finger outstretched in front of my face, electricity sparking off the appendages.

Before I could blink, The two fingers were plunged straight into my eyes.

I screamed as the pain overwhelmed my senses, clawing away at her hand to pull her out.

She remained where she was, holding me down with just those two fingers alone.

"Save your breath. We've already sentenced you to eternal suffering after all."

What the hell is wrong with these girls?!

Chapter 70: The First Blasphemer
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