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Huo Yuan had spent 18 years with the owner. Even if he were to raise a dog, he should have emotions towards it, not to mention Huo Wu was a real live person. He probably did care for the owner privately – just that he couldn’t display his emotions outwardly because of Jiang Yuqin.

If he knew that something were to happen to her, he probably would not stand around and do nothing at all.

But these weren’t written out specifically in Forced to Love. But just because it wasn’t written didn’t mean it wasn’t true.

I should change how I think of things, Huo Wu thought.

The book is dead, but the characters are alive.

Her appearance in the book had already changed so many events that were supposed to occur. And she strongly believed that as long as she tried, she could make everything go in a better direction.

When Huo Wu went back to her room, Huo Yusen was leaning on the wall waiting for her.

When he saw the sparklers in her hands, he laughed out loud. “These are useless now,”

After they were done burning, the sparklers had no more value.

Its most moving moment was when it released the golden sparks after being lit up.

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Even though that moment was as short-lived as fireworks, it was as beautiful as fireworks as well.

Huo Wu picked her chin up and disagreed. “No, these are full of value.”

Huo Yusen raised his eyebrow. “If you like, I can order them anytime.”

Huo Wu responded quickly, “But these were the first sparklers that you gifted me!”

No matter what event, as long as you attach the words “the first time” to it, the event would turn into something special.

Hearing this, Huo Yusen laughed for a very short period of time.

Huo Yusen actually looked very nice when he smiled.

When he smiled, his cold eyes seemed to suddenly have a warmth to them. His originally cold and distant face had elements of playfulness added to it. Additionally, the light mole next to his beautiful eye also added an emotional touch to his face.

Underneath the loving warm light, Huo Wu realized for the first time that Huo Yusen actually was more capable of attracting more women than Mo Ze.

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He had a better background than Mo Ze and was better than him in many aspects. He had a shiny and golden aura to him. If he wanted to, he could be more playful and charming than Mo Ze.

But he was more disciplined than Mo Ze. He was a calm and neat person as well.

Men like him are probably dream lovers of all girls.

Huo Wu suddenly felt a bit proud.

No matter what happened in the future, at least for now, she was the person who was closest to him.

And she was the only person close to him.

Thinking about it this way, she couldn’t hide her happiness anymore.

She smiled happily. “Big brother, I’m so happy tonight.”


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“Then how about you? Are you happy?”


Huo Wu smiled even more after confirming with Huo Yusen.

He was happy too, just like her.

Huo Wu put her hands behind her back and blinked with a cute expression on her face. “To reciprocate your gift, I’ll change my wallpaper to your photo too. Also, don’t change your wallpaper secretly! Good night now, big brother.”

After finishing her sentence, Huo Wu opened and closed her door before Huo Yusen had time to react. Her actions were so quick that there were no pauses in between any of these actions.

After closing the door, Huo Wu walked to her desk and opened a big metal box that she didn’t remember how she got. Then, she carefully put the sparklers in there one by one.

This gift might accompany her for the rest of her life.

No matter if the car accident will occur, and no matter what will happen in the future, at least she will always have the precious memories of tonight.

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After Huo Wu finished her shower, it was already 1 am.

But for some reason, she still couldn’t fall asleep even though she had already taken a hot shower; it could have been because she was too hyped tonight.

Huo Wu decided that she would go on Weibo for a bit before sleeping.

After opening the app, she found out that Throbbing was on the trending list for some reason. After checking it out, she learned that the official account for the crew had posted a New Year greeting as well.

She looked at the comments and found out that most fans were looking forward to the movie.

If there are no accidents, Throbbing would premiere in the summer.

By that time, she would have already finished gaokao and would have a break of around three months. When the movie comes out, the thing that she wanted to do the most was to watch the premiere with Huo Yusen, as this was the first movie that she acted in. As a result, this movie was very special to her.

After looking at the official account for Throbbing, she also came across Jiang Yuqin’s Weibo for some reason.

She had also posted a Weibo tonight.

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【Jiang Yuqin(v): It’s a new year! Here, I’ll thank everyone in advance for the times that they will be caring for me. 】

The picture that was posted was of her and some of her good friends celebrating the New Year. And in the background, it showed the New Year show on the TV.

Seeing this photo, Huo Wu was a bit confused.

Judging from the picture, this photo wasn’t taken earlier but was actually taken that night.

Did this mean that Jiang Yuqin didn’t spend her New Year with her parents?

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