Because there were four people on Shen Yu’s side and two people on Huo Wu’s side, they had six people in total this time.

It only took four people to play mahjong, so they agreed to have a few of them take turns.

Huo Wu and Shen Yu made small talk while watching Huo Yusen, who was sitting to the side, play mahjong.

A bowl of fruit salad was placed on the table. Since Huo Yusen fed Huo Wu popcorn earlier, this time, she smoothly fed him a clove of orange.

Huo Yusen ate the orange right out of her hand.

Huo Wu pricked another slice of apple and passed it to his mouth.

Then passed another slice of cantaloupe.

A slice of watermelon.

In no time, Huo Wu and Huo Yusen ate the entire bowl of fruit salad.

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Shen Yu was still playing the funny fellow but watching the interaction between the two, the more he looked, the more suspicious he felt deep inside.

What was going on between these two?

Why did they look so…

What wasn’t right?

Shen Yu looked at Zhao Hao on his side. Unexpectedly, he also saw the hesitation in his eyes.

After playing four rounds, Shen Yu firmly pushed his mahjong tiles forward and said, “I don’t want to play anymore. Brother Sen’s luck is simply explosive today. Four Hu’s in a row. He’s not giving us any chance.”

Huo Yusen raised his eyes and looked at him indifferently. “If you don’t play, are you going to let Lao Si1 play?”

Shen Yu immediately shook his hand and said, “No, no, no, that’s it for today. No more games.”

After receiving Shen Yu’s signal, Zhao Hao interjected at the side and said, “Playing mahjong is boring. How about we go to the bar and order two bottles of wine and play games there?”

Huo Yusen’s gaze slowly moved from Shen Yu to Zhao Hao and raised an eyebrow. He had no idea what kind of tricks the two friends were concocting, but he replied without batting an eyelid, “Okay.”

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After Huo Yusen agreed, the group changed places from the card room to the bar.

They enjoyed themselves to the fullest, playing other games in the spirit of the card room besides playing cards and playing mahjong. For them to play something bigger, they naturally had to go to a bigger bar or places like the KTV.

The bar they went to was a property under Shen Yu’s name, and as soon as their group arrived, they went to a VIP booth.

Shen Yu waved his hand and had a dozen bottles of red wine, white wine, and beer sent up, giving off the vibe that they would drink non-stop without getting intoxicated tonight.

Just as the waiter was about to leave after serving their drinks, Huo Yusen called out to him and ordered another bottle of orange juice.

When Shen Yu caught a glimpse of Huo Wu’s delicate figure on the side, looking as if lightly pinching her would discharge water2 and even resembling a high school student, he smacked his head and said, “Look at my head, Little Sister definitely can’t drink. Little Sister, what else do you want to drink? Besides orange juice, another bottle of milk or something?” After Shen Yu finished speaking, he asked the waiter to also serve them milk and coconut juice.

In the distance, the sound of the music shook the roof, and the dance floor was full of men and women, reveling wantonly. Their group was also affected by the live music of the place, so their excitement gradually rose.

Shen Yu first filled a glass with red wine for Huo Yusen, and then filled another for himself. He also filled Zhao Hao’s and the rest of the two brothers’ glasses. He then held up his glass and said, “We, brothers, have not been met for a long time. Here, a drink, to our friendship!”

After drinking to the last drop, Zhao Hao said after Shen Yu, “One more toast, to our bright future.”

“Here’s a toast to Little Sister. I wish you an increasingly smooth acting career.”

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After three rounds of wine, everyone on the floor was somewhat tipsy. Zhao Hao smilingly spoke at this time, “Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

When Lao Si heard this, he clicked his tongue. “Hao, do you think you are still an eighteen-year-old high school student, ah? You’re still playing Truth or Dare these days? Don’t you find it unrefined?”

Shen Yu also gave a tch. “Lao Si, if you don’t want to play, don’t participate. I’ll just play with Hao, Brother Sen, and Little Sister.”

Lao Si took a sip of red wine and said, “The truth of all the unsavory pasts between us have been dug up long ago. Even you know what position I like best and how long I last each time. What’s the point of playing this game now?”

Shen Yu vaguely rolled his eyes. “We’ve already dug up all your unsavory past, but not Brother Sen’s.”

Lao Si snorted. “That’s because Brother Sen has never participated in such boring games.”

His implication was that Brother Sen had never participated in this kind of activity before. Could it be that he will participate this time?

Shen Yu approached Huo Yusen humbly and said, “Brother Sen, you didn’t participate in Truth or Dare in the past few years. How about playing once this time?”

If Huo Yusen still hadn’t grasped what Shen Yu had in mind at this point, then all their years of friendship might have been a waste. He leisurely leaned against the back of the sofa and curled his lips. “Okay.” He would like to see what kind of tricks Shen Yu was going to play.


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1. Lao Si – literally means Fourth Child

2. Pinch lightly and juice will come out – extremely delicate

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