White Online
Chapter 412: Rageful oliver.

In Snowstar High School.

As students were going in and out of their classrooms, the hallways were crowded with people. It was about to be the last class of the morning, and that caused a sense of excitement among the students.

In class 1-A, several students were wearing VR helmets, enjoying their time in White Online before the last class.

When Alice was finished packing her school books, she saw her VR helmet hidden inside the backpack. During the breaks, however, she had never been brave enough to use it, despite how desperately she wanted to.

With her hands raised, her fingertips were about to brush the surface of the helmet with the tips of her delicately curled nails.

It was then that the door of the classroom opened, and two young men entered with their eyes scanning all corners of the classroom in a careful manner.

As all of the students were wearing VR helmets, and only Alice wasn't wearing one, they were all in a state of silence.

''Alice, I have a question.'' Oliver walked past the desks and stopped next to Alice. Her brows furrowed slowly, and it was clear she was irritated.

"I am busy." She said coldly.

"It won't take long." Oliver slipped his hands inside his pocket, trying to act tough as he asked, "Did… Isaac talked about anything about his meeting with me?"

"Why would I tell you anything if he did?" Alice frowned, slightly surprised that her brother had met with Oliver.

Oliver's face turned solemn, but then Luke tugged his sleeve and whispered.

"Alice is acting as usual, which means Isaac hasn't told her or anyone."

Oliver nodded, and his lips curved upward, "Well then…"

He put his hands on the desk and leaned closer as he grinned, "Alice, you are pretty cute. How about we go for dinner?"

Luke's visage crumbled, and his face morphed into shock, 'What the hell is he trying to accomplish?'

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"Hahahaha!" Alice uttered with a peal of heavenly laughter that echoed through the corridors of the building, "That was a funny one."

"It wasn't a joke," Oliver said with his hands tightly clenched into a fist.

After Alice's laughter died down, she looked at him as if he were a piece of garbage, "Even if the whole world was burnt down, and only we two were left. I still wouldn't let some vermin touch a strand of me."

Oliver's mouth twitched, "That is not very nice… You should watch your back. You are, after all, quite… Fragile and easy to break."

Alice giggled out of mock and covered her mouth, "Oh, you are threatening me?"

Oliver shrugged his shoulders, "If you prefer that term, then sure."

Alice slowly stood up from her chair, her head barely reaching Oliver's neckline, "You don't have even balls to invite Amanda for a date, and how long have you known her?"

"…Ten years, maybe?" Alice's words were oozed with venom, "You don't definitely have the balls to do anything to me either because you know what would happen to you."

Oliver innocently smiled, "I guess you don't know much about me."

"I know enough, and you are nothing but a worthless piece of the trash usually found on sidewalks."

The edge of Oliver's lips twitched slightly. He leaned closer, his lips almost touching Alice's anger-filled face.

"You are indeed quite… Annoying." Oliver's face turned ice-cold as he spoke.

"Get off me, or you will regret it." Alice clenched her fist.

"Oh... Why would I regret it?" Oliver's grin stretched across the width of his mouth.


When Alice snapped her fingers, the classroom doors instantly flew open with a loud slam. Over ten well-dressed bodyguards appeared with their hands touching the gun holsters.

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Oliver and Luke were surrounded by these men, and they looked as though they were dreading the prospect of being riddled with bullet wounds.

A pale look spread over Oliver's face as he took a step back.

Luke's eyes trembled, and he stepped backward, unexpectedly colliding with a bodyguard in the process.

"Eeek!" Luke's legs suddenly gave way, causing him to fall on his butt with fear suffusing his face.

A white napkin was pulled out from Alice's pocket, and she wiped her face, which was sprayed with Oliver's rotten breath.

"Disgusting… After what happened to my dear brother, you didn't think my parents wouldn't protect us too?"

"Just so you know… Our parents, surprisingly, love us equally, even if they don't always show it." Alice tossed the napkin away, grabbed her backpack, and walked out of the classroom.

"Break is soon over… Thanks for that, brainless ape." Her last words dug deep into Oliver's heart.

"F-F-Fuck…" Oliver gritted his teeth and left the class with Luke while escorted by the bodyguards.

While they walked in the now-empty hallways, Oliver's hands trembled.

Luke angrily whispered, "What the hell was that? I thought we weren't supposed to have any contact with Whitelock's?"

"That definitely looked fucking suspicious!"

"I had to know if Isaac told anyone… He didn't." Oliver's enraged eyes turned blood-red, "I truly hate Whitelock's… I want them to grovel before me…"

"Maybe we should just let this go…" Luke suggested with a heavy look, "My mother got recently a job in Isabella Whitelock's clothing store, and I am afraid that my deeds will be exposed, and she will be fired."

"Are you chickening out?" Oliver grabbed his collar and yanked it back as he spoke with venom, "If you chicken out, your entire family will be destroyed, remember that!"

Oliver pushed Luke away and continued stomping in the hallways.

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"Fuck…" Luke fixed his collar and angrily slammed the wall before following after Oliver.

In Snowstar's Middle School for Gifted Children.

It was a bright and sunny day, and the classroom closest to the food-filled cafeteria was buzzing with children.

There weren't any desks in the classroom. It was a soft-cushioned pillow-like chair that was used rather than a hard chair with hard corners. As the children talked to other kids of their age loudly and excitedly, the atmosphere was lively and full of laughter.

Currently, the teacher was discussing something with a young apprentice teacher. Their talk circled around White Online.

On top of that, there was also Mark Whitelock, sitting alone on the soft seat, holding the phone in his hand, alone with his thoughts.

While he kept scrolling through the Internet, he found it hard to concentrate due to the loud conversations around him.

After a momentary sigh, he put his phone in his pocket.

"Hey, Mark!" Then, a cute pigtailed girl appeared behind him. While her eyes glanced at the now-closed phone, her long hair flowed over her shoulders, and her long hair fell over her ears.

"What'cha doing?"

"Nothing." He moved slightly away from the cute girl to distance himself further from her.

She pouted and got seated in the seat next to him, "Want to know a secret?"

"Hmm?" Mark acted like he wasn't interested, but his ears perked up.

"I found a way… To enter White Online and bypass the children's lock!"

"What, really?!" Mark looked at her with surprise and grabbed her hand with excitement, "How, tell me?!"

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The cute girl blushed under his intimate act. Then, she leaned closer and whispered.

Mark kept nodding, and his eyes sparkled, "Thanks, Mia!"

'Hehe… Look out, Big Brothers, I will surpass you two!'

White Online Chapter 412: Rageful oliver.
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