World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination

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World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Angry Thrall. 560 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Xiao Yu, who was a student from modern Earth, accidentally transports to another world and becomes the lord of a territory. Facing an unfavorable situation, he vows to take back his family business, build his new territory, kill all of those who covet his wealth, and dominate the world!

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  • Betoran
    Feb 19, 2021

    This story is simply amazing. Sure, it was hard to read at first because of my dislike to the MC. Who won't dislike a dude that preys on the widows of his brothers in such a way and acts so shamelessly. But the further i went, the more i began to love the story. The MC was finally show to not be a complete morron and that he actually has morals. Everything is perfect, the only thing that put a damper on it is the last chapters. It is obvious that the writer didn't have the will to keep writing more, so he rushed everything... and by rushed i mean along the lines of something similar to "he went to that place, conquer it, big secret enemy who has been slowly being show through the story reveals to be x, bad thigns happen, then went and defeated his archenemy, his other enemy decide to be his follower, no hope, power of bonds, they defeated the main villian, they went home, they married, everyone moves on in the world, end." in four chapters. Which hurts because everything in the story seemed to move so perfectly and flawlessly. It has so many arcs, and suddenly so much stuff is forced in just so few chapters. Either way, hats down to the writer. Amazing story.

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It's an mazing story, the end was rushed and the MC at the start was kinda hard to swallow. But in the end, it is a master piece. Really hopping this inspire more writers.

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a hasty ending, but the ending very good, I hope the second part
Highly recommended
read it to the end
and nothing else but I have to put more words to publish

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