Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

All-Heaven Armageddon Online



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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Yan Huo Cheng Cheng. 1240 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The end of all worlds approaches.

The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings.

Within this darkness full of despair,
A single person escaped from space-time, returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past.

But as time pass, he gradually finds out that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thinks…

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  • Arsora

    Is the harem here the same as polygamy, or just few girl that come and go?

    • lnwUser19758

      Its a few girls come and go. Their is not a lot of follow up with their characters. Some of them are import but disappear for hundreds of chapters.

  • Blackhead2000

    A very diversed novel not only in character development but also in plotline so you should try it.....

  • lnwUser19758

    Read upto chapter 892 and stopped. It seems like a lot of arcs look simple at the start then turn into a convoluted mess. Lets hide in this world in a couple of days turns into a hundred chapter arc with a destiny quest and a powerful arch enemy. I can not follow how all of this is related into him stopping his world's apocalypses anymore. The character development stops being interesting after a few arc. It make me feel disappointed that I have to wait hundreds of chapters to find out about other characters imported to Qin Shan.

  • Saviour

    Chapter 523, i've decided to stop reading this novel. It's gotten to convoluted with having to save Su Xue Er, I don't like her and have only been reading to see the characters grow but this new arc is just annoying me, not fun to read to see the main character have to save the person who is practically useless. Good novel to read, but now that a useless character is the main character's girlfriend she will undoubtedly be getting more screen time. Yes it's tagged harem, so he will get more girl's but this tag is a preference and one I don't usually enjoy anymore. Good read while it lasted.....

  • Saviour

    Chapter 515, have Shannu walk out of the barrier than activate that divinine skill that swaps positions with others. From what I remember of the skill description, the skill can't be stopped and that only the range is its limit. Inconsistency. Also screw Su Xue Er.... yes all my comments will be about my tilt with her

  • Saviour

    Chapter 508 and 509, fuk Su Xue Er. So hypocritical, she has the goal of controlling her own fate but doesn't want Gu Qi Shan to break fate as well?? So what if she acts all mysterious and say she's a 'silly girl' she's broken her own fate and hated being controlled by others, now she's trying to stop Gu Qi Shan from facing his own fate not letting him have a chance, and then tried controlling him from doing something dangerous against his back. Damn it...

    • NullConstellation

      damn sounds like one of those annoying beetches that ruin stories

  • Einzheil

    Someone tell me if it’s completed and how many chapters the complete novel has?

    • Macy_Bear8

      The novel is complete with 2212 Chapters, if you would like to read ahead (you’d have to pay in the later chapters though) then go to or the app because the author started translating for them so the chapters are ahead on there. Just in case your interested. 🙂

  • Saviour

    For how much i enjoy this novel, despite some of the inconsistencies. My god is Su Xue Er a lame character. Whenever the story changes to her perspective Its sooo boring. How does she even compete to Anna as a love interest, she reminds me of Sakura and her idiocy niche of obsession. Impartial Goddess is a better character than her. Heck even that dead female asura leader had a better character, and she only got like what 20 chapters. I'm only on chapter 485 and that chapter made me have to vent my frustration on Su Xue Er, she is such a boring character that doesn't deserve the 'main female' title. She spent days just listening to the weapon talking about Gu Qi Shan over and over again yet didn't help stabilise the world, but now that shes been told that he wouldn't want the world to be in chaos she has the massive amount of power and she didn't do anything??? Such a bad character, i don't know why she even gets screen time, i'll most likely have to skip chapters with her in it because she doesn't seem to become better from what I briefly saw on the fandom. Sigh... I think im just pissed with how she acted all high and mighty towards the main group, doing whatever she pleased with them. She even took a look at the ghost girlfriends memories without asking for permission, its just annoying she gets more screen time but every other character is more known and personal while she comes out of nowhere and does whatever she wants with them. Damn it, she decides to kill everyone but leave her parents?? Theyre the worst of the bunch, they controlled her throughout her life and her niche has been breaking fate, so by logic killing her parents will be like breaking the chains of her past self. She showed no remorse torturing the souls but didn't kill her parents that tortured her her whole life. Such a stupid character, ok no more rant... God damn it, the very next chapter they die anyway, what was the whole point of that. Also please don't tell me Xue er will be able to command Impartial Goddess....

    • lnwUser08151

      Don't compare her to Sakura, Sakura has more personality and character her.

      • Saviour

        You're right, even sakura is a better character

      • ambat

        you should watchh konosuba "the worst anime "(according to me) in there u will find some 3-4 bitches who r more useless than sakura the sypnosis of the anime would be:- this is the story of a guy and some useless baggages the haracters are a usless shitty goddess an extreamly horny slut a one magician withh very less mana if u have not seen it take my advice and dont watch it , it sucks bigtime

  • Supreme_Emperor

    it has a cliche beginng no family ophan bla bla bla the good thing is he is born on earth in the modern time, but the really good part are the other worlds. i recommend this one just have to get over the beginng that all... currently (over 2400chapter ongoing)

  • Unkn0wnX

    Ehhhh.... The translation for the first few chapters that I have been reading are legit making me lose brain cells. (No offense to the translator) or maybe its just the way the author wrote it

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I really like this story. The author did a great job keeoing the story interesting and including all kinds of power systemsSpoiler Alert(SPOILER?: like mages, cultivators, assasins,...)


I have read up to ch. 1170 and I csn honestly conclude until this point is that this novel is refreshing. The MC's personality is 9/10 and the world building ,as in not just cultivation professions, is amazing; adds a whole new complexity so its doesn't feel stale. It is the infinite worlds trope but I like the way it is incorporated and how everything is slowly unveiled as mc gets stronger and gets new information is definitely better than most. The UI is also very well done in my opinion as in mc isn't just given power, he works hard to complete the quests and gets equal rewards for completion giving a sense of accomplishment and feels natural. All in all a good read and I like swords so that's a plus too.


Great novel for the amount of chapters in it, the novel keeps you immersed in the story and does a good job keeping things interesting. There is one point where i considered dropping(SPOILERS: that was when he found out about the 900 million world layers and everything kind of went crazy) but once you're through that the pace becomes normal again.


An exciting and interesting novel
You must read it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This is best novel for noobs. It doesn't matter how big universe is I only care content in story. Mc works assoff crossing dimesions, facing life and death trails, training under legendary figures but his friends and his women caught up to him so easily. Even there are times where mc weaker than his girls


Currently on chapter 81, Love everything about this novel. 9/10 Except..
I hate character like Su Xue Er. First what does the MC see in her, she did literally nothing to deserve the MC's interest. The princess seems like a better option than her.
And second, awakening is pretty rare, but she awakened not first, not second but a fourth stage elemental. At this point she might as well be a martial grandmaster too... oh wait, she is :/ The MC works super hard, going through sh*t with his life at risk to get strong, but she is just born so OP.
I was willing suspend my dislike with the hope of her becoming a more likeable character in the future but, looking at the comments, looks like she becomes even more dislikable in the future.


No 1 novel for me and it's going to be very hard for a different novel to take that place the world building is the only weak aspect of it and it is the only part author just keeps putting in to much content without enough follow up but he has explained them all with recent chapters maybe as the story progresses we can get a better idea

Every thing else is top notch
The romance is very minimal so I'm really doubtful we would have much cheaper on it


Could anyone tell me if the story contains harem? I cannot continue reading, because I kept thinking about the progressing to harem. Please reply.


Excellent story. I'm about 700 chapters in and I never regretted it. Story only gets more complicated later on and it all connects well. Don't be fooled by the stereotypical start. This is not a stereotypical story. You can never dismiss a character as a side-character as they might become the main plot focus at some point.

I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers, but it's a brilliant story that you'll want to get to the end of.


Ok, im 100 chapters in and I gotta say, im enjoying every chapter. The exciting fights, the awesome interactions with impartial goddess, love it.