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Chapter 1572: Mo Xicheng Reinstated (45)

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Chapter 1572: Mo Xicheng Reinstated (45)

The meeting room fell silent.

Mo Hai sat there looking at Li Shu, he was completely stunned.

The Li Shu he was seeing tonight was beyond his imagination. Her actions seemed those of a stranger and he could not figure out what she was doing.

The reporters quietened down and looked at her.

Li Shu looked back at them and was about to say something when another person charged into the room.

It was Yao Lili.

The moment Yao Lili entered, she dashed up to Li Shu and dropped to her knees with a loud thump, tears streaming down her face. “Madam, Madam, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault, I failed to keep an eye on Mo Xicheng and allowed his greed to grow in a way that shouldn’t be. You and Mr. Mo have been nothing but kind to us, we should not repay your kindness with such ingratitude! Madam, it’s our mistake! Our mistake! Don’t worry, I’ll take Mo Xicheng away with me right now and will not allow him to step into this office ever again!”

She wailed and cried, causing the reporters to frown.

Mo Xicheng stood there, on the other hand, looking at what was going on. He shifted his gaze to Li Shu.

A moment ago, the woman had called him and voted for him.

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He didn’t really care about what was going on in the room now, he only wanted to know why.

He kept silent as the reporters asked again, “Mr. Mo, can you tell us the outcome of your meeting? When I came in, I thought I heard Madam Li Shu saying she wanted Mo Xicheng to be in charge of the business?!”


Had Li Shu gone mad?!

He hadn’t been in time to stop Li Shu. Besides, she had made that move on her own, there was really nothing he could have done to stop her. Hence, the only thing he could do now was to go with the flow.

Mo Hai immediately said, “Our company certainly will not be in the hands of an illegitimate child! Hence the meeting outcome is—”

“That’s right, our company will never be in the hands of an illegitimate child.” Mo Hai was interrupted by Li Shu.

Mo Hai paused in surprise and, as he realized what Li Shu had just said, he immediately sighed with relief, thinking that Li Shu had finally come to her senses.

Mo Zhi and Yao Lili also exhaled in relief as they exchanged a glance.

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But the moment they relaxed, Li Shu continued unhurriedly, “So I voted for Mo Xicheng. The CEO of the company should be Mo Xicheng, not Mo Zhi.”

Those words stunned everyone in the room yet again, including the reporters. They looked at her in disbelief.

Li Shu looked at everyone with reddened eyes and started to choke with emotion.

She bit her lip and said with tears streaming down her face, “I, Li Shu, have an announcement to make today. And at the same time, I wish to reinstate my son.”

“More than twenty years ago, Yao Lili and I gave birth a day apart. I had always thought that Mo Zhi was my son, until recently, when I accidentally discovered that my son is actually Mo Xicheng!”

As she said this, she started choking even more. Her lips quivered as her hand reached into her handbag to draw out the DNA test result papers and placed them on the table, saying, “This is proof! Yao Lili, the pretentious mistress, acted as though money didn’t matter to her, so she had switched the babies back then.”

She looked at Mo Xicheng as she cried. With much effort, she spoke through her quivering lips to deliver the truth, “You are my real son!”

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