Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1223: The Story of Ling and Heng (486)

Chapter 1223: The Story of Ling and Heng (486)

Those with ability, stay. Those without ability, scram.

Although his words sounded simple, they were full of threat and warning.

Indeed, in order to gain a foothold in the base, one had to be capable of both physical and psychological endurance.

For example, if Li Nanheng was the one handling Veram’s matter, he would have kicked him out of the base before he made any moves. He wouldn’t even give him a chance to struggle. Although he seemed to be ruthless, in a place like XI Base, crossing the word XI meant that life and death were separated. No one would spoil anyone.

Those who were too delicate, too weak, and easily emotional, or even dragged down the entire team’s results because of personal reasons, such people would never have the opportunity to stay in the base.

Li Nanheng did not say it explicitly, but it was a slap in the face to some newbies.

Li Nanheng did not waste any more time and ended the conversation with the word “scram.” He threw the microphone back to Ah Feng and turned to leave. As he left, he reached out his long arm and suddenly held Feng Ling. Not only did he leave, but he also dragged Feng Ling away.

Feng Ling was about to break free, but the man had already hugged her. Now, even if she jumped several hundred meters away, she wouldn’t be able to stop the scene from being seen by everyone. The rumors about her relationship with Li Nanheng had been spread by the newbies. Wasn’t he clearly telling them that she was his woman?

She turned to look at him, but Li Nanheng did not let go of her. He ignored the group of useless people behind him and took her away from the training ground. Then he held her hand and glanced at her. “Why is your hand so cold?”

“I was scared by you.” Feng Ling tried to pull her hand out but failed. Now that there was no one around, she could only give up and stop struggling. She said, “I thought you really planned to cancel all the open slots for this assessment. After all, they’ve been training for so long. I guess their emotional state has something to do with me. Firstly, I’m a woman, and they didn’t trust me from the beginning. Although they were convinced by me, I was in the hospital a few days ago and didn’t come back. They’ve been thinking too much. I’ve been worrying about Ji Nuan and didn’t have the mood to comfort them. That’s why some people are so extreme today. However, they’ve already worked very hard. It’s all my fault. You can give them a small punishment. I’ll definitely support this, but cancelling the open slots it’s too extreme.”

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Seeing that the man was only looking at her and did not speak, Feng Ling quickly grabbed his sleeve with her other hand. “Let’s punish them by increasing their training time by three hours before the next assessment. After dinner, we’ll strengthen their training from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. How about it?” She looked at him eagerly as she spoke: “No matter what, they are all people I brought up. I can slowly get used to their temperaments and personalities. Give them another chance and let them stay.”

Seeing that the little woman’s eyes had softened, Li Nanheng smiled. “Are you begging me?”

Seeing him smile, Feng Ling knew that he was only smiling at her and was not satisfied with the newbies. She also knew what they did was wrong, but after spending a month with them, she understood their strengths and weaknesses. She believed that they could change everything before the next assessment.

She still held onto his sleeve. “Can you do it?”

“Is this how you beg?” Li Nanheng glanced at her, who was holding onto his sleeve. He refused to let her go.

Feng Ling paused. She wanted to say that he had been holding on to her just now, but it was not good to argue with him about who was right and who was wrong. She only said, “I think that although they are wrong, at least everyone has a lot of potential. If we recruit a new batch of newbies, they will still be young and vigorous. We will also have to start all over again. It’s better to gradually get used to these people I’m already familiar with. Since you gave me the position of the new drillmaster, you have to give me this opportunity. Trust me, I will definitely keep all of these twenty people.”

Li Nanheng smiled. “Kiss me first?”

Feng Ling: “… Why are you still kissing at such a time? Mr. Mo is still lying in the hospital, and the assessment for the newbies has just ended. The fate of those two teams is in your hands. Why are you thinking of kissing… ”

Li Nanheng sneered. “Every day Mo Jingshen doesn’t wake up, you’ll accompany Ji Nuan and be sad for the whole day? Why? Can’t you live your own life?”

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Feng Ling: “… ”

“You’re wrong. The newbies’ fate is in their own hands. I can’t stand in front of them again and again when they are out on missions. They don’t have nine lives. Whether they have the ability to stand firm in the base depends on their own ability. You can protect them for a while, but you can’t protect them forever.”

“Even if I don’t protect them forever, I have to give them a chance.”

“All right, I’ll give them a chance.” Li Nanheng moved his face closer. “So, give me a kiss.”


Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows in this posture. His half-smiling expression clearly showed that he had succeeded. It was as if he was saying that he was shameless, and it wasn’t the first time she had known this.

In fact, ever since Mr. Mo’s accident, Feng Ling hadn’t seen him for several days. For the people she liked, Feng Ling would break many principles. For example, she never showed off her love in front of others, but just now, Li Nanheng had held her waist and left in front of everyone. This was the same as showing off. For example… although there were no newbies around, some of the old people in the base still passed by occasionally.

It was true that he missed her, but now he insisted on her kissing him. This man was really shameless.

Feng Ling clenched her right fist. After struggling for a few seconds, she quickly turned around and kissed him on the cheek.

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In less than a second, she pressed her lips against his and quickly took a step back. She raised her hand that the man had just released and placed it on her lips. Her neck was red.

Just now, a few familiar brothers passed by. Although they didn’t turn their heads, the more they didn’t dare to turn their heads, the more it showed that they had seen it.

Li Nanheng pondered for a moment. “You’re so insincere when it comes to begging. No one else would agree.”

Feng Ling could tell from his words that the newcomers had a chance to live. She hurriedly nodded. “Thank you, Boss!”

Li Nanheng was extremely mean and said, “Can’t you change ‘Boss’ to ‘Hubby’?”

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