Zhanxian (Immortal Executioner)
Chapter 546.1: The Birth Of The Immortal Slaying Sword

Chapter 546.1: The Birth Of The Immortal Slaying Sword

In dealing with this demonized demon vine, the nine nether flying sword was not of much use. The nine nether flying sword was not originally a flying sword, it was just a magic weapon refined from the nine nether flying dust. Apart from the inner demon attack and the shielding of the six senses, it did not have many powerful attack capabilities.

If it was to deal with cultivators, this nine nether flying sword was indeed a sharp weapon. But to deal with this demonized demon vine, it was not enough. The demonized demon vine was in the place where the demonic qi was most intense, and it was not afraid of demonic qi at all. Moreover, there was fiber refining of the demonized demon vine in the nine nether flying sword itself, and shielding the six senses was meaningless for the demonized demon vine.

The only function of the nine nether flying sword is to compete with the demonized demon vine for demonic qi. However, this place has been battling to and fro, the demonized demon vine was not much less, and the effect was not very good. It’s just that during this period of confrontation, the nine nether flying sword did absorb a lot of demonic qi, and it was a little more powerful, that’s all.

His spiritual awareness firmly locked on the fleeing demonized demon vine, and Yang Chen followed behind. Although there are fibers in the body of the demonized demon vine that shield the spiritual awareness, this does not prevent Yang Chen from locating its existence. In fact, it was very simple, as long as he looked for a target that cannot be locked by spiritual awareness, it was basically the demonized demon vine.

Seeing that this demonized demon vine escaped to the last one, Yang Chen did not intend to kill it directly. It’s not that Yang Chen was compassionate and kind, but that he was deliberately increasing his difficulty.

The center of the Demon Continent should be the place with the most demonic qi, and it was believed to be the most dangerous place. Yang Chen was still not sure what he would encounter there. Could he bear it or not, so try to test it as much as possible first.

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The two demonized demon vines came together, maybe it will bring more pressure to Yang Chen, and let Yang Chen feel the possible danger in advance. He believes that as long as he pays attention, he will be able to deal with it.

However, when the escaped demonized demon vine escaped to the ground. What happened still made Yang Chen unbelievable.

As soon as the roots of the two demonized demon vines touched, they seemed to be fused with each other, and quickly fused together. Immediately afterwards, the vines and the trunk, all slowly merged. In the end, the demonized demon vine that escaped was completely integrated into the demonized demon vine that was originally here, and the two became one and were bo longer separate from each other.

Watching this happen with his own eyes, Yang Chen couldn’t help but be speechless. Was that okay? Are these two main bodies, or one main body and one split? In other words, all the demonized demon vines in this demon continent should actually be one, but they just know how to spread them around.

In the midst of doubts, the demonized vine that merged together seemed to solve Yang Chen’s confusion, showing a strange behavior.

In the demon vine in the center, suddenly a hollow tube-like thing appeared and after a while, the tube began to thicken, as if something agitated inside. With a loud bang, a black ball flew towards the outer ring at a high speed.

How could Yang Chen allow this ball to leave? The flying shuttle caught up with the black ball in the air almost at the speed of light. After a little observation, the nine nether flying sword turned into a black mist, wrapped around the black ball, and started crazily to absorb the demonic qi in it.

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This black ball was a mature seed. After the demonized demon vine does not know what conditions are met, it will sprout a seed like this in a certain direction. Presumably the demonized demon vine distributed everywhere, this is how it propagates and spreads.

The nine nether flying sword’s current ability was no trivial matter. A mere seed with no strength to struggle was quickly absorbed by the nine nether flying sword and turned into a pure seed.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen threw the seed directly into the bottle medicine garden, and at the same time passed a thought to A’Bi. The seeds of this demon vine, A’Bi can absorb and fuse after planting, or directly fuse. In short, A’Bi can do whatever she thinks is best.

Since the blue jade jasper vine can fuse the blood demon vine to become the blue jade jasper blood demon vine, it can naturally absorb and fuse the purified demonized demon vine. Such a powerful species, he believes A’Bi will be stronger after fusion.

After absorbing the previous demonized demon vine, the power reflected by the current one far exceeds the performance of the previous one. However, the strange thing was that although it seems to have swallowed a demonized demon vine, the overall size of this plant seems to be smaller than the previous one.

Or this was the realm of returning to the basics, just like Yang Chen’s Yellow Turban warrior’s body refining technique. At the low level, the body was full of swollen muscles, but at the high level, the body shape was evenly reduced, presumably on this demonized demon vine, the same was true.

In any case, this strain will be more dangerous, there was no doubt about it. Yang Chen also raised his vigilance facing this fierce demonized demon vine.

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For thousands of miles around, no other demonized monsters appeared at all, and even if they appeared, it was estimated that they would become fertilizer for the demonized demon vines. The strength of this demonized demon vine was outrageous. Presumably, those experts who have already ascended must have encountered these demonized demon vines once, but they were unable to deal with them and no one found that there were huge demon orbs in the demon vines.

The most difficult thing was the demonic qi. If Yang Chen didn’t care about this, he would be invincible. Then, possessing the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire was also a necessary condition for Yang Chen to restrain the demonized demon vine. Even if other people have a fifth-grade fire seed, it will not help, unless they have a sixth-grade or higher fire seed. The question was, do people who have a sixth-grade fire seed still need to come to the Demon Continent to fight for their lives?

At the beginning of the battle, the nine nether flying sword first absorbed the demonic qi, and then Yang Chen surrounded himself with the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire. But this time, Yang Chen clearly saw the proof that this demonized demon vine possesses wisdom.

The demonized demon vines actually separated from all directions and attacked Yang Chen. At the same time, all kinds of attack methods were used, such as whipping, strangulation, thorns, venom, and even spiritual awareness attacks.

The sharp and unpleasant hissing sound, he didn’t know where it came from, his ear can’t hear it, but the sea of consciousness caused a burst of shock. If it was an ordinary person, it would be as if he had been attacked by the golden bell for a long time.

But Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was now as high as the seventh grade human immortal realm, and the firmness of his sea of consciousness can’t be shaken by such a level of spiritual awareness attack. Standing still, Yang Chen simply ignored this attack.

As soon as the spiritual awareness attack failed, the demonized demon vine immediately changed to an unimaginable way. It actually learned from the nine nether flying sword and directly turned a part of its body into fine dust, wrapping Yang Chen’s entire body in it.

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Zhanxian (Immortal Executioner) Chapter 546.1: The Birth Of The Immortal Slaying Sword
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