All My Disciples Suck!
Chapter 365

65: Major Achievement sword intent in four consecutive shows!

“Are you going to help us with the wave?”

“This wave is too difficult to withstand! Can Brother Ming resist it? Even more than 800 of us can’t withstand it!”

“Are you a fool? How could Brother Ming be defeated?”

—- —

As the players retreated quickly, they all looked at He Yiming.

“I also want to know how powerful you are,” Then Ye Wuyou turned to look at He Yiming.

At the late stage of the Sea Wheel Realm, his sword intent was Major Achievement! In addition to the amazing bright sword technique and the blood power of the Ancient Dragon Race, He Yiming in front of him was indeed strong, and he must have made great achievements in the future!


With such strength, it would be difficult for him to resist the sudden burst of demon beasts, let alone fighting against the ogre!

“Open… Two gates!” Said He Yiming flatly.


In the blink of an eye, He Yiming’s aura had increased explosively!

He instantly broke through to the peak of Sea Wheel Realm.

Then, he reached the half step Heavenly Pill Realm in one breath!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even if it was just half-step Heavenly Pill, the aura emitted by He Yiming was overwhelming!


The expression on his face changed dramatically!

What kind of cultivation method was this?

How could it be so incredible?


He also found that this cultivation method was like a flame, burning He Yiming!

Normally, the damage caused by the burning of the body would be permanent and impossible to recover!

For the demon race, burning the bloodline and blood essence was equivalent to burning the demon core and demon qi. Only in this way could they achieve the same effect as He Yiming!

Such a loss was extremely difficult to recover!

But the next moment, he was shocked!

“Sword intent, Hengtian!” As He Yiming spoke, a majestic sword intent of Major Achievement Realm burst out!

When He Yiming raised the flame dragon sword in his hand, a huge mountain suddenly appeared behind him!

“Slash!” With the slash of He Yiming!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A huge sword mark of a thousand meters in the void suddenly swept across the sky and the earth!

Puff, puff, puff, puff!

In the blink of an eye, thousands of demon beasts were killed by this sword intent!

The terrifying sword intent eroded and directly shattered all these demon beasts!

Even three level five demon beasts couldn’t withstand the blow and were cut in two!

The power of his sword was so terrifying!

Both of them had Major Achievement sword intent, and even Emperor Zoro could see that He Yiming’s sword intent was stronger than the combination of the two Major Achievement sword intent!

“You deserve it. After Major Achievement of the sword intent, it will take several times or even dozens of times of time and energy to increase even a little bit!” Ye Wuyou couldn’t help but sigh.

If the difficulty of a genius comprehending the Minor Achievement of the sword intent was 1, then the difficulty of Major Achievement of the sword intent was 10!

But from the moment the sword intent increased by Major Achievement, the difficulty would also be 10 for each increase of 10%!

After Major Achievement of the sword intent was increased to 30%, and another 10%, the difficulty would become 20!

It took a longer time!

Ten years at Spirit Vein, a hundred years at Foundation Establishment, a thousand year Sea Wheel, and ten thousand year Heavenly Pill, these words were naturally reasonable!

However, at this moment, He Yiming withdrew his intent of Major Achievement of Tealm. He slowly raised the flame dragon sword in his hand and made another posture.


This scene made him a little confused.

Why didn’t He Yiming continue to kill demon beasts with Major Achievement sword intent?

Then, a shocking scene happened!

“Sword intent… Windchaser!” He Yiming said in a low voice. A huge storm suddenly rose, swirled and exploded, turning into a terrifying storm!

“Slash!” With He Yiming’s slash in the void!

The sword intent roared away, turning into a terrifying tornado that could even destroy the wind and fly through the air!

Puff, puff, puff, puff!

Wherever the storm passed, all the demon beasts would break into pieces as soon as they touched it. This sword intent storm burst out with a loud bang, smashing all the way to the door of the different world!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The otherworldly gate was actually shaken, causing ripples to appear. For a few seconds, the otherworldly was unable to operate, and then it returned to normal!

This time, he killed over a thousand demon beasts and a level five demon beast!

“Major Achievement of the two sword intents?” Ye Wuyou was fooled again.

He looked at He Yiming up and down, left and right, more than ten times.

“His bone age is less than thirty. He has only cultivated for four years“

“He actually has two Major Achievement sword intent?” As a so-called genius, he felt that he was just a scum!

It took him two thousand years to control two Major Achievement of the intent realm!

However, in front of him, He Yiming had only cultivated for less than four years, but he had actually mastered two Major Achievement sword intent!

This was simply unbelievable!

It could be seen that the disciple named Emperor Zoro, from He Yiming’s sect, possessed two Major Achievement of the intent realm, one of which was caused by the Blood Feud of the seventh demon general who was obsessed with the sword intent!

Blood Deud was a top-grade demon weapon. With the help of Hao Tianba, it finally contained Major Achievement of the killing intent, making it officially rank among the top-grade demon weapons!

However, Emperor Zoro himself only controlled one intent realm.

In his memory, anyone who could control two Major Achievement of the intent realm could be called a real genius! Moreover, it took more than a thousand years to comprehend the second Major Achievement sword intent!

But then, He Yiming withdrew the power of the sword intent, Windchaser, and shook his right hand!

He held the flying sword in his hand.

“???” Ye Wuyou had question marks written all over his face.

It can’t be true? It can’t be true!!!

“Left hand flame explosion!

“Right heavenly thunder“

With a low voice, He Yiming held the dragon sword with his left hand. The huge dragon flame power burst out and rampaged in all directions!

At the same time, the power of He Yiming’s heavenly thunder body exploded, causing the heavenly thunder to spread and surge on Mingyue in his right hand!

“Sword intent… Fusion!”

As He Yiming whispered again, the flame explosion and the heavenly thunder perfectly merged!

He Yiming’s left hand and right hand controlled the explosive power and the heavenly thunder power, as if two sword cultivators perfectly cooperated with each other!


The flame dragon sword and Mingyue were perfectly combined!

“Flame holy thunder strike!” He Yiming waved his hands and cut through the void.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky, a dragon shaped shadow, burning with flames and twining with thunder, roared and pierced through the demon beasts in an instant!

After each demon beast was impaled, their bodies were directly shattered by the lightning, and then they were burned and swallowed up by the Dragon flame. They died miserably!

In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand demon beasts died miserably, and a level five demon beast that was unable to dodge was also killed on the spot!

He Yiming didn’t stop. He took back the sword intent and once again raised the flame dragon sword!

“Sword intent, Breakthrough!” He Yiming said in a low voice and slashed at the void!


In the blink of an eye, a space splitting blade pierced through the sky and pierced through five level five demon beasts in a row!

Before the five level five demon beasts could react, a huge blood hole of a hundred meters in diameter was directly pierced through their bodies!

The five level five demon beasts fell to the ground with a loud bang.

“!!!” Seeing this scene, all the players were dumbfounded!

In the distance, Nangong Li’s eyes were also shining with stars!

“It’s impossible… Is he a monster or the reincarnation of an immortal?” No. 7 was totally shocked.

Because up to now, No. 7 hadn’t even been able to comprehend a Minor Achievement Realm. It seemed that he was still on the edge of exploring.

Meanwhile, He Yiming had already controlled four Major Achievement of the sword intent!

He had cultivated for hundreds of years and now he was just a rookie!

“…” he was speechless.

However, something more shocking than the previous four sword intents happened again!

Chapter 365
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